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May 17
Posted By Stephen Lee

Smart Mobilephone are popular nowadays. Brand like Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, SONY are prevailing across the US. However, not every user who shatter their phone screen would choose to buy a new one. However, they will turn to get a repair shop and get a LCD fix.

It is difficult and cost justify for the repair technicians to ready all the parts from reliable suppliers. If you are one of these shops in Bay Area and frustrating how to stock up stable and quality cell phone parts, why not give a try to

Cellphoneage have over 8 years experience on cellphone parts, particularly, iPhone and Android. Oakland, CA warehouse currently supply to repair techs all over USA. Meanwhile, they have warehouse in UK and Germany which provide stable support to European repair technician as well. If you would like to get a wholesale quote, please contact their sales through the live chat or mail.

May 10
Posted By Stephen Lee

If you are running a repair shop in Bay Area and frustrating about the existing supplier’s quality or you are doubting why the prices varies so much when you compare with eBay and Amazon, you should talk to us now. 

iPhone screens selling on eBay or Amazon are not original and most of them are china copy given that the price is around $45 to $60. Are they trustworthy? The answer is No. These screen quality is unstable and unless you want to get your customer in a rage, otherwise don’t be greedy and use those screen parts.

What’s more, the existing Bay Area local phone parts suppliers, e.g. sstparts, never mention anything about china copy. They are still using those traditional grading to distinguish the quality. That will indeed mislead many repair pros and increase the after sales risk. If you are looking for a decent and experienced suppliers in Bay Area, San Francisco, why not to choose They are suppliers with over 10 years experience in this industry, always pursuing how to further improve the supply chain service and product quality and never compromise. They have one of the pick up points near Oakland and supplying iPhone 5, iPhone 6, 6S LCD assembly parts to USA. Join their wholesale membership to enjoy all the benefit.

Apr 19
Posted By Stephen Lee

Many iPhone users come across of shattered screen when they drop it on the ground even though they have applied a tempered glass screen protector. Assume you are not going to go for a new iPhone, you can consider to repair with a Apple screen replacement parts.
There are few options when you consider about the Apple screen replacement. The first and the easiest option is to get a Apple Care insurance. This option is good for those iPhone users who doesn’t like any bumper cases or screen protectors to stick on his mobile phone, meanwhile they always drop it on ground. The yearly cost is bargaining and you don’t have to worry about whether anybody steal your data or whether your phone parts will be exchanged by those repair techs.
Second option which is very common is to go for a nearby repair shop. Google “repair shop nearby” and should be easily locate a repair pros at your neighbourhood. Price differs depends on their experience and what type of screens are they using. The price will be surely expensive, around USD 150 to 200 if they repair with your shattered screen using original iPhone or iPad LCD assembly. Usually, a normal price should be USD 100 to repair a iPhone 6 4.& for example. They are experienced and customers should expect to fix it within 24 to 48 hours. 
The third option is to repair your iPhone or iPad yourself. You can shop around a Apple Screen Replacement, such as iPhone or iPad easily on eBay and Amazon. However, there are some cons. Firstly, you have to make sure you are a handy, patient person. Check it out the DIY tutorial on youtube and make sure you full understand the replacement steps. Non professional handling will damage the parts, for example, the flex cable is thin and easy to break, you can’t handle it with hard force. Secondly, iPhone 5 LCD screens or iPhone 6 LCDscreens selling on eBay and Amazon are 99% china copy nowadays. The quality is unstable and if you don’t know how to distinguish among different grades, please check it out is an experienced Apple Screen Replacement suppliers over 9 years and their customer service will be able to give you answers and support.


To conclude, DIY is the best bargaining option if you are a careful handy person. If you went through those DIY tutorials, you will know repairing Apple screens are not difficult.
Apr 06
Posted By Stephen Lee
The LG Nexus 5X featured with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 equips with a fingerprint reader on the back and a Type-C USB charger port. However, what should we do if we drop the phone and crack the Nexus 5X screen? Let’s take a look:
1. Power off the LG Nexus 5X and remove the SIM card tray.

2. Insert a pry, run it along the edges to release the LG Nexus 5X back cover.
3. Undo the 10 screws in the rear housing and loudspeaker module.
4. Remove the Nexus 5X loudspeaker module.
5. Remove the LG Nexus 5X rear housing.
6. Pry up to release the fingerprint reader if needed.
7. Pry up the battery flex ribbon connector, and the Nexus 5X battery as there’s a few adhesive underneath.

8. Pry up the connector to release the Nexus 5X rear facing camera.

9. Pry up the connector to release the Nexus 5X front facing camera.
10. Remove the Nexus 5X motherboard, this USB Type-C charger port is assembled with the motherboard in one unit and is not that easily removed as soldering skills are required.
11. Remove the Nexus 5X earphone jack.
Now, all the removable parts have been removed, reassemble the device with a new LG Nexus 5X LCD and digitizer with frame replacement in reverse order. 

