Some fraud that you may encounter when buying a used phone

Nowadays, used phones become a lot of people’s choice when deciding to change a smartphone. However, do you know the tricks of some used phone unscrupulous merchants?

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the used phone market, so lead to many profiteers make some dirty tricks on it.

Motherboard-changed iPhone: By changing the motherboard, changing the font chip, etc., the Profiteers modified the locked iPhone to no lock. Such a motherboard-changed phone cannot be reset, and the firmware can never be updated.

Assembled iPhone: Only one original motherboard of the iPhone is kept, and the rest of the parts are made of non-original cheap parts, and then put together. More unreliable than the motherboard-changed phone, it is spliced and it is easy to have various problems.

Stolen or lost iPhone: Serial number invalidation due to pre-user loss, it has been registered lost or stolen in Apple website and become an unusable phone.

Modified iPhone: Using programming means, modify the mobile phone font chip, rewrite the mobile phone serial number, IMEI number, and model number, so as to change 5 to 5S, 6 to 6S, modify the regional version, etc...

Fake iPhone: Except for the appearance, all inside parts are made of cheap components, it has a huge security risk if using this kind of phones.

When it comes to other brands smartphone, the most common problem is carrier locked. There is no problem if you use the same SIM card carrier. But if the profiteer built in a SIM card sticker and sold it as an unlocked phone, the first time you use with another SIM card it may be normal, after reset or OS update, it will back to locked status.

For people who don’t know much about used phone market, it is hard to distinguish the tricks. Therefore, in order to get rid of these used phone tricks, it is recommended to purchase from reliable sellers/merchants.

May 5,2019
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