4 Best Places to Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone

If you have a limited budget or you are not a great fan for the latest phone technologies, it is always a great deal to look for a refurbished or used iPhone somewhere in the market. There are many online marketplaces or websites where you can purchase an inexpensive iPhone today. In this article, we will give you a glance at where you can find a reliable refurbished iPhone.


eBay is still the biggest online marketplace for everything. You can get a used or refurbished iPhone by simply searching the keyword on the site. You can filter the model, specification, and condition easily in the search result. One of the advantages of shopping a used iPhone on eBay is the pricing. However, eBay sellers tend to have different grading standards on the iPhones they are selling. Grading is inconsistent means that you may have a big surprise on what iPhone cosmetic condition you may get. Moreover, these devices they are selling may have come from different unknown channels which you may turn out buying a stolen iPhone.


Amazon is also a good marketplace to buy a used or refurbished iPhone. They have their own certified refurbished seller program and customers can choose their target model, specification and condition easily. However, there is still a risk of buying and used or refurbished iPhone from a seller which you don’t know their background and how experienced they are in this business. Moreover, the average price of refurbished iPhone on Amazon is more expensive than eBay.


Apple is certainly the best place to buy a legitimate certified refurbished iPhone. All their used iPhones come with box and original accessories, meanwhile, they come with a one year warranty.

However, the only disadvantage of buying a refurbished iPhone from Apple is the price. Overall, Apple certified refurbished iPhone is more expensive than other sources.


Cellphoneage is a good site to buy refurbished iPhones. Cellphoneage has over 10 years experience in the second hand phone industry and all their devices are thoroughly inspected and diagnosed by professional software before they are selling to buyers. Their refurbished iPhones are clearly graded in order to make sure the buyer receives what they are expected.

May 2,2019
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