Tips for buying a used iPhone

With the continuous development of smartphones, people change their smartphones more frequently. According to the second-hand trading platform statistics, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the used phone market. So what should be noted when buying a used iPhone? Here are some tips for buying a used iPhone.


It is not excluded that some of the used iPhones on sale are still under Apple's one-year official warranty period, but in general, the official warranty period for most of the used phones sold in the market has expired. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable second-hand phone dealer. A reliable seller can not only guarantee the quality of the used phone you purchased but also provide a perfect after-sales service when there is a problem with the phone.


Buying a blacklisted phone is probably the worst outcome. The blacklist is a database of phones that have been reported as stolen. Once a phone is blacklisted, it will not be able to connect to any network. The phone will seem to be working perfectly, but the moment you pop in your SIM card, you won’t be able to connect to your carrier.

3、Activation Lock

Before you buy a used iPhone, make sure that the device is erased and no longer linked to the previous owner’s account. Ask the seller whether or not they've turned off Activation Lock. If the passcode lock screen or the Home screen appears when turn on the device, the data on the device has not been erased. Ask the seller to completely erase the device. Don't take ownership of any used iPhone until it's been erased.

When starting the device setup process. If you're asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, the device is still linked to their account. Hand the device back to the seller and ask them to unlock. Do not make a purchase until the used phone has been removed from the previous owner’s account.

You will know that a device is ready for you to use when you're asked to "Set up your iPhone" the first time you turn it on.

Test the phone before you buy

If you have confirmed that the phone is not blacklisted or activation locked, you might actually be looking at a phone that’s safe to buy. The last thing you need to do is test out the main functions.

Screen: Download some pure white, pure black, pure green, pure red wallpaper, adjust the brightness to maximum to see if the phone has the uneven backlight or bad lighting points, tilt to see the angle of view, the edge has no obvious light leakage.

Touch ID: Whether the fingerprint recognition function is smooth and sensitive, try to enter it once and unlock it multiple times.

WIFI: Check if the WIFI connection is stable, signal strength, etc.

Gyroscope: Open the compass and test.

Camera focus: Try to take pictures, the iPhone has phase focus, or you can use the palm to try to test whether the camera automatically switches between near and far distances quickly.

Headphones: Insert the headphones, if the headphone jacks are not available, the motherboard may be damaged.

Distance sensor: Test when you call, whether the screen will be off sensitively when the earpiece is covered.

Flashlight: Open the camera and switch to the recording video mode, then choose to turn on the flashlight.

Bluetooth: The iPhone can only match other Bluetooth devices but can't search other iPhones. Re-match the connection with a Bluetooth headset.

Microphone: Open the voice memo program that comes with the system.

Vibration function: Tap the mute button on the side of the phone.


It’s not easy to check so much, but it should also be able to avoid getting most of the faulty iPhones. If you have any other question about buying a used iPhone, please feel free to contact us.


Apr 17,2019
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