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​The first step in smart life begins with security

By Stephen Lee 2 months ago 474 Views No comments

When the house starts to be renovated, the most important thing to pay attention to is the water and electricity and security. In addition, some smart home devices should be installed at home. While safeguarding your personal safety, you can also ensure the safety of your property. You can easily master it. You can know the situation in your home wherever you are and save you worry.

What are the smart devices in home? Besides the fingerprint locks, cameras, and alarms that people often know, there are infrared human body, infrared curtains, infrared fences, and smart windows and doors. The last is property security. A smart door lock, no doubt a good home security item, to bring you safe and secure home life.

Giving a solid firewall

The first step in anti-theft security is the Internet of Things door lock, which can protect personal safety and property safety. Many modern people also commonly use fingerprint locks, so installing a fingerprint lock on the door is a good choice. It also eliminates the need to forget keys and enter homes.

In a variety of fingerprint locks, picking a gratuitous one seems not easy. Try this UV-Linked Internet of Things door lock, with fingerprints, passwords, keys, magnetic cards, and mobile phones to open the door in five ways. Return home at night, unlock your fingerprint or password, turn on the lights in your home, close the curtains, automatically disarm the security, bid farewell to your keys, and quickly unlock! At the same time, when child unlocks door with fingerprints, and her mother will immediately receive feedback.

When under the circumstance of being restrained, use the fingerprint of the alarm to open the lock normally to prevent the suspect from suspicion. At the same time, family and property immediately receive an alarm message or an alarm call sent backstage.

Webcam, everything is in control

Many people feel that it is not necessary to install a surveillance camera at home, but with the advancement of technology, the webcam is not just used for theft prevention. It has evolved into a tool for communication. With it adults can communicate with their children, elderly people and even pets that don’t know using smart phones in real time.

The development of science and technology made the surveillance cameras no longer as cold as the original. This HD network PTZ intelligent camera 360 ° no dead cruise, allowing you to real-time control of what happens on the phone. Power off and on-grid sustainable operation, zone deployment, automatic linkage capture, automatic linkage with scene deployment, disarming, real-time view 360 rotation, two-way voice call function enable the elderly and children in your home to promptly ask for help, peace of mind and satisfaction to meet customer needs High-end home mode.

Audio-optic alarm, thieves stay away

No one is locked at home and the family is always worried that the family will be stolen. Will you often have such concerns? That may wish to install an acousto-optic police device in your home. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you will be able to know and report to the police at the earliest time once there is a sensation in your home.

Once he was bitten by a snake for a decade, he once had a thief once in the house and he was always worried when he was out. This sound and light alarm will solve your worries. The live treble will shock the thieves for the first time, automatically capture and upload to the user's mobile phone, and timely remote telephone notification. It can drive the light flashing, curtain opening and closing, causing the property to pay attention, no opportunity to thief.

Infrared body, open intelligent security life

Science and technology change life, in the armed state, when the human body infrared monitors someone to pass, the system will automatically send an alarm notification to the owner's mobile phone to remind the owner of someone to break in. In disarmed state, when the human body infrared detects someone passing, the automatic linkage light turns on.

Infrared curtain, smart security more confidence

Placed on the balcony, in the armed state, when someone illegally invades, the system will push the alarm information to the owner's mobile phone at the first time, and at the same time, the linkage camera captures the intruder's picture; it is placed on the second floor stairway to form a curtain barrier with direction recognition. Function, monitoring someone upstairs, the system automatically linked to the second floor lights open; when someone goes downstairs, linked to the second floor lights go out.

Infrared fence, alternative security mode

This device is suitable for courtyard security. An invisible infrared electronic fence is formed under the armed state. When an object passes through the electronic fence, an alarm signal is automatically sent to the mobile terminal, allowing the user to take measures at the first time to link the camera, sound and light alarm, and automatically capture and on-site the alarm.

