1. PCMag: iPhone 12 Pro Max Becomes the Most Popular 5G Smartphone in the United States

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Becomes the Most Popular 5G Smartphone in the United States

    PCMag quoted data from Speedtest by Ookla and M Science as saying that although the iPhone 12 Pro is priced as high as US$1,099. It has become the first choice of 5G smartphones for American consumers. Among the 50 states in the United States, this 6.7-inch Apple flagship mobile device has successfully topped the list of popular 5G mobile devices in 49 states.

    It is reported that M Science uses the cumulative sales data as of January 23, while Ookla counts the current month's data of the Speedtest application. Interestingly, in Vermont, the iPhone 12 turned out to be more popular than high-end models.

    Besides, if you look at the world,

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  2. How to Use iPhone Face ID Unlocking with a Mask on?

    How to Use iPhone Face ID Unlocking with a Mask on 01

    There's no question that we are living in a harsh period. With COVID-19, we are dealing with a lot of restrictions. Some people need to work from home, kids are being taught at home, we can't travel as we like. So, it is normal that you spend more time using your iPhone. It ends up being an escape. But when you need to go out, you need to wear a mask. And you come up with a problem: how to use Face ID with a mask? 

    The good news is that earlier this month, Apple released a new version of the iOS - the iOS 14.5 beta version. With this new upgrade, there is a new option to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when Face ID detects you’re wearing a mask. But what if you don't have an Apple Watch?

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  3. How to Unlock iPhone 12 While Wearing A Face Mask?

    How to Unlock iPhone 12 While Wearing A Face Mask

    Face masks were extremely rare before the beginning of 2020. However, thanks to the new coronavirus pandemic, face masks are a part of our lives. In some countries, they are already mandatory in indoor locations. However, wearing a mask brings a problem - you can't easily unlock your iPhone 12 with Face ID. 

    As you know, Face ID is one of the features of iPhone since the X series. But when you are wearing a mask, besides making your ears suffer, it is kind of hard to unlock iPhone with Face ID. This is a problem for all iPhone users from iPhone X onwards, as the newer generations rely on facial recognition instead of fingerprint recognition.

    Last May, Apple released an iOS update (iOS 13.5) that

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  4. Does iPhone 12 Have Fingerprint?


    Does iPhone 12 Have Fingerprint?Before the release of iPhone 12, what kind of ID locks the new generation will use has received high attention. Apple fans can't wait to get an iPhone without notch as soon as possible and get a completely full screen. So, even if the iPhone 12, the first-generation 5G iPhone, returns to a squared edge and supports the new MagSafe chargers, fans seem to be dissatisfied.


    Does iPhone 12 Have Fingerprint Sensor?

    If you were one of the many Apple fans who were expecting to see the iPhone 12 Pro fingerprint feature, you may feel somewhat sad or annoyed. In case you don't know, Apple decided to remove its classic home button with its built-in fingerprint scanner some generations ago. Notice that we're

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  5. The iPhone without notch is already on its way?

    Since the release of the first full-screen iPhone X 3 years ago, most Apple fans have a common wish, that is, that Apple will one day cut off the unsightly notch and give everyone a complete screen.

    But, more than three years have passed, and Apple still stubbornly retains the notch, and their size has hardly changed. All hopes are gradually disappearing. Is Apple really going to go to the end on the screen with notch, regardless of the consequences?

    Maybe not.

    According to @MauriQHD on Twitter, Apple tests an iPhone 13 prototype with the notch removed, but the four-sided borders will become wider. Of course, the design may eventually be put on the iPhone 14.

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  6. Everything You Need to Know About The iPhone Widgets

    The iPhone widgets aren't something new. However, with the launch of the new iOS 14, you can now get better and more good-looking widgets. 

    What Can The iPhone Widget Do?

    Before we answer the question of what the iPhone widget can do, it is important that you understand what a widget is in the first place. 

    Simply put, a widget is a useful feature that completely changes the way your screen looks. As you can imagine, you have plenty of different widgets to choose from. Besides, you can also just hide apps without deleting them. 

    One of the best things about using iPhone widgets is that they are not limited to the new iPhone. The reality is that many people wonder about which iPhone support widget. Well,

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  7. Is The iPhone 12 Waterproof?

    As you know, Apple launched its new iPhone models - the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max in Autumn last year. No matter if you already bought your new iPhone 12 or if you are still considering buying it, one of the most common questions is if the iPhone 12 is waterproof or not. After all, the company didn't make this issue very explicit. So, in case you are questioning "is my iPhone 12 Pro waterproof", just keep reading to find out.

    Water-Resistant Vs. Waterproof

    Before we can answer the question is iPhone 12 waterproof, we believe that it is important that you understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof.

    Simply put, water-resistance denotes the lower level of water protection out of the two terms. So, when a device

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  8. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Headset Unveiled: Youtuber Comparative Evaluation

    Some netizens recently discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth headset was unveiled at the Canadian e-commerce company Staples. Although there have been many exposures before, netizens still seem to be interested in the device.

    The information revealed that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is available in three colors: silver, black, and light blue, and the price is 264.99 US dollars.

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro charging box supports Type-C input and wireless charging. It also supports NFC and SmartThings Find. According to current information, this headset may be unveiled at the

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  9. The size is always right: AirPods Pro 2 comes in two sizes

    Following news that Apple AirPods Pro Lite will remove the noise-canceling function, the announcement of the next generation of AirPods Pro has also come.

    According to MacRumors, the whistleblower Mr-White, who has accurately revealed the details of Apple products in the past, released the internal hardware diagram of the next-generation AirPods Pro on Twitter. The headset is expected to be officially released in 2021.

    In the picture he released, the right side seems to be the current AirPods Pro components, while the left side may be newly designed hardware for the new AirPods Pro. There is a significant difference in cable length between

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  10. What to Expect from the Apple iPhone 13 2021?

    While Apple just recently launched the iPhone 12, the company is already working on the new Apple iPhone 13 2021. Although for many it may be simply crazy to try to predict what the new iPhone 13 will be like, the reality is that there are already many rumors on the Internet. 

    iPhone 13 Release Date

    One of the most common questions people usually ask regards the iPhone 13 release date. Well, if the company continues to follow the same patterns from the past, we can expect to see the new iPhone being launched on the fourth Friday of September 2021. This points to September 24th, 2021.

    iPhone 13 Price

    When you are a fan of Apple and especially of the iPhone, then you know that the price is usually set

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