1. Is It Better To Buy Used Or Refurbished iPhone?

    Is it better to buy used or refurbished iPhone 01

    When you are looking to buy an iPhone, you may have heard some different terms such as refurbished iPhone or used iPhone. The truth is that while most people tend to assume these are the same thing, the reality is that they differ in some aspects. 

    What Does A Refurbished iPhone Mean

    When you are looking to know the refurbished iPhone meaning, then you need to know that a refurbished item is simply an item that was already used by someone but it was returned as faulty or as new. One of the things that you need to keep in mind about buying a refurbished iPhone is that it went through a series of tests to ensure that if there are any faulty parts they are replaced. Besides, when you are

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  2. Which Refurbished iPhone Model Worth to Buy In 2020?

    Best Refurbished iPhone Model To Buy In 2020


    There is no question that smartphones are expensive. And it can be even more expensive if you are looking to buy one of the latest models of the iPhone.

    The good news is that you can still own a pretty recent iPhone without paying a lot for it, which is why you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone.

    The truth is that when you are buying a refurbished smartphone from a reputable company, you shouldn't experience any problems. Besides the fact that these smartphones are tested, they also tend to come with a guarantee.


    What Is the Refurbished iPhone Worth to Buy?


    When you are looking for the best-refurbished

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  3. Are Refurbished iPhones A Good Buy?

    is refurbished phone a good buyIf you already have an iPhone and you want to switch to a newer model but you just can't afford the price of the latest iPhone, then you may consider buying a refurbished iPhone.

    A lot of people wonder if they should buy a refurbished iPhone and what are the risks of doing so. So, let's go over each detail. 

    Is Refurbished iPhone Good To Buy?

    Simply put, yes, it is. The truth is that people return iPhones for a wide range of reasons. Some people just want a bigger screen, more memory or more storage. So, they simply try to make some money out of it to buy one iPhone that suits best their needs. And this comes as a great opportunity for you. After all, you can finally buy an iPhone that is almost good as new and that

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  4. How to Check If My iPhone Is Brand New or Refurbished?

    how to know if my iphone is refurbished or new 

    It's hard to find someone who doesn't want to buy an iPhone. While the price may be simply too much for some people to even consider buying a new iPhone, then buying a refurbished iPhone is a great option.

    The reality is that the worst thing that can happen to you is to have someone trying to sell you an iPhone as brand new when, in fact, it is a refurbished iPhone. So, how can you be sure?

    How to Check If My iPhone Is Brand New or Refurbished

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  5. Is The iPhone XR Waterproof

    is iphone xr waterproof

    When you are looking to buy an iPhone and you are considering the iPhone XR, it is convenient that you know what to expect from it.  

    While you may be wondering about some of its features, one of the most common questions people have about it is the following: is the iPhone XR waterproof? 

    If you search on Google for is an iPhone XR waterproof, you will see a lot of websites providing you with slightly different answers. This was the reason that led us to write this post in the first place. After all, if you like to take your smartphone with you everywhere you go, then you need to know if an iPhone XR waterproof. 

    Is My iPhone XR Waterproof?

    You will be glad to know that the iPhone XR is water-resistant.

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  6. Is The iPhone XR Worth Buying?

    is iphone xr worth buying

    Buying yourself an iPhone can be one of the best smartphone gifts that you offer yourself. However, the truth is that while this may be just what you were looking for, it's tough. The reality is that iPhones aren't that affordable, and you may need to wait a lot of months to buy a new one. So, what about buying yourself a used iPhone XR?

    Is It Worth Buying A Used iPhone XR?

    Well, the reality is that when you know the smartphone that you are buying and the quality it has, it usually is a good deal. However, you may be wondering if buying a refurbished iPhone XR is really the best option for you. After all, with so many different iPhones, why should you go for the XR?

    When you look at the iPhone XR features and characteristics,

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  7. How to Use the HDR and Flashlight of iPhone?

    how to use hdr and flashlight of iphone

    HDR of iPhone

    What is HDR?

    HDR stands for high dynamic range, which means it can capture clearly both the bright part and dark part. It is to take a few photos with different exposures at one time, and then automatically synthesize a photo according to the algorithm.

    What is the difference between normal photos and HDR photos?

    Usually, when you focus on a building on day hours, the sky will be overexposed. But with the HDR, you can get a more detail photo that exposed both the dark side and bright side.how to use hdr and flashlight of iphone 02

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  8. Where To Buy A Cheap Refurbished iPhone X?

    buy cheap refurbished iPhone X

    While we would all love to buy a brand new iPhone X, the truth is that most people's budgets just can't afford it. However, you also want to ensure that you are always connected and with access to the best information and best products such as the iPhone X. After all, the iPhone is a symbol of status and you know that it can open a few doors.


    But now, it is already possible. After all, you can consider buying a refurbished iPhone X. In case you are thinking that buying a refurbished iPhone X isn't something for you, it's time to come into the 21st century. 


    One of the main advantages of buying an iPhone X 256gb refurbished is that you won't only be saving money as you will get a high-quality iPhone that was

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  9. How to Use the Live Photo of iPhone?

    how to use live photo of iphone 4

    What is LIVE photo?

    LIVE photo is a 3-second moving audio photo, which Apple introduced on the iPhone 6s. Comparing to the traditional static image, Live Photo is more vivid and interesting. With Live Photos, your iPhone can record what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you click the shutter button. With the update of IOS 13, we can do a more specific edit and take more interesting photos.

    What can you do with the Live Photo?

    1. Select your favorite picture

    Edit > Make Key Photo > Done.

    The key photo is the one you see in your photo library, you can change it through the slider at the bottom of the “Edit” screen. Moving the slider until you find your favorite moment, and then tap “Make Key Photo

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  10. 3 Tips for You Before Buying A Refurbished iPhone X

    Buying A Refurbished iPhone X

    Ever since Apple launched the iPhone that this smartphone has been a success. While it has a wide range of competitors (especially Samsung), the iPhone continues to be the #1 smartphone for a lot of people. And the reason doesn't only rely on its design or features; it is also a matter of exclusivity, prestige or status. Unfortunately, for many of us, an iPhone is just a dream. After all, paying more than $1,000 for it truly exceeds a lot of people's budgets. 

    In case you belong to the group of people who would love to buy an iPhone but can't afford to buy a new one, you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone X. But why should you buy the refurbished iPhone X and not any other iPhone?

    Well, according to Counterpoint's survey report, the iPhone X is the most popular one followed by the iPhone 8 and the

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