How Do I Turn the Camera Shutter Sound Off on A Japanese iPhone?

In case you just bought a Japanese iPhone, you probably already realized that it makes an audible shutter sound whenever you are taken a picture. 

Most people tend to turn off the camera shutter sound as soon as they are trying it for the first time since it is kind of annoying. However, according to Japanese law, you can't do this. The reality is that all smartphones that are sold in Japan need to have the camera shutter sound on by default and it can't be turned off. Why? The goal is to prevent people from taking photos from others without their permission. Thus, if you get a photo taken secretly, the camera makes a sound so you can notice it.

However, it is possible to turn the iPhone 11 Japan shutter sound off. 

6 Ways To Turn The Japanese iPhone Shutter Sound Offhow to close camera sound of iphone 11 01

#1: Use the Music App:

One of the things that you can try to do to turn the Japanese iPhone camera sound off is to use your Music app. To do so, you'll need to open this app and then start playing a song. You will then need to turn the volume down to nothing. If you now try to use your camera, you won't hear any clicks. 

#2: Use the Accessibility Tab:

Another option that you can try to ensure that you can turn off the iPhone Japan shutter sound is to tap on the accessibility on your iPhone. In case you are running the iOS 10, you just need to customize a button to mute the phone. By doing this you are also muting the camera. 

#3: Use Third-Party Camera Apps:

If you check Apple Store, you will be able to find some different camera apps that will help you turn off the shutter sound iPhone Japan. In most cases, you will need to download the camera app to your iPhone and then simply flip to mute. 

It is important to notice that while you may notice that your camera is still a bit noisy, at least you will be able to take your pictures without that nasty shutter sound on. 

#4: Jailbreak Your iPhone:

Honestly, we don't ever recommend that you jailbreak your iPhone. The reality is that you may end up "killing it" and you won't have any warranty that covers this. So, in case you want to do it, make sure that you are careful and that you understand the risks of what you are doing. 

#5: Close the Speaker:

In case you like to take plenty of pictures, this won't be the best solution for you. However, if you only use your iPhone occasionally to take pictures, then you can simply try to close the speaker with your thumb. 

#6: Create A Sound File:

When you want to turn off your iPhone 11 Japan shutter sound, then you can see if your iPhone allows you to change the shutter sound. In case it does, you just need to create a 1-second sound file of silence and replace it. 

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