Is It Safe to Wear Earphones When Sleeping?

Is It Safe to Wear Earphones When Sleeping?

One of the things that you need to know about earphones is that there is a wide range of different models. And while some may be ok to sleep with, others not so much. There are already earphones on the market that are specifically made for sleeping. Like others designed for people working out. But are they safe?

If used appropriately, wearing earphones while sleeping can be safe as you can fall asleep easier. But you need to pay extra attention to the volume. The reality is that you want to ensure that you listen to your music at a safe volume. This will prevent you from putting too much pressure on your ears, which may damage them.Is It Safe to Wear Earphones When Sleeping 02

Here is another aspect that you should keep in mind. When you wear earphones while sleeping, you may isolate from all the sounds around. This may be a good thing since music can help you fall asleep faster, and you won't hear any surrounding noises. But these may include the fire alarm, for example.

Two Main Risks of Wearing Earphones When Sleeping

When you are considering wearing earphones when sleeping, you need to know two main risks:

#1: Ear Wax:

As you already know, the main goal of ear wax is to protect your hearing. And in case you are wearing earphones that are a bit more invasive, then you may start noticing ear wax building up. It means the earphones are blocking the air circulation around your ear. It may lead the wax to start pressing up into your eardrum.

With time, you will notice that it will be harder to remove the ear wax.

#2: Otitis Externa:

Another risk that you need to consider is otitis externa. Is It Safe to Wear Earphones When Sleeping 03It is a very common condition among swimmers, but it can also occur when you wear earphones for sleeping.  If the material of the earphone tip is poor or has not replaced for a long time, it may breed bacteria and cause otitis externa. When your ear canal gets inflamed, wearing earphones for a long period is not only hinder recovery but even make the situation worse.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, so long as you pick the high-quality earphones and wear them properly, you won’t have any problems. Besides, they can be a great aid when you live near a highway or when you have loud neighbors.

Mar 12,2020
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