Smart magnetic windows, security and more security protection

In the armed state, the state of the doors and windows is monitored in real time. When the entrance door is opened illegally, the system will automatically send an alarm notification to the owner's mobile phone, and the linkage monitoring system will upload the snapshot to the mobile terminal to remind the owner of the break-in and effectively prevent unnecessary loss.

As a leader in smart homes, HKbox Smart Home adheres to the principle of smart technology and better life. It continues to lead the smart home industry in innovation and builds a wireless home smart home system with the 1200Mbps Wireless USB WiFi Network Adapter. There are security devices in the home, no matter how far away you are from home. The information can be controlled at any time, which not only facilitates daily life, but also guarantees personal property safety, and creates a different lifestyle.

​Rejecting "information isolated island" Internet of Things makes home life smarter

By Stephen Lee 2 months ago 521 Views No comments

Nowadays, many young people like to stay at home and can hold their hands and do not move their legs. If they can move their mouth, they will not need to move their hands. This will save time and do what they like. This is also linked to the original intention of smart homes - the idea of making life easier through technology. Consensual, in a sense, it can be said that "lazy economy" gave birth to smart home products.

Imagine that if you say “I’m going out” to the speakers, all appliances will enter status of away home. The lights, air conditioners, and fans will all be turned off. The security system will start alerting and sweeping robots will come out. When you go home, just say, “I'm back”. The whole house entered the model of at home, as if the family had life. No, more vividly, is it more like a housekeeper at home?

Bill Gates, the founder of smart home, once put forward a statement in the "The Road to the Future" published in 1995: In the near future, a home without a smart home system will be as unfashionable as a home without internet access. In order to tell people that this is not a whimsical moment, Bill Gates built a futuristic house in 7 years. This house can accurately identify the visitor's location and adjust the comfort of the environment through sensors.

Today, air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and rice cookers, which are controlled by mobile phones, are becoming commonplace in the lives of ordinary Chinese citizens. In the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” issued by the State Council, the guiding ideology, strategic objectives, key tasks, and safeguard measures for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in China in 2030 are proposed. According to the plan, by 2030, the competitiveness of China's artificial intelligence industry will reach the international leading level, and the scale of artificial intelligence core industries will exceed RMB 1 trillion, which will drive the scale of related industries to exceed RMB 10 trillion.

According to statistics, companies engaged in the smart home industry are increasing at a rate of 30% per year, attracting large amounts of capital and resources, and the market is increasingly showing a hundred disputes.

When charge your phone with a smart plug, the phone's related app shows the power consumption of the whole family this month; when you plan to shower in the bathroom, you suddenly receive a push message from your mobile phone. “The remaining gas is only for 3 days. Please recharge your account as soon as possible.” From the point of view of the Internet technology, the process of Internalization is the process of digitizing all activities. In an era of digital information interaction, the intellectualization of home life has become an irreversible trend.

In a variety of human-computer interaction methods, smart voice will no doubt make people feel the "smart atmosphere." The smart speakers that engulfed the world last year not only achieved the transition from "moving fingers" to "moving your lips", but also completed smart home scene linkage. Imagine returning to your home and changing clothes as you say, “Turning on and setting to 26°C”, the air conditioner immediately starts up and is set to the appropriate temperature, which is much faster and easier than pressing the power button and adjusting the temperature with the remote control.

The accuracy rate is satisfactory enough, but the industry is more concerned with semantic understanding. Today's voice interaction technology is like a child and is trying to understand the intentions of adults. For example, "I'm hungry", if you use the scene at home, it will recommend nearby food and takeaway; if it is in the car, it will automatically navigate to the nearby restaurant.

In the future, the way people interact with smart appliances will be diverse. Sometimes use APP, such as remote control; sometimes with voice, such as the use of smart speakers; sometimes with fingerprints, such as smart locks.

