Everything You Want To Know About The iPhone 12

When you are an Apple and, especially an iPhone fan, then you are always wondering when the company is going to release the new version of this amazing smartphone. And we have good news for you today.

iPhone 12 Release

While no one knows for sure when exactly the new iPhone 12 release will occur, most rumors are setting the date to the next fall, most specifically in September or October 2020.

One of the things that we have to say is that we are really anxious and looking forward to the iPhone 12 release. After all, we are expecting the new iPhones to be called iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and they should see some drastic design changes similar to the ones that we saw back in 2017 with the iPhone X.

Overall speaking, we are expecting the release of 4 iPhones in 3 display sizes that should be 5.4, 6.7, and 6.1 inches (x2).

iPhone 12 Design

If there is something that always makes us curious about the launch of a new iPhone is its design. 

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhones will use a more complex segmentation design, and new trenching and injection molding procedures. You can expect the new iPhone 12 design to feature an overhauled design with a metal frame that's similar to the frame of the iPhone 4. However, it is important to notice that the overall design will come with a square-edged frame made of stainless steel.

In case you are wondering why the iPhone 12 is coming with this frame, the reason is very simple: it will serve to decrease the negative impact of metal shielding on the internal antenna efficiency.

According to some rumors, the 6.7 inches iPhone should have a thickness of 7.4mm making it thinner than the 11 Pro Max. In addition, you should expect it to also be taller. 

iPhone 12 Battery

One very important factor to consider when you are looking to buy a new phone is its battery. At the moment, we know that Apple has certifications for 3 different batteries. The good news about them all is that they are smaller and thinner than the previous ones which free up valuable space inside the iPhone.

While you should consider that the batteries are better, it is worth noting that since the iPhone 12 will come with a better processor, you won't see any real games in this field.

iPhone 12 Charger

There's no question that this year was marked with a change in Apple - wattage chargers. In case you don't know, the iPhone 11 Pro shipped with 18-watt chargers with power delivery, and the iPhone 11 shipped with standard 5-watt chargers.

With the expected 4 different iPhone 12 models, it seems that Apple will likely continue this trend, with the two Pro models getting the more powerful chargers straight out of the box. This way, you may expect to get an iPhone 12 fast charging tool.

In addition to the many changes coming to the iPhone 12 itself this year, Apple is also rumored to be changing the accessories that are included in the box. According to the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will not include the iPhone 12 headphone or the wall charging brick with the iPhone 12 this year. According to him, this brings a lot of benefits to the company. Not only the packaging size is substantially reduced as the shipping costs also decrease.

iPhone 12 Rear Cameras

In case you already saw some images that have been circulating online, then you probably already noticed the rear cameras. As you know, the company made a lot of improvements back in 2019 on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max where we had the triple-lens setup. 

According to most rumors, the new iPhone 12 should come with the same triple-lens setup but it should be improved. Ultimately, we are expecting to see it feature a 3D camera. It should work both indoors and outdoors. Notice that this may only be an option on the two higher-end models and not on the lower-end iPhones.  

The high-end 6.7-inch iPhone 12 should include sensor-shift image stabilization technology, which could potentially bring image stabilization to the ultra-wide-angle lens on those devices. 

iPhone 12 5G Connectivity

We all know that 5G is coming and we all want to take advantage of it on the new iPhone 12. And we believe that it will finally be the time to have the iPhone 12 5G. 

Since Apple and Qualcomm were able to settle their disagreements last year, we believe that Apple will start using Qualcomm's chips again (instead of the Intel chips). This means that they might be using Qualcomm's 5G technology in its iPhones. 

According to the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, All of the iPhones expected in 2020 will use 5G technology. They should all include Qualcomm's X55 5G modem chip which supports all major frequency bands, operation modes, and network deployments.

iPhone 12 Waterproof

While no one knows for sure, the truth is that there are some rumors that are stating that the iPhone 12 will be fully waterproof. Besides, it is worth mentioning that it may even work underwater according to the latest patent leaks.

In case you don't know, having the iPhone 12 waterproof isn't really that special since there are a few smartphones that are water-resistant. However, the difference is that they just don't function when they are submerged. We know that the company is working on it but we will need to wait to see if it is true or not.

iPhone 12 Price

As you can imagine, in what concerns the iPhone 12 price, we can only look at rumors. According to most rumors that we have been looking at, the iPhone 12 should start as low as $649 this year and it should go up to $1,099. Here are the iPhone 12 prices in more detail:

  • 4-inch iPhone 12: $649
  • 1-inch iPhone 12: $749
  • 1-inch iPhone 12 Pro: $999
  • 7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max: $1,099
Jul 31,2020
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