Where to buy iphone 6 after apple stops selling iphone 6 series

Nearly a year after ending direct sales of the iPhone 6 and SE in most countries, Apple is reportedly phasing out its least expensive models in India. They discontinued Iphone 6, 6plus, 6s plus, and SE.

According to statistics, the cumulative shipment of the iphone 6 series have exceeded 250 million units, which is highest-selling series in the iphone family. No more new iphone 6 for sale.

 Where to buy iphone 6?

Since the company typically maintains one to two months of inventory in the sales channel, some “discontinued” phones will likely continue to be available through resellers as Apple prepares to further discount the iPhone 6S and 7 in September.

In a short time, people can still buy new iphone 6 from Apple and apple channel distributor, such as Amazon and eBay. However, at this point, some retailers may sell refurbished iphone as a new one. Therefore, I would encourage people to buy used iphone or a refurbished one directly.

The new iphone 6 series are becoming less and less. Refurbished and used iphone 6 will be more and more. Instead of buying a new iphone 6, it is better to buy second hand iphone 6 with less money.

Buy old iphone or buy refurbished iphone is optional. You should know the differences between refurbished and used iphone. Not only apple puts used iphones for sale, other professional mobile phone recycling and sales companies also cover the same business. It is a common way to buy old iphone through e-commerce platforms and carriers. If a merchant on ebay or amazon says he can provide iphone 6 lowest price, you have to believe this kind of rhetoric is pretty stupid.

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Jul 18,2019
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