1. iPhone 11 may get two way wireless charging

    Rumors from MacRumors, Apple is going to add two-way wireless charging to its iPhone 11. Similar to Android phones already feature, it allows you to charge your AirPods and a second Qi-enabled device on the back of your iPhone 11.

    Reports also suggested that Apple would increase the size of the battery in the new lineup, which extends into longer battery life.

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  2. Apple introduces Powerbeats Pro

    Following Apple’s recent announcement of the new AirPods, Beats, acquired by Apple, is rolling out a true wireless version of its Powerbeats earphones in April.

    The new Powerbeats Pro, served as a sportier alternative to the AirPods while retaining the signature Beats Style.

    The Powerbeats Pro will be built on Apple’s H1 chip, which is also found in the new AirPods. The latest chip is designed to improve the audio experience and wireless synchronization of the updated AirPods, with longer talk time and lower video latency. The new H1 chip also enables PowerBeats Pro to always-on Siri, allowing the user to call Apple’s digital assistant with the wake words, “Hey,

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  3. Forget iPhone SE 2, and Welcome Apple iPhone XE this fall

    Report from pc-tablet suggested that Apple is going to release the long-awaited small sized screen iPhone, named iPhone XE in Q3 2019. There has been news leaking from Foxconn’s manufacturer plant in India which confirmed Made in India iPhone XE will feature a 4.8” AMOLED display with the notch design. Face ID will come along but no Touch ID or home button.

    What’s more, the iPhone XE will be built with the aluminum back which means that no built-in wireless charging capability. Regarding to the camera, the rear lens will come with a single 12 MP with f/1.8 aperture, which is similar to iPhone XR. However, there is not any leaking information about the battery but p

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  4. How To Know Your iPhone Origin Country?

    Now that you know the difference between different versions of iPhones, so how to know the version of yours? Here is the easiest way to identify your iPhone’s origin country.

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  5. What should be noticed when buying other regional versions iPhone?

    ‘Can I use a US iPhone in Europe?/Does Japan iPhone work in America?’

    One of the most important thing when buying the other versions iPhone is to make sure your sim card suitable or not. The Japanese, Korean, European, and US versions usually have a customized version of their local carrier. One of the methods of distinguishing is to see the carrier’s logo on the phone. Japanese carriers include DoCoMo, au, Softbank, etc.; Korean version includes LG U+, SKT, KT, etc.; Europ

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  6. Does Cellphoneage purchase phones that have been Lost, Stolen or Locked?

    First of all, Cellphoneage does not purchase any phones that have been reported as lost or stolen. We only partner and trade with R2 certified suppliers or carriers and record all the devices electronic serial number for each item we purchased from the top tier carriers, so we can provide a trail for items under inquiry. All devices go through our data wipe process.

    We use PhoneCheck, a state of the art tool that includes information from law enforcement, carriers, and insurance companies to identify whether a device has been reported as lost or stolen. All devices are verified thoroughly to make sure they

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  7. How to check your iPhone battery health?

    “I need a new iPhone battery I think ”, my friend was talking to me last weekend, “I have to charge my iPhone 3 times a day just because I play AOV(arena of Valor) and maybe plus look stuff on Tik Tok.”

    I asked him, “ did you ever check the battery health?”. “What the hell is that?” he answered.

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  8. Hold on! Don’t dump your lightning cables. Do you know Apple just canceled AirPower Project?

    Back to the launch of iPhone X launch, Apple announced its future support of the wireless standard Qi and accessories called AirPower.

    After over a year of waiting and rumours of the project, Apple has finally announced the failure of AirPower, claiming that it was unable to solve the complication of multiple charges living together inside the AirPower and the pad to detect which device is where and subsequently supply the correct amount of power only to the devices sitting in that specific location.

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  9. How to know your iPhone is unlocked?

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  10. Apple iPhone iPad and other products prices further cut in China

    Following the new value-added tax that kicks off on 1st April, there will be a three percent price drop on iPhone and further deduction on iPhone XS.

    Photo Source: Getty Image

    The latest price of iPhone XS 64GB now costs 8199 RMB (1220 USD).

    Apple CEO Tim cook has raised alarm early this year that a severe economic decline in China is harming. Cook mentioned that Apple would lowe iPhone prices in some regions outside America due to the strong US dollar.

    In the past two years, Apple is facing strong competition from strong

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