how to use hdr and flashlight of iphone

HDR of iPhone

What is HDR?

HDR stands for high dynamic range, which means it can capture clearly both the bright part and dark part. It is to take a few photos with different exposures at one time, and then automatically synthesize a photo according to the algorithm.

What is the difference between normal photos and HDR photos?

Usually, when you focus on a building on day hours, the sky will be overexposed. But with the HDR, you can get a more detail photo that exposed both the dark side and bright to use hdr and flashlight of iphone 02

The applicable scene for iPhone HDR

This feature is applicable for shooting a wide range of scenery, backlighting, or the scenery that is very different in brightness.

Tips for HDR photography

Keep the phone stable, if the phone is shaken or the object is moving, you will get a blurred photo.

Flashlight of iPhone

What is flashlight & the difference between flashlight ON and OFF

As we all know, the flashlight can strengthen the exposure to ensure that the picture is clear even in low light conditions. You can only get a dark photo with many noises, however, when you turn on the flashlight, there are more to use hdr and flashlight of iphone 03

The applicable scene for iPhone flashlight

This feature often used for low light environments. When there’s a complicated background at low light, you can also use flash to highlight your object. The flashlight can also be used on day hours, to highlight people and make them more vivid.

Tip for using the flashlight

Do not focus on the eyes or eyeglasses at the low light environment, because it will be reflective and make people seem horror.

Watch the video for a more detail introduction.