How to buy a used iPhone?

Some of our friends are always worried about being cheated or encountering quality problem when buying a refurbished iPhone. Please pay attention to the following when buying a refurbished iPhone:


1. If possible, buy a refurbished iPhone locally.


If you buy it on eBay or a third-party independent website, please make sure to pay with Paypal (the payment is recoverable, which prevents you from being cheated)



2. Please prepare test tools in advance (power bank, Sim card, Sim card taken out tool or paper clip) if you trade with the buyer face-to-face.



3. Be sure to check the following items when you receive your mobile phone:


    3.1 Check the appearance and make sure it looks good

    3.2 Check if there is an iCloud lock, if necessary, contact the seller to remove it

    3.3 Check the IMEI , the IMEI of each mobile phone is different. If the mobile phone is a stolen one, it may have been reported by the owner and locked by the tele-operator.

    3.4 Check if the TouchID/FaceID works well, try to enter your fingerprint or face, and try to unlock it multiple times to ensure it works properly.

    3.5 Test the Sim card by calling out and answering

    3.6 Testing WIFI Connections 

    3.7 Test all cameras (front and rear camera)

    3.8 Test if the screen works properly

          Browse apps or web pages to check if the color of the screen is normal.

          Browse apps or web pages to check if the screen is touchable.

    3.9 Test if Bluetooth works properly by connecting it with other devices

    3.10 Check the capacity of the battery, settings -> battery -> battery health (higher than 95% is perfect, 80%~95% is usable, less than 80% need to be replaced)

    3.11 test if the mobile phone can be charged normally with a power bank

    3.12 The repair cost for damage in the front or back of the new style iPhones will be very expensive. Please make sure if you really want to buy it. 


Sep 29,2019
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