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  1. 10 Tips You Should Learn Before Buying An iPhone SE 2

    10 Tips You Should Learn Before Buying An iPhone SE 2 01As all know, Apple released the new iPhone SE 2020 on April 24. While we have all been expecting it, the company was able to catch everyone by surprise with the price. After all, the iPhone SE 2 (also called iPhone SE 2020) costs $399 and considered to be one of the best bargains of the year. Many say it is very worth to buy. But before you decide to start with the iPhone, there are some tips for you.

    #1: Is The iPhone SE 2 Waterproof?

    Well, we cannot say that it is waterproof. However, it is IP67 which means that it is both resistant to dust and water. So, while it is ok to get wet, you should leave it in the water

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  2. Does iPhone SE 2020 Worth Buy?

    Does iPhone SE 2020 Worth Buy 01At the end of last week, Apple launched the new iPhone SE 2020. And we can say this was a huge surprise. After all, the new iPhone SE2 starting price is $399.

    After seeing its major competitors launching more accessible smartphones, Apple had to do something about it as well. Especially during the pandemic, we are living.

    Looking at the iPhone SE 2020

    After all, the iPhone SE2 is nothing more than the iPhone 8’s body + iPhone 11’s processor + iPhone XR’s camera + a few new capabilities.Does iPhone SE 2020 Worth Buy 02


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  3. How to Identify Refurbished iPhone X?

    How to Identify Refurbished iPhone X 02When you are considering buying an iPhone X, you may be wondering if you're buying a used or a refurbished iPhone. Even though these may be the same for you, there are considerable differences that you need to be aware of.

    The truth is that we all want to have an iPhone 10. But, for most people, the price is too much, and they can't afford it. So, you may tend to look for a used or refurbished iPhone since you know you can get it at more reasonable prices.

    What Is A Refurbished iPhone?

    As we already mentioned above, a refurbished and used iPhone is not the same thing. The reality is that a refurbished iPhone is a phone that returned by the person who bought it in the first place. This may be due to the simple buyer's remorse;

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  4. Are Refurbished iPhones Good?

    Are Refurbished iPhones Good 01First, you should know the difference between a refurbished and used phone.

    While many people keep using both terms interchangeably, they are not the same. In fact, there are many differences between refurbished phones and used phones.

    In short, if an iPhone returned to the seller and then re-sold after a repair, this iPhone refurbished. But, if someone buys an iPhone and uses it for several years and then sells it to a recycler, the recycler sells it as it is. This is a used iPhone.

    So, now that we have made this point clear, let's delve into the main topic.Are Refurbished

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  5. Will Mobile Phones Bought Outside the UK Work in The UK Network?

    Will Mobile Phones Bought Outside the UK Work in The UK Network 01There's no question that most people love mobile phones. After all, a mobile phone can enable you to speak and text to family members and friends. You can check your social media accounts, emails, and take beautiful photos.Will Mobile Phones Bought Outside the UK Work in The UK Network 03

    One of the questions many people have regarded mobile phone networks. For example, if they buy a mobile phone outside the UK and whether it still works in the UK mobile network?

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