Buy a used phone before a mature 5G mobile phone

As Huawei signed contracts with EE, Vodafone and other carriers, the deployment of 5G equipment is accelerating and comprehensive. In 2019, various mobile phone manufacturers also released the latest 5G mobile phones.

However, the price more than $1,000 is prohibitive. Although some 5G phones are cheap, you need to purchase additional equipment to support the use.

Since 5G devices are still in the process of deployment and installation, only a few areas support 5G network services. Even if you buy the latest 5G mobile phone, you will face the problem of not being able to use 5G services at anytime, anywhere.

High prices and limited use are extremely unfriendly for users who want to change their phones. Replacing by a new 4G smartphone may soon be affected by the trend of 5G handsets. When you are eager to change your mobile phone and want to wait for the 5G mobile phone to mature, why not buy a second hand mobile phone?

Maybe your phone has been used for almost 3 years, and 2019 is a good time to change. But when choosing a new iphone, I saw the impact of 5G mobile phone news. If you spend several hundred Euros to buy a new iPhone XR or Huawei P30 4G mobile phone, then in 2020 or 2021, you can buy the latest 5G mobile phone at the same price.

Buying a new 4G smartphone now is definitely a waste. A cheap and good quality second hand phone is the best choice. When you buy a second-hand mobile phone at a low price, it will not hurt you to change your 5G new phone.

Cellphoneage is providing excellent second hand mobile phones. We are also focusing on the development of the smart phone industry. We hope one day we’ll be the first supplier of 5G used phone.

Jul 5,2019
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