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  1. Everything You Want To Know About The iPhone 12

    When you are an Apple and, especially an iPhone fan, then you are always wondering when the company is going to release the new version of this amazing smartphone. And we have good news for you today.

    iPhone 12 Release

    While no one knows for sure when exactly the new iPhone 12 release will occur, most rumors are setting the date to the next fall, most specifically in September or October 2020.

    One of the things that we have to say is that we are really anxious and looking forward to the iPhone 12 release. After all, we are expecting the new iPhones to be called iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and they should see some drastic design changes similar to the ones that we saw back in 2017 with the iPhone X.

    Overall speaking, we are expecting the release of 4 iPhones in 3 display sizes that should be 5.4, 6.7, and 6.1 inches (x2).

    iPhone 12 Design

    If there is something that always makes us curious about the launch

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  2. Jailbreak iOS 14 - Is It Possible Already?

    Jailbreak iOS 14 - Is It Possible Already 01Whenever a new iOS is released or announced, we start seeing the jailbreak community gathering. It is normal and we wouldn't expect anything different this time. The truth is that we are already seeing some movements and even some screenshots posted online of users who were successful with jailbreak iOS 14. 

    So, if you are wondering if jailbreak iOS 14 is possible, we have to say yes. But there is always a but or some buts along the way.

    iOS 14 Jailbreak Beta

    There are currently two team members of the jailbreaking community that already shared their results of the jailbreak on their iPhones X. While one used the checkra1n jailbreak, the other one posted a photo showing Cydia on an iPhone

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  3. What Everyone Wants to Know About The iOS 14

    What Everyone Wants to Know About The iOS 14 01There's no question that we all love the iPhone. Besides, we are always expecting to see what's new in the upcoming model. And this year, Apple decided to make us a great surprise - a software upgrade. 

    During the virtual Worldwide Developers Conference that occurred just last month, Apple showed many of the upgrades that are coming with the new iOS 14. We don't know about you, but we are extremely pleased with what we have seen so far. 

    When Will iOS 14 Release

    One of the main questions a lot of people have about the new operating system is when will iOS 14 release. After all, after seeing what the company is planning, we are all looking forward to it. Well, we can say that you

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  4. What to Expect from the iOS 14?

    What to Expect from the iOS 14 01If you are a fan of Apple and the iPhone, you may already know that the company just announced the iOS 14 release. Truth to be said, we got to tell you how we are excited about the iOS 14 release since it comes with so many changes and upgrades. So, today, we decided to tell you a bit more about what you can expect of the new iOS 14 that should be available with the next iPhone. 

    What to Expect from the iOS 14?

    We believe that the best way we must show you what to expect from the new iOS 14 is to show you the different iOS 14 features that have either been added or improved. So, let's get started.

    #1: Widgets

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