iPhone 13 Pro Max: Finally the right size?

Since iPhone X introduced the notch design, this design with a small notch on the front of the screen has become one of the main slots of the iPhone. It not only carries Apple's trendy technology but also bears the cynicism from everyone.

So, before releasing each generation of iPhone, news that conforms to public opinion that the new iPhone bangs will become smaller and even directly upgrade the full screen without bangs. Yet, the persistent Apple is always indifferent and has not made significant changes to the bangs screen design.

But on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the situation may be different.

The well-known digital blogger Unbox Therapy recently started a video of an iPhone 13 Pro Max model, from which we can get a glimpse of the significant changes in the design of this new iPhone. Generally speaking, this kind of sneak model is made based on the schematic diagram of the outflow of Apple's supply chain news sources. Manufacturers such as protective shell film can use this as a design reference to have a certain information value.

Image from Unbox Therapy

The first thing to talk about is, of course, the bangs. From the model's perspective, the width of the bangs of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is significantly smaller. The new iPhone moves the earpiece from the middle of the bangs area sensor to the top of the bangs close to the border. As a result, the sensor arrangement of the TrueDepth camera system is more compact, and the bangs are also reduced.

Unbox Therapy also measured it specifically. The width of the bangs on the iPhone 13 Pro Max model is 26.31mm, and the width of the bangs on the real iPhone 12 Pro Max is 34.62mm. The difference is still huge.

Left is the iPhone 13 Pro Max model, right is iPhone 12 Pro Max

Before this, rumors of the iPhone 13 series of bangs narrowing have been revealed. The film proofs exposed last month showed that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 mini might adopt this design. Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingchi also pointed out that the bangs on the iPhone 13 will be reduced in a previous report.

Another significant change visible to the naked eye is on the rear camera. The model shows that the iPhone 13 Pro Max lens will be larger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the caliber of the Apple brand "Gatling" is even more shocking.

iPhone 12 Pro Max (sea blue, left), compare iPhone 13 Pro Max model

The diameter of the lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max model is 16.99mm, and the diameter of the lens on the actual iPhone 12 Pro Max is 14.10mm. In the area and thickness of the camera module, the new machine has also increased slightly.

It should be noted that although the model shape has a high reference value, it does not necessarily show the final appearance of the new iPhone. However, it can echo some more reliable supply chain revelations and may have revealed the most comprehensive look of the iPhone 13 Pro Max at this stage.

After experiencing the super replacement cycle of iPhone 12 upgrade to 5G last year, Apple certainly will not rush to arrange a heavy update for this year's iPhone 13. But after all, the future can be expected, and the party will never lose. According to Mr. Guo, there will be a genuine full-screen, folding screen iPhone in the future.

Let's get back to reality. If this year's new iPhone looks like this, would you like it?

May 20,2021
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