How to Identify Refurbished iPhone X?

The truth is that we all want to have an iPhone 10. But, for most people, the price is too much, and they can't afford it. So, you may tend to look for a used or refurbished iPhone since you know you can get it at more reasonable prices.

What Is A Refurbished iPhone?

As we already mentioned above, a refurbished and used iPhone is not the same thing. The reality is that a refurbished iPhone is a phone that returned by the person who bought it in the first place. This may be due to the simple buyer's remorse; the person may have found a newer model, or the individual didn't like it. So, when they return the iPhone, it will be subjected to many tests and it will put up for sale as a refurbished iPhone. You may wonder: Are Refurbished iPhones Good?

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How to Identify Refurbished iPhone X?

When you are trying to determine if you bought a refurbished iPhone X, you could follow several ways. So, pick the one that you prefer.

Method #1: Check the Box

If you have access to the iPhone X box, you can check it. You only need to see if the box is tightly sealed with the model number on the front as well as the serial number on the back.

In case you got yourself a refurbished iPhone X, then you may not even have a box. But in case you got one when you bought the device, it may not come with the serial number or the manual.

Method #2: Check the Model Number

Another method that you have on how to identify refurbished iPhone X is to check the model number. To do this, you only need to follow the next steps:

Step1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone X and then choose General, then About, and, finally, Model.

Step2: On the right side of the Model, you will see a letter that is followed by a number. Here, the most important thing is to look at the letter. Since it will tell you if you bought (or are buying) a new, refurbished, or used iPhone.How to Identify Refurbished iPhone X 03

In case you have:

  • M: This means that this iPhone was purchased new.
  • F: It means this iPhone is refurbished, and it has been through the refurbishing process.
  • N: This means that this iPhone is a replacement device. This means that the originally bought iPhone was replaced by this model due to a service request.
  • P: This means that this iPhone includes engraving. This means that the iPhone was personalized or customized by the first owner.

Method #3: Check the Serial Number

The last method that you can use to check if you are buying a refurbished iPhone 10 is to verify the serial number. So, follow the next steps:

Step1: Tap on Settings, and then General, About, and finally tap on Serial Number.

Step2: Copy the Serial Number and then head onto Apple's Check Coverage website. Tape the serial number there. This will allow you to know if the phone has been activated before or not.

Apr 15,2020
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