Many iPhone users come across of shattered screen when they drop it on the ground even though they have applied a tempered glass screen protector. Assume you are not going to go for a new iPhone, you can consider to repair with a Apple screen replacement parts.
There are few options when you consider about the Apple screen replacement. The first and the easiest option is to get a Apple Care insurance. This option is good for those iPhone users who doesn’t like any bumper cases or screen protectors to stick on his mobile phone, meanwhile they always drop it on ground. The yearly cost is bargaining and you don’t have to worry about whether anybody steal your data or whether your phone parts will be exchanged by those repair techs.
Second option which is very common is to go for a nearby repair shop. Google “repair shop nearby” and should be easily locate a repair pros at your neighbourhood. Price differs depends on their experience and what type of screens are they using. The price will be surely expensive, around USD 150 to 200 if they repair with your shattered screen using original iPhone or iPad LCD assembly. Usually, a normal price should be USD 100 to repair a iPhone 6 4.& for example. They are experienced and customers should expect to fix it within 24 to 48 hours. 
The third option is to repair your iPhone or iPad yourself. You can shop around a Apple Screen Replacement, such as iPhone or iPad easily on eBay and Amazon. However, there are some cons. Firstly, you have to make sure you are a handy, patient person. Check it out the DIY tutorial on youtube and make sure you full understand the replacement steps. Non professional handling will damage the parts, for example, the flex cable is thin and easy to break, you can’t handle it with hard force. Secondly, iPhone 5 LCD screens or iPhone 6 LCDscreens selling on eBay and Amazon are 99% china copy nowadays. The quality is unstable and if you don’t know how to distinguish among different grades, please check it out is an experienced Apple Screen Replacement suppliers over 9 years and their customer service will be able to give you answers and support.


To conclude, DIY is the best bargaining option if you are a careful handy person. If you went through those DIY tutorials, you will know repairing Apple screens are not difficult.