1. Differences between refurbished and used iphone

    You can always purchase old devices. A

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  2. 7 things you need to do before selling used iphone

    One of the great things about having an iPhone is that old models generally retain a lot of value, so when you decide to upgrade to a new iPhone you can usually sell used phone for a decent amount of money. If that's your plan, though, there are some steps you must take — to protect yourself and your buyer — before selling your used iPhone. Follow these seven steps and you'll keep you

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  3. 9 tips on buying used phone

    Buying a good used phone is a great way to save some cash while upgrading to a better device. But it’s not just about price; there are other factors to consider when shopping for a used smartphone. Want to buy used iPhone X? Have a look first.

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  4. Apple iOS 13 Release May Affect Your Refurbished iPhone Buying Choice

    According to the news report from iPhonesoft.fr, it states Apple iOS 13 may drop support for the iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air. Although the refurbished iPhone 6 price is attractive, interested customer should consider the future iOS upgrade and support before move ahead. That makes refurbished iPhone 7 would be the cheapest option to consider.

    It is a surprise given that iOS 12 still supports the iPhone 5S, so that means Apple would be killing two generations of iPhone in one release for the first time.

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  5. Attention: You need to know about 5G technology

    You have to know:

    1.Do people need to change phones or SIM cards for 5G?----------yes!

    The 5G network is using the new technology/rate

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  6. Do Refurbished Phones Equal to Like New?

    The answer is, “Depends” Why? Phones lot from carrier auctions are firstly graded based on the conditions. Although reports from statistic showed that almost 80% of American customers do use a protective case for their smart devices, there are lots of smartphones with horrible appearance actually. From light to heavy scratches, dents, a blemish on the back, cracked LCD screen, you can come across whatever conditions in the big lot every week.

    Wholesalers will assign that like-new appearance to condition A or A+. These tested, repaired, cleaned refurbished phone with A or A+ condition could mat

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  7. What is the Difference Between Seller Refurbished and Manufacturer Refurbished?


    Have you ever get confused when you are buying refurbished iPhone on marketplaces with the condition, “Seller Refurbished” or “Manufacturer Refurbished” labels in the description?

    However, these online platforms seldom give out a detail explanation between these two terms. What the shopper know is the price of manufacturer refurbished iPhone is usually higher than the seller refurbished iPhone.


    What is Seller Refurbished Device?

    A seller refurbished device is a device which is refurbished by a third party seller or company. They should fully inspect, vigorously tested the device and repair it with tools and parts if needed.

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  8. Misconceptions about Buying Refurbished Phones

    Buying refurbished Phone is trending recent years but many merchants and bloggers around the world are arguing the difference between refurbished phones and used Phone. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the refurbished phone, pre-owned phones or used phones.

    To understand exactly what those phones are. Firstly, you should understand this second-hand phone source. Individual, small private dealer, top-tier carriers and second-hand phone wholesaler.


    An individual tends to be chasing the latest technology and phone model

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  9. 5G supported iPhone is not coming in 2019. Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone and Wait!

    Huawei, Oppo, Samsung are going to release their first 5G network supported smartphone in 2019 and how about California technology company? Recent news about the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm and past history of iPhone LTE rollout give a strong hint that the first 5G iPhone model would not be ready earlier than 2020 September.

    The earliest 5G radio modem still has rooms for improvement on its size and power efficiency. Everyone knows that the Cupertino tech giant like to make its phones very slim and so the existing 5G chipset is too thick to fulfill their ambition.

    Meanwhile, 5G cellular coverage is not well established yet and Apple should prefer more spots to well established before start promoting

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  10. Why do I stop chasing new iPhone

    In the 21st century, the revolution of information technology has dramatically changed people’s lives. One of them is the spread of smartphones. The success of mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei is powerful proof. There will be more advanced technology, more novel mobile phones, more phone conferences, and more carnival crowds.

    After the era of NOKIA, the pace of Apple’s renewal has not stopped. From iPhone 4 to the current iPhone XR, I’m amazed at the innovative ability and industrial aesthetics that Steve Jobs led. Smartphones are mobile ‘computers’ which enables a truly mobile internet world. People can keep

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