The advantages of a second-hand phone

Buying a mobile phone is a problem that everyone will encounter, especially in such an era of smartphones. Every few years, the smartphone in hand can't keep up with your rhythm, various problems such as stunned, crashed, and unable to play new games will be highlighted.

At this time, we will face a problem: Should we buy a brand new phone or a second-hand phone? Most people will choose the newly listed flagship phone. Some people may not understand it, but some people will choose second-hand mobile phones. In some cases, buying a second-hand mobile phone is a very economical and economical act.

How fast is the upgrade of mobile phone? It is no exaggeration to use the word "astonishing" to describe its speed. The high technology applied to mobile phones is also changing with each passing day. For example, fingerprints technology is novel and practical a few years ago. But now we have a more safe and convenient face recognition technology to replace. At the same time, the second-hand mobile phone market has become booming. So back to this question, why should we buy a second-hand phone?

The most obvious advantage is its affordability.

When a new phone comes out, it means that the previous generation models will become cheaper on the second-hand market. According to data collected by relevant people, for example, in February 2019, the Apple official website reference price of the iPhone 8 Plus 64G was 699 dollars, while the second-hand price was about 450 dollars.

The difference between the second-hand phone and the new phone is about 250 dollars. If you purchase a second-hand phone, you’ll save a big amount of money than getting the new one.

Meet your psychological satisfaction

Some people think that someone can't afford a brand new phone so to buy a second-hand phone? Totally not! Spending an amount of money casually is a wealthy behavior, many people are more willing to pursue high cost-performance. What's more, purchasing a phone at cost-effective prices can give psychological satisfaction and it is irreplaceable.

Buying a second-hand iPhone also satisfies the user's experience of "being able to use the iPhone at a lower cost." In addition, it can also contribute to environmental protection. After all, buying a second-hand iPhone can also promote the recycling of resources.

The second-hand phone has a higher keep value.

Suppose you buy a second-hand phone. After you use it for a period of time, you can resell it. The loss is less compared to buy a new phone and use for a year then sell it. This is also very understandable, the original second-hand price is relatively low, you used a year to resell, the price will not be much worse, keep more value.

While it also meets someone’s collection hobby. Many old models are no longer available for sale, you can only go to the second-hand market to find it, some older classic models even expensive than before.

The second-hand phone has been used, the advantages and disadvantages of the phone are exposed so that the buyer can fully understand the performance of the phone. It is a reference for the buyer in selecting a phone. In summary, buying a second-hand phone help you save more money, but in the final analysis, everyone has their own choice, how about yours?

Mar 26,2019
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