1. Misconceptions about Buying Refurbished Phones

    Buying refurbished Phone is trending recent years but many merchants and bloggers around the world are arguing the difference between refurbished phones and used Phone. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the refurbished phone, pre-owned phones or used phones.

    To understand exactly what those phones are. Firstly, you should understand this second-hand phone source. Individual, small private dealer, top-tier carriers and second-hand phone wholesaler.


    An individual tends to be chasing the latest technology and phone model

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  2. 5G supported iPhone is not coming in 2019. Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone and Wait!

    Huawei, Oppo, Samsung are going to release their first 5G network supported smartphone in 2019 and how about California technology company? Recent news about the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm and past history of iPhone LTE rollout give a strong hint that the first 5G iPhone model would not be ready earlier than 2020 September.

    The earliest 5G radio modem still has rooms for improvement on its size and power efficiency. Everyone knows that the Cupertino tech giant like to make its phones very slim and so the existing 5G chipset is too thick to fulfill their ambition.

    Meanwhile, 5G cellular coverage is not well established yet and Apple should prefer more spots to well established before start promoting

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  3. Why do I stop chasing new iPhone

    In the 21st century, the revolution of information technology has dramatically changed people’s lives. One of them is the spread of smartphones. The success of mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei is powerful proof. There will be more advanced technology, more novel mobile phones, more phone conferences, and more carnival crowds.

    After the era of NOKIA, the pace of Apple’s renewal has not stopped. From iPhone 4 to the current iPhone XR, I’m amazed at the innovative ability and industrial aesthetics that Steve Jobs led. Smartphones are mobile ‘computers’ which enables a truly mobile internet world. People can keep

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  4. What you need to consider of buying a used phone

    When buying a used phone, there are several factors that buyers need to consider. The following is a list of questions buyers need to consider. If you have any questions about these issues, ask the seller before the transaction:


    Appropriate price

    To determine your own budget for a used phone, buyers need to do some research first. It should be pointed out that the price of old models such as iPhone or Samsung will always fall with the release of new models because people usually take out their old phones and raise funds for buying new phones.


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  5. Some fraud that you may encounter when buying a used phone

    Nowadays, used phones become a lot of people’s choice when deciding to change a smartphone. However, do you know the tricks of some used phone unscrupulous merchants?

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  6. Four Reasons Why Should You Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone Instead of a New One

    In this article, we will discuss why buying a refurbished (used or second hand) iPhone would be a good choice.

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  7. 4 Best Places to Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone

    If you have a limited budget or you are not a great fan for the latest phone technologies, it is always a great deal to look for a refurbished or used iPhone somewhere in the market. There are many online marketplaces or websites where you can purchase an inexpensive iPhone today. In this article, we will give you a glance at where you can find a reliable refurbished iPhone.

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  8. Why should we buy a refurbished iPhone to a child?

    Most shops and online marketplaces offer back to school discount and it is a good moment for parents to buy a refurbished or used phone for their children. Wait, do you think it is necessary for a child to get s smartphone at the little age?

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  9. Different kinds of used phone

    The best smartphones have attractive features in their beautiful body, but they are usually expensive. The price of the new flagship model usually exceeds $600 - for example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 starts at $899. There is a way for users to use a smartphone without spending a lot of money: buying a used phone has proven to be a reliable way to save money.

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  10. Five Reasons to Get Unlocked iPhone

    You will end up saving money with an unlocked phone

    Carriers usually attract customer with the latest Smartphone and attractive upfront price. However, carrier surely ends up getting more, in the end, to finance a phone for you which you may have a perception it is a cheaper option.

    An unlocked device lets you switch carriers quickly

    Carrier always release

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