How many ways you know to name a "used" iphone

We call it a new iphone when an iphone is produced and not been sold. However, things go crazy after an iphone is sold or used, especially for the used phone market.

1. Second hand iphone

As the name suggests, it means an iphone is not new anymore once used. However, the most popular way to name is second hand iphone, as known as 2nd hand iphone. I can understand that English wants to help people know it clearly. If you want to buy an iphone xr second hand, it means your hand is not the first hand to touch it. I wonder is their any third hand or forth hand iphone?

2. Used iphone

Here comes the name called “used” iphone. Smartphone is born to be used by human. People use smartphone to surf on the internet. A used iphone xs max is popular now. Used iphone is the easiest and simplest way t understand.

3. Old iphone

it is an anthropomorphic statement to indicate the status of the phone. People always use “how old are you” to ask for age. If one asks for how old iphone, it maybe indicates he has interest on the history of iphone, like the first generation of iphone. Although I don’t what know what it looks like.

4. Pre-owned iphone

It does not make a big difference from second hand iphone. Maybe it emphasizes subordinate attributes. Maybe English countries are keen to name a thing in different ways.

Strictly speaking, a refurbished iphone belongs to a used iphone. But people have the freedom to understand from different angles.

1. Refurbished iphone

Apple sells brand new iphone and refurbished iphone at the same time. Known as refurbed or refurb iphone, they replace parts for the old iphone, which is the same to people replace wheels for a car. Refurbished iphones have “usually” been verified to function properly.

2. Reconditioned iphone

A reconditioned iphone is cosmetically and biomedically rebuilt to OEM specifications. Reconditioned means it was tested, and that all bugs and kinks that were found were worked out before it was made available again. Maybe reconditioned iphones for sale are better than the refurbished.

3. Renewed iphone

Retailers on Amazon always use it. They want to find a kind and friendly way to attracts customers. Maybe people do feel differently when they buy a renewed iphone. But just remember it’s not new.

All in all, which of the above iphones is your favorite?

Jul 22,2019
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