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With the advancement of technology, people change their phones more frequently than before. Mobile phone manufacturers attract people to change phones with a variety of gimmicks. According to the survey, billions of mobile phones are produced every year. It also means billions of used mobile phones are produced at the same time. It is undeniable that most mobile phones are wasted except for the long-term loss and inadvertent use caused by careless use. We believe that wasting social resources is a bad behavior. What can we do to change the status quo?

We have found our vision: in the spirit of saving social resources and sustainable development of the society, we are committed to providing people affordable used mobile phones with high quality at the same time.

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Mobile phone evaluation

1.Make sure basic information: brand, type, color, RAM.

2.We divide used phones into 3 level: good, bad, fault.


Give a quote

Give a price once a used phone is delimited.


Waybill application

An electronic waybill invitation is issued if the customer accepts the price.

We are responsible for shipping costs


Sending goods

The customers keeps the used phone and send it as soon as possible.


Arrival inspection

1.Detect the actual situation of the mobile phone.

2.Verify that whether it is consistent with the information filled in by the customer.

3.Transfer to the warehouse if it meets the information filled.

4.If it doesn’t meet the information filled:

Contact customer and give the corresponding price.

Send back to customer.


Transfer or return

1.Transfer money to customer after verified.

2.Send back to customer. (customer responsible for shipping)


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