About Us

Who we are?

First thing first, although what everyone from this team believe is who we are is not that important, compares to what we may serve you. But there were so many websites all around the internet and all of them has a section to tell who they are in their about us pages, so this page seems to be unavoidable.

Depends on who you are, you may want to follow the special sections here below to drill into the special details about who we are. We are a group of people, follow the fate you know,” fate” that is by google translate “the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.” And then in one day somehow we met each other and started to work together to strive for the best of our life and we wanted to put in every effort to make things happen, tried to do something special, “make a dent in the universe” or “change the world” or whatever phrase you may recall that is positive enough to encourage someone incapable in every single way to do something that only capable ones may achieve, then we starting working on a website and we name it the CeLLPhoneAGe.com.

What does the name mean?

Why we named it the CeLLPhoneAGe? There were Stone Age, Middle Age, Dark Ages, but why the CeLLPhoneAGe? For those who were born in late 70s or 80s, we witnesses the changes that have been brought to the world after the smart phones according to Steve Jobs became truly smart, after the internet infrastructure were built all around the world and mobile network burst into 3G speeds. We were immigrants to the information age while my son and my daughter who joined those who born in 1990s and 2000s were native to this information age. No matter you were the native one or you were an immigrant to this technology land, you do have a cell phone, don’t you? This is a period of time that definitely will define the change in human’s living from human history as well as the planet history. It is so important that we believe it should be comparable to the importance of industrial revolution and the age of exploration. And then we ask what should be the name that mark this period of time? Despite the lengthy name that’s no good for memorizing we feel the name CeLLPhoneAGe will be just fit to be used.

And then you may ask why a capital letter LL and AG from the name? Mmmm…. “that’s how we would like it to be” period. This answer is the best way to describe personal characters that is only belongs to the citizens from CeLLPhoneAGe and it is the unique culture in this nation. People are more unique, not anymore like factory molded. Since people are more unique, we believe it is more important to do something that fit the uniqueness of everyone and focus on “how we may serve you” instead of focusing on “what we do” and let the customer to explore and spend lengthy time to find out by themselves how to fit us into their needs.

The people we serve

To Customers

What we may serve you? We found from the CeLLPhoneAGe everyone has a mobile device follow their way every day. It could be a mobile phone, it could be a smart watch or it could be a DAC or it could be nano computational products in the future. What we will do is we serve peoples’ needs around these products, started from what we did before, we provided with people tools to repair their own devices to now we buy used phones from customers and sell them brand new, or refurbished or used/second hand mobile phones. We can buy the mobile phones from you or we can help you to sell it from your website and share the price difference with you. We have plenty of different graded used phones and also has the brand new one for you to choose if you only want to buy from us but not to sell anything with us.

To Investors

We are a company base in Hong Kong with sourcing team in Japan, US and Hong Kong to source the used mobile products. We have technicians to repair and refurbish the products in Hong Kong and partner from Shenzhen China provide the extra workforce into production line in busy season. We are private owned company and open to any suggestions on equity side partnership.

To Competitors

In fact, we don’t believe we are competing on each other when we found the market is so big and growing every year. We are actually can partners when we found we have different competitive advantage. Imagine if more and more participants from this sector could work together and share the same PnL statement, this group of company could be a fortune 500 enterprise. Feel free to contact us if you found our footsteps cross your boundary, try us, let’s talk in replace of the rival.