Does Cellphoneage purchase phones that have been Lost, Stolen or Locked?

First of all, Cellphoneage does not purchase any phones that have been reported as lost or stolen. We only partner and trade with R2 certified suppliers or carriers and record all the devices electronic serial number for each item we purchased from the top tier carriers, so we can provide a trail for items under inquiry. All devices go through our data wipe process.

We use PhoneCheck, a state of the art tool that includes information from law enforcement, carriers, and insurance companies to identify whether a device has been reported as lost or stolen. All devices are verified thoroughly to make sure they are lock-free.

Every cellphoneage certified pre-owned smart devices go through a rigorous inspection process involving more than 30 points functional checking with PhoneCheck and cosmetic inspection by our Quality Assurance team. This ensures that the devices you order are inaccurate cosmetic condition and perfect working order. All the devices are battery tested and make sure they are reset to factory settings prior to shipment.

Apr 4,2019
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