Phone Reincarnation

Phone Reincarnation

Don't waste your old phones. Giving an old phones a second life through repair cell phones and get your old phones in cash.  


If you have any old phones want to sell, please send an email to [email protected] with the following content: 

  1. Your name, attached your avatar photo. 
  2. Your old phone model e.g. iPhone 8 64G Black. 
  3. Your old phone IMEI.
  4. Phone Condition: you can base on the following question to input the phone conditions as details as possible:
  • is there have major software/hardware issues? 
  • Significat Physical damage? 
  • Phone Locked? 
  • Faulty Screen?
  • Water damage?
  • Scuffs, Dents, deep scratches?  
Note: You cannot sell your phone if it is missing components or is bent, crushed or snapped in half.  

After we received your email, we will reply you how much you can get and the details of how to send the phone to us.  

What do we do when we receive your old phones? 

  1. Checking your old phone's condition. 
  2. Test the phone, assign the phone grading and record the phone conditions. 
  3. If the phone condition have variance between your description in email, we will send an email to you.  
  4. Repair the phone if neccessary 
  5. Using Phonecheck test all hardware components make sure the phones functional works. 
  6. Take photo of your old phones and generate interactive 360 image. 
  7. Upload and create product listing in cellphoneage->Phone Reincarnation. 
  8. Start to sell. 
  9. You can get your cash after other customer buy your phone. 
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