How to identify the source of used cell phones


The 2019 Internet Queen’s report also covers smartphones.The growth of the smartphone market is nearing stagnation and turning into negative growth which means that people are no longer chasing new mobile phones.Buy used cell phone is becoming more and more popular. High-quality second hand phones are cheap and reduce the social burden. People don’t have to worry about whether it is flawed.

But the shortcoming of materialism is hate the old one when get a new one. No doubt that, good used cell phones have the performance of new devices, but it is also essential to ensure the mobile phone security of purchased second hand phones. The supplier’s mobile phones are basically recycled through legal way and then sold. However, there are always some merchants who violate the rules and sell old mobile phones with problems, such as stolen mobile phones. After purchasing a second hand mobile phone, it is a good idea to check the information about th mobile phone by yourself.

 Asking a dealer or supplier is the most direct route.

They work with third-party agencies or mobile phone manufacturers to verify the source of the phone. But you can also do it by yourself. Through IMEI, you can know that both new and old phones have their own independent identification is a free site to query the independent encoding of a mobile phone. ESN is the electronic serial number that each phone has one. Whether it’s through checkmend payment or checkesnfree free way, you can get the electronic serial number of your phone.

 The dual lock of the iphone is another the check.

Used iphone are popular. So iphone with ID double locks are more secure than android phones. if you want to detect a second hand iphone you bought, you can log in to icloud and bing phone number. Because the clean used phone will restore icloud login status. Stolen phones are usually locked.

 The security of mobile phone use is also very important for privacy protection.

When people buy second hand mobile phones, if the supplier can provide information to prove the performance and security of the used phone, it means the merchant has high credibility. Cellphoneage works with third parties to ensure the performance and security of used cell phones.

Jun 21,2019
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