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Sometimes, most people do not know which position their used phones are in the used phone market which they know rarely. This problem is more prominent than usual when people want to replace new phones. However, many intermediaries use psychology of customers to give quote that deviate from the actual value, resulting in many people preferring to put used mobile phones at home rather than selling them. It leads to the destruction of trust between customers and intermediaries and wast of social resources.

In order to build trust with our customers and provide professional service, we introduce the following measure:

Customers can not only sell their used mobile phones directly to us, but also sell their used mobile phones on Cellphoneage.

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Mobile phone evaluation

1.Make sure basic information: brand, type, color, RAM.

2.We divide used phones into 3 level: good, bad, fault.


Give a reference price

Give a price once a used phone is delimited.


Creat a listing

Fill the basic information

Brand, type, color, RAM;


Choose corresponding level

Good, bad, fault


Upload used phone photos

Customer uploads photos about used mobile phone



Customer gives a description about used phone status


Customer gives price

The customer gives price based on reference price


Generate a listing

The system will generate a listing automatically for used phone.

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