Looking to Know More About the Screen Resolution on the iPhone 12?

While a lot has been already saying about the new iPhone, there is one special feature that has been catching a lot of attention - the iPhone 12 screen resolution.

According to many different rumors, Apple is going to use OLED displays in all iPhone 12. This is a big change for the company, but it doesn't stop here. Some rumors are also mentioning that the high-end iPhone 12 screen resolution will be 120Hz and ProMotion. But what does this mean exactly?

What Is My iPhone Screen Resolution?

In case you have an older iPhone, then you may still be using an LCD display. Over time, Apple discontinued it and started replacing the displays for the OLED as you can already find on the iPhone 11 screen resolution. While OLED also has its flaws, it is certainly better than the LCD.

The reality is that the way OLED is used on iPhones, it can go much brighter than LCD, so you also get white whites. That all means you see far more detail in the shadows and in the highlights. This is the positive part of the OLED display. But what about the negative part?

Well, to put it in simple words, it can look more reddish on worse displays and still a little bluish, even on good ones. And it can color shift over time as well as the blue sub-pixels die off faster than the red and green ones. Besides this, the brightness isn't always consistent.

Notice that we are only talking about OLED for phones. The ones made to TVs are quite different and you shouldn't expect these problems.

Up until now, Samsung was the only company that has a good process for making OLED. But they are suing a company that allegedly is using their process with authorization and this is the company Apple is dealing with.

The Differences Between The iPhone 11 Screen Resolution and the iPhone 12 120Hz Display

As you can imagine, there are a lot of differences between the two displays.

Most people believe that the iPhone 12 120Hz display is quite a breakthrough. And it is but not as much as you think. The reality is that Apple already introduced it back in 2017 with 2 iPad Pro models - the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch.

The excitement around with the new screen resolution iPhone is not really the 120Hz rate itself but the "up to" 120Hz. The thing is that this is an adaptive refresh rate technology but not a high refresh rate technology.The Screen Resolution of the iPhone 12

Overall speaking, the iPhone 12 120Hz display can ramp up from 60Hz to 120Hz for many different things. But it can also ramp down to 30Hz, even 24Hz, for things that don't require as much refresh, like a TV show or movie. Ultimately, the iPhone will be using power depending on what you are doing but always with one thing in mind - saving battery. Besides, another thing that has been catching a lot of attention to users is that iPhone may now be able to handle different requests by different rates. For example, it may be using 120Hz when you are scrolling on a website, 24Hz when you're watching a movie. However, there would be some problems with this screen.All you need to know About the Screen Resolution on the iPhone 12 pro

Bottom Line

We know that you may be truly excited about the new iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 screen resolution to be more exact, you have full reasons. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the new display would not be perfect and it would still have some flaws.

Sep 24,2020
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