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  1. Looking to Know More About the Screen Resolution on the iPhone 12?

    All you need to know About the Screen Resolution on the iPhone 12There's no question that ever since Apple said it was going to launch the new iPhone 12 this year, there are many rumors. After all, iPhone users are avid fans of the company and they are always waiting to see what the new iPhone comes with.

    While a lot has been already saying about the new iPhone, there is one special feature that has been catching a lot of attention - the iPhone 12 screen resolution.

    According to many different rumors, Apple is going to use OLED displays in all iPhone 12. This is a big change for the company, but it doesn't stop here. Some rumors are also mentioning that the high-end iPhone 12 screen resolution will be 120Hz and ProMotion. But what does this mean exactly?


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  2. Your iPhone Won't Turn on Or Charge? Learn How to Deal with It

    Your iPhone Won't Turn on Or Charge Learn How to Deal with It 01While we all love our iPhones, sometimes they may give you a headache or two. Fortunately, there are always different fixes that you can try. 

    Two of the most common problems users deal with are related to the iPhone not turning on and the iPhone doesn't charge. So, today, we will show you how you can easily fix both.

    Your iPhone Won't Turn on Or Charge?

    When your iPhone isn't turning on, this may be due to software crashes or a hardware problem. So, the first thing you need to discover is why your iPhone isn't turning on. To determine if it is a software or hardware problem, the easiest is to find if there is a software problem. So, here are the fixes

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  3. Does Your iPhone Battery Drain Fast? Learn How to Solve It


    Does Your iPhone Battery Drain Fast? Learn How to Solve It 01When you have an iPhone, you know that it is not difficult to run out of battery during the day. The truth is that this is one of the best features iPhones have in our opinion. Overall speaking, you can expect an iPhone battery to last up for 10 to 11 hours. However, some users may experience that their battery drains quickly.

    Even though you have never experienced any problem with your iPhone before, you are now seeing your iPhone 7 battery draining fast all sudden. So, why is this happening?

    What Causes Battery Drains Fast iPhone?

    When you are doing a battery drain check, there are two main reasons why you notice that it is starting to drain

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  4. Should You Buy A Used iPhone 11?

    Should You Buy A Used iPhone 11 02As an Apple and especially as an iPhone fan, you are probably always looking to see if there is a chance of buying a new each year. After all, more than a good, beautiful, and reliable phone, the iPhone is also a symbol of status. Yet, the price of a new iPhone isn't always attractive. The reality is that the new iPhone price is usually very high for most people. So, you are probably wondering if you should wait and buy the new iPhone 12 later this year or if you should buy used iPhone 11 Pro Max instead.

    Should You Buy A Used iPhone 11?

    There's no question that when you are trying to come up with a decision, you should consider different factors.

    #1: The Used iPhone 11 Price:

    There's no question that the used iPhone 11 price is always something

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