Apr 06
Posted By Stephen Lee
If you would like to lengthen your iPhone battery life and lifespan, here are the general tips from Apple:

  1. Always update your Apple software to the latest version. Latest iOS 9.3.1 include advanced energy saving technology. When your battery charge drops below 20%, iPhone will prompt the user to switch to battery saving mode.
  2. Avoid extreme ambient temperatures. Device performs the best in temperature range from 16° to 22°C). Exposing your phone on temperate above 35°C will damage your battery capacity. Also, charging the device in high temperature can further damage it. Using the device under a very cold environment will get a obvious decrease in battery life.
  3. If you plan to store your device for longer than 6 months, charge it to 50% every 6 months
  4. Adjust your screen brightness or dim the screen to extend the battery life.
  5. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible since it consumes less power than a cellular network.
  6. To improve your iPhone battery life, monitor your background activity and increase the fetch interval if your Mail or Calendar app is running in the background.
  7. Turn off location services in Settings > Privacy > Location Services in order to save iPhone battery life
  8. Turn off push notification in order to minimise the phone display being wake up when lock screen is displayed
  9. Turn on the aeroplane mode when you are under a poor cell coverage
Apr 01
Posted By Stephen Lee


iPhone SE finally released at the end of March 2016 and everybody will get surprise why the new family member is such bargaining, although it equips similar iPhone 6S features. According to the teardown from Chipworks, we may get the answer. From the teardown, we discover some known iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 chipsets. 
According to the teardown pictures from Chipworks, we can find that both iPhone SE and iPhone 6S adopt A9 processor with serial number APL1022 and date code 1604 hinted that it is come out from January. About the DRAM, both phone models use SK Hynix 2GB LPDDR4 RAM but the date code 1535 hinted that they come out from last year August and September 2015. iPhone SE adopts older 19nm memory, although both are Toshiba 16GB and we suspect this is one of the clearance components.
Regarding to the iPhone SE LCD Screen Assembly, the digitiser control component we observed from the teardown is Broadcom BCM5976 and Texas Instrument 343S0645, which is same as iPhone 5S. SE adopts Qualcomm MDM9625M and WTR1625L Modem and RF receiver. Components which are same as iPhone 6S are 338S00105 and SS8S1285 (Sound control), NXP 66V10 (NFC). The only new component is 338S00170 which is a power management IC.

As a result, we can deduce that the come out of iPhone SE is to clear the overstocks of partial old components and that is why the price is such bargaining. 
Photos from: Chipworks
Feb 16
Posted By Stephen Lee

Selected Apple Stores will start offering plastic screen protector installations on iPhone in coming weeks. Apple has partnered with Belkin to bring dedicated screen protector installation machines to the stores. If the installation with the new machines results in any error, Apple will offer a free new screen protector without any hassle. Check the video below which shows the machines similar to the ones that Apple will begin using in stores.


If you busted your iPhone screen already, why consider to replace by yourselves.

iPhone 5 LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

iPhone 5S LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

iPhone 5C LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

iPhone 6 LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

iPhone 6S LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

iPhone 6S Plus LCD Screen Replacement Assembly

Feb 12
Posted By Stephen Lee

Error 53 denotes a hardware issue that suspends the software update or restore from completion. Your iPhone device is bricked if anybody try to replace their Touch ID modules or Home buttons with authorised parts.


This is because every Home button is uniquely paired with a Touch ID sensor based on encoded serial numbers based on hardware. This check ensures your iPhone and iOS features remain secure and prevent any malicious Touch ID sensor can gaining access to any secure information. According to Apple, this security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent any fraudulent sensor from being used.


However, law firm from Seattle may bring a class action suit against Apple over “Error 53”, said the British paper. “A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged should be guilty of an offence,” states the law.


Next time, when your iPhone is busted and you are going to change the LCD screen assembly, please pay attention not to replace your Home button or touch ID with any unauthorised components. For more information on iPhone 6 LCD screen assembly, click here. For information on iPhone 6 Plus screen assembly, click here.


If you are looking for any iPhone 6S LCD screen: click here


If you are looking for any iPhone 6S Plus LCD screen: click here

Feb 04
Posted By Stephen Lee

Somebody may encounter black screen or blank screen after iPhone 5 LCD screen get replaced. Everything is fine, phone vibrates when connected to iTunes. There may be three possible reasons:

You broke the flex cable during the installation.
The metal bare connections around the flex cable can ’short-out’ the screen. Cover with Kapton tape to avoid any ‘short-out’.
Your replacement assembly does work but you have trouble on the backlight. Check if you still be able to see the logo with enough light by holding your phone under a lamp. If so, check the back light filters FL2025, FL2024 and FL2026 and replace it if you find any sign of damage. you can find them out around display connector near BS2503

Feb 03
Posted By Stephen Lee

Openbox V8S, Skybox or Zgemma Star 2S are free to air (FTA) full HD satellite receiver which is very popular in United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia. Easy to setup and simply connect the Openbox satellite receiver to your satellite dish. How many FTA channels can be received depends on how many satellites you can receive at your location. You can get all the FTA channels what are available for free in your areas with the receivers. However, if you want to watch paid channels, you have to buy the gift cards from the web, such as eBay. Many expertise offer 12 months free gift cards which can allow you to view decrypted channels.



Why everybody will buy the gift cards?


To answer this question, firstly, you have to understand what is “Cardsharing” or “CCcam”. CCcam is a kind of cardsharing protocol which share the digital packages by connecting the client to a CCcam cardsharing server via the Internet. The main function of the server is to transfer the encrypted channel codes over a network to clients. The cardsharing server shares the decrypted information obtained through yours or anybody else’s satellite subscription card with other users who are connected to it.


Openbox V8S or Zgemma Star 2S are so popular because they not simply a FTA satellite receivers. What’s more, they are a powerful linux based satellite receiver which runs the CCcam protocol software which is able to communicate with a card sharing server in order to watch any paid satellite TV channels without any interruption. Each couple of seconds, any encrypted signal being sent to the TV and CCcam decrypts it so you can keep on watching TV without lagging.



To get a genuine and stable supply of Openbox V8S, you can go here:

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