Different kinds of used phone

The best smartphones have attractive features in their beautiful body, but they are usually expensive. The price of the new flagship model usually exceeds $600 - for example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 starts at $899. There is a way for users to use a smartphone without spending a lot of money: buying a used phone has proven to be a reliable way to save money.

Official refurbished smartphone

The best used smartphones are official refurbished phones. These phones were returned to the manufacturer for various reasons, and they were reverted to factory settings and passed various certifications through a complete testing process. They also come with a certain warranty.

The experience of buying an official refurbished phone is close to buying a new phone. However, officially refurbished phones are also the most expensive. Buyers don't have to take any risks, they can save a small amout of money, but people who really like bargaining are not interested in it.

Certified pre-owned phone

A used phone grade lower than the official refurbished is the certified pre-owned phone. These phones have also been restored to factory settings through a variety of tests with a limited warranty. Although the quality is not as good as the official refurbished, the price will be lower. To ensure proper use, certified pre-owned phones have also been tested, but they are not the same as new phones - they are used phones that may be damaged or have internal components worn out.

The certified pre-owned mobile phone may not be repackaged or sold as a new mobile phone, and some accessories may be lost. Before purchasing a certified pre-owned phone, buyers need to carefully check the details of the phone, because different retailers have different standards for authentic used phones, and they offer different quality guarantees.

Ordinary used phone

Buying an ordinary used phone is the most cost-effective, but the risk is also the biggest. Buyers may purchase last year's flagship model at a very low price and get some accessories, but they may also buy scraps that are not working properly and cannot get a refund. Buyers need to carefully check the seller's description, only consider the used phone with pictures, and ask the seller questions before buying.

If possible, try to buy from well-received merchants. Some service providers offer commodity certification and payment protection services, while other service providers do not. Users should consider return policies and use payment services such as PayPal to get help when problems arise.

The above basically covers all kinds of used phones sold in the market. As for which one to choose, it is necessary to consider according to your own situation.

Apr 30,2019
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