There is no way to cover all of them, so the connection between different methods and technologies is even more important. Since 2017, smart homes have become increasingly popular in the industry, and the degree of linkage between different forms of smart terminal devices and peripheral intelligent devices is getting higher and higher. Therefore, building an open intelligent ecosystem is particularly important.

Due to the different communication protocols of different products, it is difficult to form a unified home network system, and it is not possible to provide users with a convenient and uniform user interface at the application layer, which in turn affects the development of the smart home market.

With the advent of the 5G era, relevant departments are working to change this situation. At present, a specialized organization responsible for national standards for smart appliances has been set up in China—the National Household Appliances Standards Technical Committee Smart Appliances Subcommittee, which is mainly responsible for the development and revision of national standards for household appliances such as refrigeration, cleaning, and kitchen appliances. A number of smart home appliance interconnection standards, including the "Intelligent Appliance System Interoperability - Intelligent Household Appliance Interface Specification", "Special WLAN Communication Module Specification for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances," have been established and are continuing to advance.

In the future, with Wireless USB WiFi Network Adapter smart home products will no longer be just an island-like smart single product, but a network device that can be interconnected, evolved, and can be connected to external resources for active service. This is the consensus of many smart home practitioners.

​Can AI be added to TV to become the core of smart home?

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The just-concluded AWE2018 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo have attracted the attention of the global media. Artificial intelligence elements and various forms of robots and smart cars are exhibiting the most advanced products in the industry. If you want to ask which type of product is the star of this exhibition, there is no doubt that it is a smart TV.

In 2017, artificial intelligence technology blossomed and technology applications spread across all fields. The same applies to smart TVs. As the absolute core of living rooms, televisions play an important role. In this year's AWE2018 exhibition, many home appliance companies cooperate with Internet companies and artificial intelligence. Technology has become the standard for televisions. People's attention to television is no longer limited to color and saturation. Smart, convenient, and perfect functions have become the focus of attention.

In terms of functions, voice recognition technology is widely seen. Among the many products including Changhong, Haier, TCL, and Storm, human-machine voice interaction is no longer a luxury. For example, Changhong’s new generation of smart TVs can be accessed by Tencent’s Jingle voice assistant. Achieving TV's awakening and interactive experience, and Haier's TV products do not need to wake up words, naturally communicate can give instructions to TV. In addition, some products also feature voiceprint recognition and fuzzy semantic recognition, making voice recognition technology popular to millions of households.

Artificial intelligence has been silently integrated into all aspects of family life. Speech recognition and face recognition technology will make televisions no longer just stand-alone home appliances, but will become the gateway to home interactive terminals. Maybe they will replace smart speakers in the near future and become the core terminal of smart home.

The function of the artificial intelligence television is not independent, as many enterprises have pave the way for the intelligent home at the beginning of the design and production. There are many smart TV operating systems that can be directly expanded to smart home operating systems. Smart modules are embedded in production. When users select a TV, they can purchase matching products and form a smart home ecosystem.

Some smart TVs are smart and tolerant to the extreme, and put forward a comprehensive solution for smart homes. The user can directly give a voice command to the remote controller of the television, and can operate the smart door lock, smart curtain, intelligent washing machine, intelligent air conditioner, intelligent air purifier and smart refrigerator in the room. For example, the use of voice manipulation to accurately adjust the temperature of air-conditioning, so that the TV has become the core service platform for the entire smart home products, builds a unique intelligent ecosystem.

Some companies continue to use TVs as a continuation of their mobile phones and PCs. They use more powerful processors and intelligent systems to install applications and implement advanced functions such as voice control. They are also compatible with Android, Tizen, Web OS, and other systems. Smart home devices achieve linkage. As for the home security monitoring function? As long as the corresponding software is installed in the television, the situation in the living room can be viewed with the mobile phone anytime anywhere.

But to think about it, letting the TV become the core terminal of the smart home is still difficult. It is not that the function of the artificial intelligence TV cannot be reached, but the core of the smart home needs to have some necessary qualities.

