1. With the iOS 14.5, unlock with iPhone Face ID becomes possible!

    Last week, Apple pushed the official version update of iOS 14.5, which added the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask, and AirTag support was officially in place.

    Face ID can be used even with a mask

    Because of the COVID-19, masks have become a necessity in life. When you need to wear a mask every day, the Face ID of the iPhone is not so convenient to use. With the arrival of iOS 14.5, you can use Face ID to unlock your phone while wearing a mask - if you have an Apple Watch. When wearing a mask, you only need to wear the Apple Watch on your wrist and look at the iPhone to unlock it. The Apple Watch will also notify you through tactile feedback.

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  2. Should I Buy A Used or A Refurbished iPhone 12?

    When most people think about buying a new cellphone, most are referring to the last iPhone. After all, besides being beautiful and including a lot of great features, the iPhone 12 is also a symbol of status. However, there is a huge catch - the iPhone 12 is not cheap.

    So, if you don't have the budget to buy a new iPhone 12, you may consider buying either a used iPhone 12 or a refurbished iPhone 12. But what's the best option?


    Should I Buy A Used or A Refurbished iPhone 12?

    The reality is that the new iPhone 12 is not only a phone anymore. It's a camera, a calendar, a chronometer, a computer, a portable television, and even a gaming device. We use our phones for everything between work and entertainment. That is why it is so important to decide if

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  3. The iOS 14.5 Beta which supports battery health calibration can increase the battery capacity

    In the iOS 14.5 Beta 6 update released earlier, Apple introduced the battery health report recalibration function for the three models of the iPhone 11 series. It aims to solve inaccurate battery health displays.

    According to Apple's instructions, this calibration process takes several weeks. According to 9to5Mac reports, some users have increased the maximum battery capacity after calibration, while others have indicated that the maximum capacity has become smaller.

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  4. Is A Used iPhone 12 Worth Buying Now?

    There's no question that having an iPhone is more than just having a smartphone; it is also a symbol of status. But this status also comes with a high price tag. Fortunately, you can now already buy a used iPhone 12 pro max/pro/mini. But is the iPhone 12 worth it?

    Is A Used iPhone 12 Worth Buying Now?

    If you already started your search for a used iPhone 12 for sale, you probably already saw that the prices are already attractive. In case you're like many people who didn't have a budget to buy a new iPhone 12 when it was released last year, the used iPhone 12 price may now already be acceptable for you.

    The truth is that when you're looking for a used iPhone, you will notice that you can still find older models available. As you can easily imagine, the

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  5. Apple iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 Beta 6 released: battery calibration officially launched

    Apple iOS 14.5 Beta 6 released

    Apple launched the developer preview Beta 6 of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 early the 1st, April morning. The version number is 18E5194a, with the new features such as battery calibration and Siri new sound have been added.

    In iOS 14.5 Beta 6, the new battery health report system is officially launched, which will recalibrate the largest battery capacity and peak performance capacity of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max to solve the battery health encountered by some users. Report problems with inaccurate estimates.

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  6. iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 Prediction: The Design and Big Upgrades

    After the iPhone 13 prediction, what kind of upgrades can Apple expect to the iPhone 14 and 15 that comes in the next two years?

    iPhone 14(2022)

    What will happen to the iPhone in 2022? Guo Mingchi said that Apple would launch the new iPhone SE in the first half of 2022. The appearance design and most of the hardware specifications are like the existing 4.7-inch iPhone SE. The most significant upgrade is a new processor that supports 5G.

    For the iPhone 14 in 2022, the Pro model will at

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  7. iPhone 13 (2021) Prediction: The Design and Release Date

    iphone 13 prediction

    Guo Mingchi, the former KGI Securities and Tianfeng Securities analysts, first pointed out in the analysis report that Apple will not release the new iPhone SE in the first half of 2021. Those fans with small screens can rest assured to buy the iPhone SE released last year.

    On the iPhone 13 released in the second half of 2021, he pointed out that its design is the same as that of the iPhone 12. There are 4 models with the same screen size, all using the Lightning interface, and there is no rumored interfaceless design.

    iphone 13 prediction 01

    The hardware upgrade of the

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  8. The Next Three Generations of iPhone All Set!

    The Next Three Generations of iPhone All Set

    The annual release of the new generation of iPhone, as a product that Apple puts a lot of effort into and integrates the latest technological capabilities, is also worthy of everyone's expectations.

    However, there have always been divergent opinions on what the next iPhone will look like. Before the last minute of the conference, I am afraid that no one would dare to vote and say which revelation is correct.

    The source of most whistleblowers is the so-called supply chain. You can see that when the media releases new iPhone-related news, they often add a sentence in front of them: "According to the latest news from the supply chain, the next-generation iPhone will……".

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  9. Remove the Lightning port? Apple Received MagSafe iPhone Charging Patent

    Apple Received MagSafe iPhone Charging Patent

    Recently, it is reported that Apple has filed an official application for a new patent, which is mainly to introduce a new charging scheme for the iPhone. The main presentation form of the charging technique is based on the principle of the MagSafe charger, like the MagSafe charger used on the old MacBook.

    In this new Patent, Apple envisions a connection port that uses its latest version of the magnetic MagSafe charger to charge the iPhone. This can also be regarded as a new charging solution for the later replacement of Lightning.

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  10. PCMag: iPhone 12 Pro Max Becomes the Most Popular 5G Smartphone in the United States

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Becomes the Most Popular 5G Smartphone in the United States

    PCMag quoted data from Speedtest by Ookla and M Science as saying that although the iPhone 12 Pro is priced as high as US$1,099. It has become the first choice of 5G smartphones for American consumers. Among the 50 states in the United States, this 6.7-inch Apple flagship mobile device has successfully topped the list of popular 5G mobile devices in 49 states.

    It is reported that M Science uses the cumulative sales data as of January 23, while Ookla counts the current month's data of the Speedtest application. Interestingly, in Vermont, the iPhone 12 turned out to be more popular than high-end models.

    Besides, if you look at the world,

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