What is the Difference Between Seller Refurbished and Manufacturer Refurbished?

Have you ever get confused when you are buying refurbished iPhone on marketplaces with the condition, “Seller Refurbished” or “Manufacturer Refurbished” labels in the description?
However, these online platforms seldom give out a detail explanation between these two terms. What the shopper know is the price of manufacturer refurbished iPhone is usually higher than the seller refurbished iPhone.

What is Seller Refurbished Device?

A seller refurbished device is a device which is refurbished by a third party seller or company. They should fully inspect, vigorously tested the device and repair it with tools and parts if needed. Meanwhile, they should reset the device software into original status before they are reselling again.


What is Manufacturer Refurbished Device?

A manufacturer refurbished device is a product that has been refurbished by the original manufacturer, for example, Apple. Manufacturer refurbished products are directly and exclusively sold by the manufacturer themselves.


Comparison of Seller Refurbished and Manufacturer Refurbished Product

There is no definite answer about which category is better. Don’t have a wrong perception that manufacturer refurbished product quality must be 100% better than seller refurbished. It depends on which seller you are shopping from.

Reliable seller, such as cellphoneage.com also sell good refurbished phones and they provide warranty for their products as well. Usually, bare in mind that manufacturer refurbished products are more expensive that seller refurbished products. Check the price tag next time and make sure it falls into your budget. This is because usually the packaging of manufacturer refurbished products are usually better and longer warranty.


Does Seller Refurbished Phone Equal to Used?

Myths surrounded always compare the difference between refurbished products and used product. The answer is correct. Refurbished products are fully tested and overhauled if there is any minor but used phones may not. Used phones from individuals may not be tested or repaired or reset to the original status before it is selling to another one. However, some sellers may declare the phones they are a seller is a certified device. Here “certified” means the device is under similar treatment as seller refurbished device.

May 20,2019
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