Four Reasons Why Should You Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone Instead of a New One

In this article, we will discuss why buying a refurbished (used or second hand) iPhone would be a good choice.

1. Refurbished iPhone is far cheaper when you compared with a new one

A refurbished iPhone is far cheaper because they are not new in terms of cosmetic condition and features and functionalities. A refurbished iPhone usually is graded into 3 to 4 conditions based on the appearance. Since changing an iPhone housing is difficult and therefore, refurbished phone suppliers tend to renew the display and parts such as batteries only.

For sure, the refurbished iPhone is thoroughly inspected. As a result, if you don’t mind to get 30% cheaper for an iPhone with lower gradings, it is really a good decision to go for a used iPhone since you can buy a new iPhone case instead and nobody will know your phone has any cosmetic wearing.

In addition, if you have only got a limited budget and you only need an iPhone for calling in and out, playing games or managing your daily routines, a refurbished iPhone 7 or 8 certainly can fulfill your requirement already.

2. Longer and Comprehensive Warranty

Apple only provides a 3-month warranty for replacement devices but we, cellphoneage, can provide longer warranty for the customer because all the refurbished iPhones selling on cellphoneage are thoroughly tested and overhauled and every device is diagnosed with PhoneCheck Pro software.

3. Help Protecting Our Environment

All these smartphones contained precious metals and dumping these electronic devices means we are creating a huge amount of harmful e-waste. Therefore, it is always a more ecological decision to buy a refurbished iPhone than a new one.

4. Guaranteed and Warranty to return means it is hassle-free and risk-free

Customers who have never purchase a refurbished or second-hand phone worry about the quality and also the warranty if they get something not meeting their expectation. We, cellphoneage, do provide our customers with fanatical support and warranty for our every customer. Meanwhile, our certified refurbished iPhone selling directly from us are thoroughly inspected and tested by PhoneCheck Pro software to make sure every used Phone we are selling is clean and coming from a legitimate source.

May 2,2019
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