Why is it better to buy old phones at an independent website?

No matter you buy a bottle of water in a supermarket or buy a used phone online, the money you pay not just includes the good. According to economy theory, the offline price includes the good, rent, labor cost.

Buying online is cheaper than buying offline. Because the offline cost is far from the online cost. Some people think they can save some money if they buy stuff from eBay or Amazon which cannot be denied.

However, compared with an independent website, the third-party platforms have no competitiveness.

A seller have to pay the e-commerce platform several fees: product posting, sale commission, advertisement, even VIP. Especially, all the sellers have to pay Amazon delivery fee and factory fee.

The cost is transformed from rent in offline to all kinds of fees online. The price in fact are still expensive. In order to break through the platform restrictions, many sellers carry out independent website business, and the success of shopify is a good evidence.

As an old mobile phone seller, in addition to the old mobile phone sales business on the e-commerce platform, we also launched Cellphoneage.

Because we are aware of the possibility of establishing relationships with our customers and achieving a win-win situation with our customers.

What are the advantages of buying a second hand mobile phone from a standalone station?

1. Save your money as much as possible. There’s no rent or messy cost from the e-commerce platform. While we guarantee our own interests, our customers can also save money. Buying an old iPhone X at Cellphoneage is definitely cheaper than used iPhone X purchased on Amazon.

2. Direct contact between the merchant and the customer. The platform strives to avoid any contact between its customers and merchants because of concerns about customer churn. However, the customer resources accumulated by responsible independent stations usually have a higher repurchase rate. We connect with our customers through comprehensive sales services.

3. The establishment of trust. The transaction is an exchange of needs between the two parties. Cellphoneage and PhoneCheck cooperation to ensure quality is winning more and more customers for us.

Cellphoneage has built a three-dimensional social system. Whether you are using Google or FB, you can get the latest news on used mobile phones.

Want to buy a used iPhone X or Huawei P30? Visit Cellphoneage.

Jul 22,2019
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