If you are running a repair shop in Bay Area and frustrating about the existing supplier’s quality or you are doubting why the prices varies so much when you compare with eBay and Amazon, you should talk to us now. 

iPhone screens selling on eBay or Amazon are not original and most of them are china copy given that the price is around $45 to $60. Are they trustworthy? The answer is No. These screen quality is unstable and unless you want to get your customer in a rage, otherwise don’t be greedy and use those screen parts.

What’s more, the existing Bay Area local phone parts suppliers, e.g. sstparts, never mention anything about china copy. They are still using those traditional grading to distinguish the quality. That will indeed mislead many repair pros and increase the after sales risk. If you are looking for a decent and experienced suppliers in Bay Area, San Francisco, why not to choose cellphoneage.com. They are suppliers with over 10 years experience in this industry, always pursuing how to further improve the supply chain service and product quality and never compromise. They have one of the pick up points near Oakland and supplying iPhone 5, iPhone 6, 6S LCD assembly parts to USA. Join their wholesale membership to enjoy all the benefit.