How to buy a used phone without getting screwed

In such a continuously and rapidly growing era of smartphones, the used phone market is far more prosperous than you can imagine. How to buy a used phone without being cheated becomes a common problem for the buyer. Getting a second-hand phone doesn't have to be overly complicated or stressful, what should be noted when buying a used phone? There are some kinds of tips for reference.

Know what you want

First, confirm what you need. As a backup phone in case for need? A high performance used phone for playing games? Or the most cost-effective one for daily use?

If you’re a long-term iOS user, iPhone 8/8 Plus is suitable for being a game playing phone, the A11 processor can handle almost all kinds of big mobile games while its price will be cheaper than iPhone X/Xs.

If you want a high cost-effective phone, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a good choice. As the flagship phone in 2017, S8 can still perform excellently now, and a used S8 is only about $250 now. (The data is collected from the Internet on April and the price is only for reference)

Conclusion 1: Figure out what kind of phone you need, make a good choice base on needs

Know the condition of the used phone

Before buying a used phone, you need to know what exactly you want. Differ from buying a new mobile phone, used phones have various types. While different resellers have different standards for what qualifies as a used, certified pre-owned or refurbished smartphone, there are some general guidelines for what you can expect.

Refurbished: If you want a like-new used phone, a refurbished phone may be your choice. Refurbished devices are the highest standard of the second-hand phone, as they undergo software or hardware repair to return them to like-new functionality.

Pre-owned: Pre-owned used phone generally has divided into A/B/C grade. You can choose according to the description and photos of each grade. The certified pre-owned devices offer a little more reassurance to the buyer, in that they had been through some testing to verify that they are functioning properly.

Conclusion 2: Be sure to review photos, description, and any certification closely to make sure you know what you will receive.

Know when to buy

If you’re looking to get the most recent phone model as possible while maximizing your savings, the best time to buy a used smartphone is just after its successor comes out. At that time, the early adopters will sell the previous generation of their smartphones that will be sold at a reduced price. Besides, due to the price reduction of the brand new previous generation phone, its used phone will also markdown.

For example: Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 being put on sale, the price of the new S9 has reduced to $499, and the used S9 costs only about $350. For Samsung fans, it is an appropriate time to begin with a Galaxy S9.

Conclusion 3: Choose the appropriate time to buy to save more money

Know where to buy

Deal with an individual seller often comes with some risks, not only no guarantee for subsequent use but also may even be subject to fraud. It is recommended to trade with a retailer that has buyer protection. Famous online shopping websites such as Amazon will provide sufficient protection for the buyers, meanwhile, the price will be more expensive. Therefore, you should pay more attention when balance the price and guarantee, avoid falling into low price trap.

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Conclusion 4: Make deal with reliable seller/merchant

Avoid carrier locked phone

You’ll have more flexibility and comfort if you select an unlocked phone, but what if the phone is locked? Then you would have to do some work to unlock the phone, like calling the carrier the phone belongs to in order to unlock it or even can’t use it at all. So it is important to ask the seller if your carrier is compatible with the phone you want.

Conclusion 5: Make sure the phone work with your SIM card carrier.

Here are the tips for buying a used phone. Buying a used mobile phone requires more attention, hope the above information can help you. If you have any other question about buying a used phone, please feel free to contact us.

Apr 15,2019
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