Apple iPhone iPad and other products prices further cut in China

Following the new value-added tax that kicks off on 1st April, there will be a three percent price drop on iPhone and further deduction on iPhone XS.

Photo Source: Getty Image

The latest price of iPhone XS 64GB now costs 8199 RMB (1220 USD).

Apple CEO Tim cook has raised alarm early this year that a severe economic decline in China is harming. Cook mentioned that Apple would lowe iPhone prices in some regions outside America due to the strong US dollar.

In the past two years, Apple is facing strong competition from strong domestic rivals, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo, etc. which all offer high-end specification, buy cheaper prices. However, the latest price iPhone is still more expensive than these domestic competitors. Still, China is a key market for this California company, However, accounting for more than 15% of its total sales.

Apr 2,2019
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