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Quality Assurance Process

How our screens get through before arriving your hand?



How we test?


1. Visual Inspections

Qualified Standard:
1. No scratches or damages.
2. No missing parts, such as: screws, adhesives.

2. Functionality test
( LCD Display Test )Qualified Standard:
1. Tester Test Standard: Less than or equal to 2 dead pixels (pixel diameter is less than 0.15mm).
2. Application Test Standard: The software indicate as passed.

3. Functional Tests
(Battery Test)

Qualified Standard:
1. Voltage Standard: 3.7V.
2. Normal Charging Standard: The multimeter will indicate the electricity value.
3. Normal Discharge: Power on normally after assembly.



4. Assembly test
( Touch Screen Test )

Qualified Standard:
1. Tester Test Standard: Diagonally draw straight lines on the screen, the lines appear without any malposition, breakage or bend.
2. Application Test Standard: The software indicate as passed.

5. Functional Tests
( Small Parts Tests )

Qualified Standard:
1. Module Test Standard : Function as normal.
2. Multimeter Test Standard: Loud speaker ohmic resistance reaches 6-10 ohmic; ear speaker ohmic resistance reaches 27-32 ohmic; vibrating motor vibrates or rotates after being supplied with 1.5-4.2V DC electricity.

6. Assembly Tests

Qualified Standard:
1. Work normally on OEM Test Modules.
2. No cosmetic or functional imcompatiability on OEM Test Modules.