As the convergence point of all equipment information, it is necessary to maintain power for a long period of time. However, in daily life, TVs in many users' homes cannot even be on long time standby, and as the core of smart homes, it is necessary to maintain online for a long time. It is subject to the function of the router.

In addition, the core terminal drugs link all devices, smart protocols are still the case of crowds, various software and hardware interfaces and standards are not uniform, the TV has to set aside a large number of interfaces, and the TV's reliability is also its short. The vast majority of work in the board and television is in terms of audio and video. The system resources occupy a lot and can seriously affect the intelligent functions, thus affecting the reliability and real-time performance of the terminal. However, if the excessive pursuit of television in the compatibility and hardware configuration parameters, it will lead to the cart before the horse.

More importantly, judging from the current pace of intellectual development and the cultivation of demand, it is far from reaching the stage where the family can establish a central concept. Whether it is a router or an air conditioner, or other household appliances, the user's first reaction is often to find the corresponding remote controller. This process is far more convenient than using a mobile phone APP or controlling through a television.

Artificial intelligence technology has given home appliances more functions and vitality, and the implantation of technologies such as face recognition, speech recognition has enabled Smart TVs to have more icing on the cake. Although current AI TVs can threaten the status of smart speakers in terms of functionality and convenience, it is still too early to become the core terminal of smart homes. Instead of building an ecosystem of their own products, it is better to make life more convenient through various small improvements.

​Pros and cons of matte phone case

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Matte mobile phone shell because of its special feel, so its use of the crowd is often a fixed group, frosted simple mobile phone shell its simple color and shape, generally favored by men. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the matte phone case.

Matte phone shell advantages:

1. Thin and light. The main design concept of the matte phone case is the simple type. The shell is thin and the thinnest can reach 0.3 mm. The quality is naturally very light, and will not put too much burden on the use of mobile phones.

2. Portable. Since the volume of the matte mobile phone case is basically the same as that of the original machine, carrying it does not increase the difficulty.

3. Non-slip. This is the main design concept of the matte phone case, which increases the grip when holding it. The matte process is to spray a layer of non-slip paint on the original plastic shell.

4. Wear resistance. The non-slip paint on the surface is the same as the original shell. Therefore, even in the case of falling paint, it will remain the same color as the original and will not be noticeable.


1. Not beautiful enough. Frosted shells are generally not too fancy, so it's not so beautiful. It is the least eye-catching in a bunch of mobile phone cases. This may be the reason why many girls do not like scrub shells.

2. Low protection. Compared to silicone sleeves and cortical sleeves, the matte shells have a less of shock and drop resistance, but the matte shells still have a certain protective effect.

3. The heat dissipation is slightly worse. Compared with the metal shell, the heat dissipation is slightly lower, but it is much better than the heat dissipation performance of the silicone sleeve.

New item for choosing

Mobile phones are everyday items we use every day. Mobile phone shell can bring your phone a comprehensive protection, but also can give you a good feel! Recommend a few mobile phone shells, matte touch, bring you skin-like tentacles.

The frosted phone case can give a bare touch. This frosted phone case recommended is with use of an ultra-thin micro-soft sanded soft shell wrapped around the phone to give the phone absolute security protection. This unpolished phone case uses an environmentally friendly TPU material that you can use without yellowing or deforming during use.

The black stone phone case, with a mirrored back plate, highlights the charm and shine that complements your iPhone body. The gold-plated metal bracket on the back is equivalent to the hidden phone holder. You can place it wherever you want to place. Bare metal feel matches black stone features, bringing a very good sense of science and technology. The Chinese style you want is a fresh style of literature and art. You can make your own choice!

Only 0.4MM of mobile phone shell looks exquisite and delicate touch to the comfortable texture of the fingertips. The special material effectively insulates the fingerprints, so it is resistant to oil and dirt! The right lens protrudes and better protects the phone camera.

