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  1. What Is The Best Site To Buy Refurbished iPhones?

    iPhones are definitely the best smartphones that you can have. They don't only feature a beautiful and slim design as they use the latest technology. Besides, having an iPhone is still seen as a status symbol.

    Unfortunately, we can't all buy a new iPhone. With prices well over the $1,000 mark, you just keep seeing others buying and enjoying them to the fullest. However, you now have the option to buy a refurbished iPhone.

    When most people hear or read about buying a refurbished iPhone, they immediately go to Apple store


    After all, you have 14 days to return it if you're not happy with it and you will get Apple's 1-year warranty. However, if you look at the prices, they may not be that appealing.


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  2. Why Should You Buy A Refurbished iPhone In 2019

    Buy a refurbished iPhone online

    Almost (not to say everyone) would love to have an iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple keeps charging more and more for the new iPhones and most people just don't have such a high budget to spend on a smartphone. However, you now have the option to buy a refurbished iPhone. In case you don't know what a refurbished iPhone is, just click here.

    Why Should You Buy A Refurbished iPhone?

    #1: The Price:


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  3. How to maximize the battery life of a used iPhone


    You may have just finished a game or watched the last part of the movie, but the low phone battery alert sounded louder than it was. The battery capacity of an iphone is around 3000 mAh. Life is always a problem that has to be faced. Older phones don't mean batteries are old. But you also need to consider how to maximize the use of mobile phone batteries.

    As described in the official website of major mobile phones: keep the software update, keep away from extreme temperatures, remove the protective case during charging, and save half of the power during long-term storage. The above four methods can effectively maintain the performance of the mobile phone battery. But the situation in life is more complicated.

    There are 3 points that you should pay more attention:


    1. When the temperature is controllable, use the phone when charging.


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