1. Is the MagSafe Battery Pack Worth to Buy?

    When the iPhone 12 was released, many people were stunned by one feature in particular - MagSafe. After all, Apple decided to add magnets inside the new iPhone that allow you to charge it, attach wallets to it, and even get a grip.

    One of the negative things about it back then is that MagSafe was still in the beginning. It wasn't possible to charge your iPhone 12 without plugging it into an outlet. But this has all changed since the release of the new MagSafe power bank.

    What Is MagSafe Power Pack?

    Simply put, the MagSafe power bank is an external rectangular battery pack that you can easily attach to the back of your iPhone 12 magnetically.
    Unlike many other external batteries available, the MagSafe external battery has its

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  2. Sunset gold and rose gold, the new colors for iPhone 13 Pro

    The Apple iPhone 13 series will be officially released in September. As usual, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 will continue to use colorful color schemes, and the two flagship models of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will use more advanced metal color schemes.

    The rumors about the color matching and rendering of the new iPhone have never been interrupted. The pink iPhone 13 Pro rendering in the last news has already made some people be thrilled.

    In June, some media said that it had received news from the supply chain that the iPhone 13 Pro series will offer three colors:

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  3. The hidden function of the iPhone 12 will be realized by iPhone 13?

    For the new iPhone every year, Apple fans have prepared a long wish list. The wish list for the iPhone 13 series will certainly not be short. The current one that is closer to reality should be the 120Hz high refresh screen. But according to the latest news, iPhone 13 is expected to use an "extremely advanced" new feature.

    According to Max Weinbach, Apple plans to use a larger wireless charging coil for the iPhone 13 series, which is expected to improve some of the pain points of the MagSafe wireless charging system and pave the way for reverse wireless charging.

    That's right, in 2021, iPhone reverse wireless charging is finally in play.

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  4. Will iPhone 13 Come with Touch ID?

    There's no question that everyone is excited to see how the new iPhone 13 will look alike as well as what features it may include. While there are already many rumors, there is a special feature that a lot of people have been demanding - the Touch ID.

    Will iPhone 13 Have Touch ID?

    We can't stress enough that many rumors are stating that Touch ID will be back to the iPhones. So, while no one knows for sure when it's going to happen, we can already remove the if out of the equation.

    When Apple introduced the iPhone X in November 2017, a lot of Apple and iPhone fans were frustrated to see that there was no longer a fingertip sensor. Ever since this moment, all the iPhones can only rely on Face ID except password unlock.

    Even though facial recognition on iPhones has been

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  5. How To Fix the iPhone 12 Battery Issue?

    Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, everyone expects it to be better in terms of performance, features, look, and battery. Unfortunately, while the iPhone 12 met most of these criteria, it failed in what concerns the battery. Many people are experiencing iPhone 12 battery issues. Some even notice an iPhone 12 battery drain overnight.

    In case you are also dealing with iPhone 12 battery issues, you'll be glad to know that there are many things you can do to make the most out of your new iPhone.

    How To Fix the iPhone 12 Battery Issue?

    1: Get the Latest iOS 14 Update:
    Faced with many complaints regarding the iPhone 12 battery problem, Apple has been launching new updates often to fight this issue. So, you should make sure that you

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  6. Taking A Closer Look at the iPhone 12 Battery

    Battery life is one of the most important aspects of your phone. No matter if you just bought a new one or have the same model for a couple of years, you want to ensure that its battery lasts for at least one day without being charged.

    The truth is that iPhone 12 battery issues are not new. In fact, many people keep complaining about iPhone 12 battery drain.


    iPhone 12 Battery Capacity

    One of the reasons why so many people are suffering from the iPhone 12 battery drain is the fact that Apple decided to use different batteries in this generation. Overall speaking, they reduced the iPhone 12 battery capacity in all models. The new iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro battery are a 2815mAh unit, which is less than the 11 Pro’s 3046mAh or the 11’s 3110mAh capacity.

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  7. Discover Everything You Need to Know About the iOS 15!

    Apple just launched a new iOS 15 update. So, you are probably wondering when will iOS 15 be released. Well, according to the company, the new iOS 15 will be released in the fall. But what can you expect from this new operating system?

    iOS 15 Features

    We have to say that we are very pleased with all the iOS 15 features. In fact, we are positively surprised to see so many changes in the new operating system. From tools to reduce distractions to more privacy features, new features for FaceTime calls, new notifications, complete redesigns for Mas, Weather, and Safari, there are many new features you're going to love.

    #1: Notifications Redesign:

    With the new iOS 15, you'll get notifications redesigned. You will not only be able to add

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  8. Should I Buy iPhone 12 Or wait for 13?

    As you know, Apple launched the iPhone 12 last fall. However, according to several rumors, the new iPhone 13 release date should be in September.

    While no one knows for sure, it is expected that Apple launches the new iPhone 13 in the same four sizes as the iPhone 12: a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. As for the iPhone 13 price, it should be around the same as the iPhone 12. This means that the iPhone price should range between $699 and $1099, depending on the model that you pick.

    Considering that the iPhone 13 price will be pretty much the same as the iPhone 12 price, should you buy an iPhone 12 or wait for the 13?

    Is The iPhone 13 Better Than the 12?

    Many people are currently asking this question?

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  9. Can I switch to AirPods 3 this time?


    The true wireless headset market has been very competitive in recent years, with new products emerging endlessly. Only in May of this year, several new true wireless earphones appeared at attractive prices.

    If you want to tell the comprehensive quality of true wireless headsets, many people will still consider Apple AirPods their first choice. AirPods have no clear shortcomings in terms of connectivity and comfort and sound quality calls.

    If you are already holding AirPods and waiting for Apple's new release, then congratulations. The good news is here. Bloomberg quoted sources as saying

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  10. Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone 13

    As an iPhone fan, you are always eager to know what the next model will bring. While the new iPhone 13 should only be released next Fall, many rumors and leaks are already circulating on the Internet.

    iPhone 13 Release Date 

    As you can easily imagine, there isn't still an official iPhone 13 release date. However, and following Apple's pattern for previous launches, the company should launch it on September 24, the 4th Friday of September 2021.

    While there was a delay with the iPhone 12 release due to the new coronavirus, we shouldn't expect to see the same happening.

    iPhone 13 Price

    According to most rumors, the new iPhone 13 should come in the same four sizes as the iPhone 12. Besides the

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