Apple iPhone 13 debuts with 5nm+ process, will customize new camera functions for professional users

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 series will customize a series of new camera functions for professionals such as video creators. As Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said, these camera functions customized for professionals will include ProRes for video, video portrait mode, etc.

The new ProRes video recording function will allow iPhone users to capture video clips in a higher-quality format, giving video creators more choices in post-video editing work. Yet, this format is used by professional video makers in the film industry and is not generally used in the mass market, partly because of its larger file size.

The ProRes feature will be recorded in HD and 4K resolution on iPhone13.

According to the latest news, Apple will release the iPhone 13 next month, and the new iPhone will be released with a 5nm+ process at that time. Of course, TSMC is the exclusive foundry. Industry chain sources said that the iPhone 13 series is equipped with a 5nm process chip, which has more robust performance and lowers energy efficiency. This chip may be called A15 bionic.

Besides, to improve the battery life of the iPhone 13, Apple has also done a series of work. While the software is optimized, the hardware has also been changed. It will support millimeter-wave 5G networks in more countries, and the battery capacity will also increase due to a more space-saving internal design.

As for the price that everyone cares about most, the latest news shows that the iPhone 13 series will be the same as the iPhone 12 series ($799 in North America). Against the backdrop of global raw material price increases and core shortages, Apple's "kind" behavior, I don't know if everyone will buy it.

At present, Foxconn, Pegatron, and other foundries are desperately recruiting workers to catch up on the iPhone 13 series.

Aug 19,2021
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