Are You Getting The iPhone 12 Green Screen Issue? Here's How To Solve It

As you know, Apple recently launched the new iPhone 11. In case you are one of the lucky ones, then you must have been thrilled when you first hold your new iPhone in your hands. After all, between so many new features and the new design, there was a lot to see.

However, things have been a bit difficult ever since due to some problems related to the new iPhone. Initially, we had reports of disappearing signals on the iPhone but the company has since provided a solution. Then, there were reports of missing messages and message notifications on the iPhone 12. But the problems didn't end here. The truth is that a couple of days some users reported that there is also an iPhone 12 screen problem - the iPhone 12 green screen issue. While at first, it seemed that this was an isolated problem for some users only, reports continue to occur every day.

One of the things that are important to keep in mind is that the company has already acknowledged the reports and Apple is currently checking and dealing with this problem.

According to Apple's customer support, the iPhone 12 green screen issue appears to be a system and software issue. This is good news because if it was a hardware problem, Apple needed to recall many devices which would certainly be a lot more difficult to handle.

Apple’s acknowledgment shows that some iPhone 12 displays are showing flickering, green, or gray light. There are also causes with other weird colors appearing under certain conditions.

How To Check If You Have The iPhone 12 OLED Screen Issue

The truth is that it is actually pretty simple to determine if your device is being affected by this problem.

All you need to do is to go to a low-light environment and then just adjust the brightness of your iPhone to the lowest. Then, just turn on a non-pure black low contrast app like the WeChat app, for example. If you see the green screen, even if it is mild, you have the iPhone 12 screen green tint issue.

Notice that even the green screen issue isn't very noticeable, it should get worse as you continue to use your iPhone regularly. So, you need to ensure that you fix it as soon as Apple releases a fix for it.

iPhone 12 OLED Screen Issue - How To Solve It

The truth is that Apple continues investigating and looking for the best way to fix this iPhone 12 screen problem.

In case you have noticed that your iPhone screen can stay green when you are unlocking it, we may already have a quick fix for it. Notice that this error usually only lasts a few seconds but it can keep appearing each time you lock or unlock your iPhone 12. Since this is something that is really annoying, here are two different solutions to fix it:

#1: Restart Your iPhone 12:

One of the best things you can do whenever you are having a software problem is to simply restart your device. So, just do a simple restart to check if your iPhone 12 returns to its normal function.

#2: Update To The Latest Version of iOS:

As you know, Apple continues releasing small updates for iOS. While some may prevent you from getting some errors or bugs, others may help fix issues.

So, all you need to do to check if there are any updates available is simply to tap on Settings and then General Software Update. Next, just tap on Download and Install.

Nov 26,2020
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