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  1. Best 5G Phones Available So Far In 2020

    Best 5G Phones Available So Far In 2020 01With the 5G network spreading all over the world, you may either be someone who already has it or you may still need to wait a little longer. Besides, you need to have a 5G phone to take full advantage of it.

    With that said, and in case you are wondering, there are already 5G phones available in the market that you can buy. But which of these 5G phones is the best option for you? 

    One thing is for sure: with the increase of this 5G phone list, it is normal to expect to see their prices dropping. However, having one of these 5G phones right now is incredibly attractive.

    5G Phone List - Models Already Released by The Major Phone Manufacturers

    #1: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was

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  2. 5G Networks Across the World: Who will be the first country to fully cover 5G?

    In the last couple of years, we have been seeing many countries adopting the 5G network and this has been increasing at a fast pace. The truth is that we can even say that we are seeing a race between different countries to see which one provides the 5G network first to their population. 

    According to estimates published in an Informa Tech research paper, the 5G network may be responsible for 22.3 million jobs and $13.2 trillion of global economic output by 2035. So, today, we decided to show you a brief 5G network world map that allows you to see the countries that are the top of the competition. 5G Network Across the World 01

    5G Network World Map 

    Today, we will only focus on the countries that are on the top of the 5G network map.


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