Will Mobile Phones Bought Outside the UK Work in The UK Network?

One of the questions many people have regarded mobile phone networks. For example, if they buy a mobile phone outside the UK and whether it still works in the UK mobile network?

The answer is yes: yes, it works.

The truth is that you can buy a mobile phone from a different country and it will still work in the UK mobile network. But there are some aspects that you need to pay attention to.

#1: The Network Frequencies:

Notice that the same mobile phone models can sell in different countries. As they are using different hardware configurations. This is mainly due to the different network frequencies used across the world.

#2: When the Manufacturer Isn't Selling the Mobile Device in A Specific Country:

When you are looking to buy a new mobile phone that is not for sale in the UK, then it may not work completely. Though you can use most functions and features, you may experience some problems with the LTE/4G. For example, you may get a bad network during a phone call. You can't hear people, and the other side also can't hear your voice.

#3: When Your Network Operator Isn't Selling the Mobile Phone:

When your operator doesn't sell your phone model, you can still use the mobile with the phone card. However, you may notice poor service quality and more battery consumption. 

Which is the Best UK Mobile Network?

When you are looking for the best UK mobile network, you need to know a bit more about the network frequencies.

In the case of 3G, the main frequency in the UK is 2100MHz. Besides, you will be glad to know that all mobile networks in the UK offer its coverage.

In the case of 4G LTE, the main frequency in the UK is 800MHz. Notice that all the 4 mobile networks provide this frequency. But Vodafone provides 4G LTE coverage on 2600MHz, and EE provides 4G LTE coverage on 1800MHz and 2600MHz.

Will Mobile Phones Bought Outside the UK Work in The UK Network 04

You may don't know what these values mean. Well, you just need to keep in mind that the lower 800MHz frequency means it can travel much further over long distances. Which means you will get a 4G LTE signal even when they’re a long way from a cell tower.

Apr 3,2020
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