Will iPhone 13 Come with Touch ID?

There''s no question that everyone is excited to see how the new iPhone 13 will look alike as well as what features it may include. While there are already many rumors, there is a special feature that a lot of people have been demanding - the Touch ID.

Will iPhone 13 Have Touch ID?

We can''t stress enough that many rumors are stating that Touch ID will be back to the iPhones. So, while no one knows for sure when it''s going to happen, we can already remove the if out of the equation. 

When Apple introduced the iPhone X in November 2017, a lot of Apple and iPhone fans were frustrated to see that there was no longer a fingertip sensor. Ever since this moment, all the iPhones can only rely on Face ID except password unlock.

Even though facial recognition on iPhones has been working well, iPhone users want to have alternatives to unlock their phones. However, many users have been dealing with authentication problems since we have been all wearing facial masks. This wouldn''t happen if the Touch ID feature were included. Besides, many users aren''t even upgrading from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 because they don''t want to lose this option. 

Why iPhone 13 Face ID or Touch ID Will Be Available?

As we already mentioned above, there are quite a little rumor pointing to the iPhone 13 Touch ID existence. Even before the iPhone 12 was launched, this rumor was already everywhere. However, it also said at the time that we could only see it in the iPhone 13. 

In January 2021 and according to Bloomberg, you may expect to get an iPhone 13 Touch ID. Another rumour is also pointing the same. They state that the new upcoming iOS 15 should be launched at the same time as the iPhone 13, by that time they should already incorporate dual biometric authentication through both Touch ID and Face ID.

In addition to all these versions, some Apple patents were also pointing in the same direction. While there is no real evidence, the leak suggested that the company was working on the iPhone 13 Touch ID.

Yet another rumor is stating that the new iPhone 13 will have Touch ID, but the company will also improve Face ID.   

Why iPhone 13 Touch ID Button May Not Be a Reality

While there are many hearsays referring to the iPhone 13 Touch ID button as a certainty, others are pointing in the opposite direction. Just at the beginning of this year, an Apple employee talked to the Wall Street Journal and confirmed that they are working on the feature. However, he didn''t specify the timeframe of when it should be available. This makes us believe that we shouldn''t get an iPhone 13 Mini Touch ID. 

Bottom Line

While most sources are pointing to what we would all want to see and get - the iPhone 13 with Touch ID, these are all rumors yet. I think no one can be sure that the iPhone 13 come with the Touch ID feature until the iPhone launch conference in autumn this year.

Apple is never in a hurry to use a novel technology, even when other competitors has launched many new technologies. They are more like to develop their own style.

Jul 8,2021
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