Attention: You need to know about 5G technology

5G is coming!

You have to know:

1.Do people need to change phones or SIM cards for 5G?----------yes!

The 5G network is using the new technology/rate which is not supported by 4G. People have to use 5G phones for a new experience. People connect to the internet with 5G phones which doesn’t mean 4G won’t work.

2.Will traffic consumption become faster with 5G?-------No!

5G improves the speed of traffic. It reduces the time to wait. But there will be a growth of mobile traffic because of high speed and multiple devices connection.

3.Will WiFi be replaced by 5G?--------No!

5G definitely meets the requirement that people need high-quality network speed. However, in general, WiFi still plays an important role, especially in some special areas. For example, WiFi is the best choice for an apartment or a house.

4.When can we use 5G?

5G starts in 2019. Now many countries like China and Korea already launched 5G related devices. 5G smart mobile phones, such as Huawei X and Xiaomi, are on sale in Europe. In the next few years, the speed of 5G commercial spread will grow as soon as possible.


5G application scenes


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    VR live for all kinds of games and show

  • #

    Smart transportation

    drive automatically

  • #


    remotely medical service

  • #

    Social network

    HD panoramic live broadcast

  • #

    Infinity robot

    cloud control

  • #

    Connect drone

    professional cruise and safety system

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    Smart energy

    intelligent and sustainable

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    Smart city

    AI monitor

May 23,2019
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