Warranty Policy

1. Terms of service

All products purchased at CeLLPhoneAGe enjoy free warranty service of 12 months.

2. Phone warranty regulations

  • (a) The warranty period begins on the day of delivery.
  • (b) During the warranty, product is repaired free of charge if there's any functional breakdown (such as network, button, etc.). If the repair is not possible, the product can be exchanged with the same specification (model, storage, and color).
  • (c) No man-made defects or damage of the phone is acceptable.
  • (d) No return or exchange service is available if any defect found on the surface.

3. Warranty restrictions

  • (a) Exceeding the warranty period.
  • (b) Not use, maintain the product in accordance with instruction manual.
  • (c) Damage caused by mistakes such as falling, squeezing or immersion.
  • (d) Damage caused by majeure force such as flood, fire, lightning strike.
  • (e) Damage caused by using third-party accessory.
  • (f) Product that have been repaired by service which is not authorized by our company.
  • (h) The model number, serial number, manufacturing number, IMEI indicated of the product have been changed, deleted, moved or unrecognized.
  • (i)Only hardware maintenance services are included. All configurations and accessories, such as software and user guides, are not included in the maintenance service.
  • (j)Problems caused by software. Assessing the cause of computer failures due to hardware or software, Cellphoneage reserves the final decision.

Return policy

1. The general

The products sold by CeLLPhoneAGe are in strict accordance with local laws and regulations. We provide 30-day return and replacement services for the product. You have 30 days after receiving the product to use it. If it does not meet your expectations, we will reimburse you for it as quickly. Please read the following rules and precautions carefully to avoid unnecessary delays and troubles for returning the goods.


  • (1) The return period begins on the day of delivery.
  • (2) Please contact us to make the return request before returning the goods, otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • (3) If you use the courier company to return, the invoice must be provided. (EMS recommended).

2. Attention

  • (a) Judgment on the validity period of return and exchange
    The validity period starts from the date of delivery. You will not be able to enjoy the service if the period beyond the deadline.
  • (b) Judgment on if the returned goods meet the warehousing standard
    We would review your application in 24 hours after you submit. You should send it back to us as soon as possible once approved. We will give a new one or refund once the warehouse confirms the products are complete and in line with the return standard.
  • (c) About the model description of the replaceable product
    Commodity exchange only supports the goods with the same model, the same specification, and the same color.

3. Others do not apply for return or exchange.

  • (a) Beyond the return or exchange period.
  • (b) Item was unauthorized repaired.
  • (c) Problem caused by improper use.
  • (d) The item requested to be returned is not returned in full.
  • (e) The relevant documents cannot be provided, and the information does not match the product or is altered.
  • (f) In case of express damage, missing or wrong good and the customer has signed but cannot provide the evidence issued by the logistics company.

4. Disclaimer

  • (a) The product picture provided by CeLLPhoneAGe may be slightly different from the actual product due to changes in shooting light and the color difference of the display. Please refer to the actual product.
  • (b) Due to technical reasons, problems caused by using environment will not be accepted.