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  1. Different kinds of used phone

    The best smartphones have attractive features in their beautiful body, but they are usually expensive. The price of the new flagship model usually exceeds $600 - for example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 starts at $899. There is a way for users to use a smartphone without spending a lot of money: buying a used phone has proven to be a reliable way to save money.

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  2. Five Reasons to Get Unlocked iPhone

    You will end up saving money with an unlocked phone

    Carriers usually attract customer with the latest Smartphone and attractive upfront price. However, carrier surely ends up getting more, in the end, to finance a phone for you which you may have a perception it is a cheaper option.

    An unlocked device lets you switch carriers quickly

    Carrier always release

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  3. An aesthetic nightmare for new iPhone 11 (name TBC)

    Leaked iPhone 11 molds for third-party cases, Photo Source: Slashleaks

    It seems Apple is going to power up their photo shooting capability and come with a shocking design change on the rear. According to the insider site Slashleaks, the iPhone 11 and 11 Max holds which show both new iPhone models have a huge triple lens camera module.

    If you are very disappointed with the design and pray for something sleeker and more stylish design, why not getting a refurbished iPhone at bargaining price?

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  4. Apple finally comes into settlement with Qualcomm to prepare for iPhone 2020 5G service

    Apple seems to give up Intel and forced to come into a settlement with Qualcomm for the 5G modem due to Intel failed to meet the 2019 development deadline. According to the press release, Apple will sign a six-year licensing agreement for Qualcomm’s technology but don’t know whether Apple will still split orders between Intel and Qualcomm.

    Meanwhile, the California technology company is also working on developing its own modern chips to avoid solely reply on Qualcomm or Intel.

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  5. Uncover the used phone market that you don't know

    Maybe you've been a consumer of brand new phones all the time, maybe you know a little about the used phone market, maybe now you have some interest in the used phone market. This article will let you know the second-hand mobile phone market that you don't know.

    How big is the global used phone market? The answer is unbelievable. According to a research report provided by Gartner, a well-known information technology consulting company in the United States, the value of second-hand apple equipment sold on eBay in the United States alone in 2013 was nearly $2 billion. As of 2017, the number of transactions in the global market, which

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  6. Tips for buying a used iPhone

    With the continuous development of smartphones, people change their smartphones more frequently. According to the second-hand trading platform statistics, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the used phone market. So what should be noted when buying a used iPhone? Here are some tips for buying a used iPhone.


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  7. Rumoured iPhone 11 may come with two upgrades

    California company is yet to announce the latest iPhone, rumored XI, but speculations on the next line of smartphone specification have already tipped the phone to come with three cameras on its rear.

    According to the recently leaked photos from alleged renders, the tech giant will indeed bring up the triple camera system, although nobody knows the detail.

    A recent leak for the iPhone 11 from Macotakara also confirmed Apple’s next flagship smartphone will come with a trio of lenses. Also, it tipped the iPhone 11 will come with a 6.1-inch display while the presumably named iPhone 11 Max will flaunt the same 6.5 inch OLED screen as its predecessor.

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  8. How to buy a used phone without getting screwed

    In such a continuously and rapidly growing era of smartphones, the used phone market is far more prosperous than you can imagine. How to buy a used phone without being cheated becomes a common problem for the buyer. Getting a second-hand phone doesn't have to be overly complicated or stressful, what should be noted when buying a used phone? There are some kinds of tips for reference.

    Know what you want

    First, confirm what you need. As a backup phone in case for need?

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  9. How to rescue a water damaged iPhone

    It is not the end of the world if your iPhone or iPad is dropped into water. Although we do not guarantee the methods below, they are good strategies in which many people have recommended. The principle will apply to most electronic devices.

    First Step

    Get the iPhone out of the water immediately. Don’t ever think of turn on the waterlogged phone or try to plug in anything to the phone to prevent any short circuit. Remove your SIM card and don’t try to remove the iPhone battery unless you repair tech. Wipe the exterior part of iPhone with a dry cloth and shake the phone to

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  10. Best selling used phones

    Buying a used phone can be said to be learning. Unlike buying a new mobile phone, you must first know what kinds of phone you actually need before buying a used phone. Use as a backup phone in case of emergency? Or the high-performance phone that use to play games? Or the most cost-effective model? That's what should be considered.

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