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  1. How Do I Turn the Camera Shutter Sound Off on A Japanese iPhone?

    how to close camera sound of iphone 11

    In case you just bought a Japanese iPhone, you probably already realized that it makes an audible shutter sound whenever you are taken a picture. 

    Most people tend to turn off the camera shutter sound as soon as they are trying it for the first time since it is kind of annoying. However, according to Japanese law, you can't do this. The reality is that all smartphones that are sold in Japan need to have the camera shutter sound on by default and it can't be turned off. Why? The goal is to prevent people from taking photos from others without their permission. Thus, if you get a photo taken secretly, the camera makes a sound so you can notice it.

    However, it is possible to turn the iPhone 11 Japan shutter

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  2. How to Ensure the Safety of Buying A Phone from Online Website?

    How to Ensure the Safety of Buying A Phone from Online Website?

    When you are looking to buy a phone, no matter if the phone is for you or to offer as a gift to a family member or a friend, you have mainly two options: you can either go to a physical store or you can choose to buy a phone online.

    The reality is that buying a phone online delivers a great experience. The reality is that you can easily compare the different models that you are interested in and you can even do a quick search about some of the features to ensure that you are buying a mobile phone that is right for you. Nevertheless, it pays to be careful. After all, not all websites may be as reputable as they look. 

    How to Ensure the Safety of Buying A Phone from

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  3. Where to Buy Xiaomi Mi 9?

    Where to buy xiaomi mi 9

    There is no question that Xiaomi Mi 9 is one of the most popular smartphones now. After all, the truth is that the Xiaomi Mi 9 doesn't only include many of the features that only the best smartphones on the market include but you can buy it at about half the price. So, this is what we like to call a win-win situation. You don't only get an amazing smartphone as you can get it at a great price. 

    Xiaomi Mi 9 - Buy Where?

    The truth is that there are many different places where you can buy your new Xiaomi 9. However, we would like to take the chance to talk to you about a special online store where you can buy your new Xiaomi 9 at a great price and without any problems - 

    One of the best things about CellPhoneAGe is

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  4. Xiaomi Mi 9, Is It Worth Buying?

    is xiaomi mi 9 worth buying

    There is no question that Xiaomi has been gaining market share in the entire world. After all, they keep launching great smartphones at accessible prices, comparing with other major brands. So, what about Xiaomi 9? Is it worth to buy?

    Overall Perspective of The Xiaomi Mi 9 

    One of the things that we believe is worth saying is that the new Xiaomi Mi 9 shows a lot of improvements and changes when compared with its predecessor, the Mi 8. After all, you just need to look at the rear of the Xiaomi 9 to see that it's the first Xiaomi phone with 3 rear cameras. Besides, it already runs the Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 855 chipset.  And if you think about the Xiaomi Mi 9 price, you can compare it with the Galaxy S10+, which

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  5. Is It Better To Buy Used Or Refurbished iPhone?

    Is it better to buy used or refurbished iPhone 01

    When you are looking to buy an iPhone, you may have heard some different terms such as refurbished iPhone or used iPhone. The truth is that while most people tend to assume these are the same thing, the reality is that they differ in some aspects. 

    What Does A Refurbished iPhone Mean

    When you are looking to know the refurbished iPhone meaning, then you need to know that a refurbished item is simply an item that was already used by someone but it was returned as faulty or as new. One of the things that you need to keep in mind about buying a refurbished iPhone is that it went through a series of tests to ensure that if there are any faulty parts they are replaced. Besides, when you are

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