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  1. What to Expect from the Apple iPhone 13 2021?

    While Apple just recently launched the iPhone 12, the company is already working on the new Apple iPhone 13 2021. Although for many it may be simply crazy to try to predict what the new iPhone 13 will be like, the reality is that there are already many rumors on the Internet. 

    iPhone 13 Release Date

    One of the most common questions people usually ask regards the iPhone 13 release date. Well, if the company continues to follow the same patterns from the past, we can expect to see the new iPhone being launched on the fourth Friday of September 2021. This points to September 24th, 2021.

    iPhone 13 Price

    When you are a fan of Apple and especially of the iPhone, then you know that the price is usually set

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  2. AirPods Pro Lite will be launched in the first half of 2021: without noise-canceling

    According to the Korean media TheLec report, Apple will launch the Lite streamlined version of AirPods Pro in the first half of 2021, without a noise-canceling function, and its price is reduced by 20% compared to AirPods Pro.

    At present, the SiP (system in package) based on the H1 chip in Airpods Pro presents a semicircular mouse shape, while the SiP of the H1 chip in Lite will become a square with a simpler structure. A material supplier in South Korea has passed Apple's quality review and will begin mass production of H1 chips in this type of package next year.

    Apple originally planned to launch

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  3. Everything You Need to Know About The iPhone 12 5G Network

    Finally, Apple disclosed that the iPhone 12 models already come with the next generation 5G cellular connectivity. The truth is that while the company usually waits until the complete implementation of a new technology to then adopt it, this is not the case this time. 

    While other popular brands already have most of their phones ready for 5G such as Samsung, Apple is joining the train and making the iPhone 12 5G compatible. 

    While we are still expecting to see a better implementation of the iPhone 12 5G network across the world, some countries are already making huge advancements and making sure that users can take advantage of 5G. 

    How Does The iPhone 12 5G mmwave Work?

    The iPhone 12 5G mmwave or millimeter-wave

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  4. MagSafe iPhone 12 Charger: Safety & How to Use It

    As you know, Apple launched the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models back in October, but its releases didn't stop there. In fact, recently, Apple decided to "relaunch" iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe as well. 

    While the name "MagSafe" isn't new for older Apple users, it sure is new when it comes to iPhones. After all, it was back then used for the breakaway magnetic charging cables designed for the MacBook. So, this time, instead of being used on Macs, it will be used on iPhones, more specifically on iPhones 12. 

    One of the things you need to know is that all the iPhone 12 models already have a ring of magnets built into the back around the wireless charging coil. Which adhere to MagSafe based accessories like cases and chargers.

    How MagSafe iPhone 12 Charger Works

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  5. Sensor Tower: 15% of US iPhone Users have Installed Apps that Customize iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets

    With the release of iOS14 in September, Apple introduced home screen widgets for the first time. Which ushering in an unprecedented wave of customization for the iPhone. Several applications that support widgets emerged quickly. They allow users to personalize their home screens with custom icons and functional modules. The latest research by Sensor Tower shows that nearly 15% of iPhone users in the United States have installed at least one app to install this function.

    As the report points out, iPhone users have maintained an interest in adding Android-style custom widgets to the home screen in the past two months.

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