Subtle matte process gives a skin-like feel. The phone case has been carefully crafted cartoon illustration, in the matte mobile phone shell material, all-inclusive package, and better protection of the phone, but meanwhile it will not block the phone signal.

The phone case has a delicate, soft feel that feels like a baby's skin. Two kinds of matte feel, bring a different feel, rough matte, rough touch, non-slip anti-fingerprint design, so you no matter how long to use, or how long of holding in hand, will not leave traces.

Some mobile phone shell designs are beautiful, and full of art, matte touch, feel not only good, but also unique material and resulting anti-slip fingerprint features. All aspects of feel and performance are not easy to show on this small case.

Combining the dazzling electroplating process with the comfortable oily shell, it can collide with different fireworks! The phone case matte material, multi-colors, distributed luxury popular temperament. The all-enveloping fuselage will reduce accidental damage. The entire mobile phone shell is made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials, so that every user can use it with peace of mind.

Micro-brushed material with painted embossed mobile phone shell, this is not just a simple soft shell, this is a combination of soft and hard, PC hard backplane and TPU soft border, not easy to yellow, color and long-term as new. The back ring can be 360 degrees free, allowing you to easily enjoy your personal audio and video space.

Matte phone shell, you want a good feel, it can be fully presented to you. The above recommended several frosted phone cases can not only be all-inclusive design, but also provide comprehensive protection for your mobile phone. Special materials on the back and illustrations of various styles give you visual enjoyment.

​How to choose the right phone protective case?

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The role of mobile phone shell

1, protect the phone, to prevent hard objects in the phone screen or body left a scratch.

2, the phone case can be printed on a variety of colors, the role of beauty!

3, Silicone shell can prevent nail long time contact with the keys scratches, worn, there is the role of protecting the screen and buttons.

4, silicone shell has a non-slip effect.

5, Apple mobile phone sets, but also has the role of signal to enhance, because some mobile phone shell and the metal contact with the formation of a magnetic field interference with the phone signal to the phone to wear insulated phone case, you can enhance the signal.

The classification of protective phone case

Phone protection shell can be divided into: silicone leather case crystal shell clear water shell and environmental protection PC shell metal shell plastic carbon fiber and so on.

1. The silicone shell is the most well-known type of cell phone case.

It is soft texture, feel a little slippery; the popular market has been for many years. The development of raw materials from the shoddy to sophisticated well-made personality brand, the market share has always been to stay ahead. Because of its excellent price, silicone case later MP3, iPod popular, but also popular, by many people of all ages. Silicone shells are divided into two types, one is organic silicone and the other is inorganic silica gel. Now on the market basically belong to the former silicone sleeve. Silicone has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, not afraid of UV or ozone decomposition, good insulation; material stability (will not change with the animal body).

In addition, people choose silicone case, but also because of its good feel: some keyboard rigid phone, put silicone case will be improved. And can absorb the impact of some bumps on the phone, thus reducing the damage to the phone. In addition, the waterproof silicone shells better performance, which has become its biggest selling point. Although the silicone shell has many advantages, and the price is low. However, there are still some shortcomings. Due to poor air permeability, long-term wear will lead to cell phone body heat. In particular, some very high-calorie smart phones, even less recommended to users. Moreover, the silicone shell itself has a slight sticky, after a period of time will gather a large number of adsorption of dust on the phone, the long run, but not conducive to the appearance of the phone, and the original intention of protecting the phone runs counter to. In addition to the above precautions, the purchase of a mobile phone's silicone case is also worth paying attention to. Now the silicone shell dazzling, stalls, shopping malls, the mobile phone market everywhere.

But by no means bought a cell phone model on the end of the story, the price is not cheap silicone shell is often poor quality, not a result, is the location of asymmetry. Good quality is really good, effective protection is benevolent. At present, the price of regular silicone shells is mostly more than ten yuan, but it is not necessary to be greedy and convenient because of small losses.

2. Holsters are also popular in all types of mobile phone cases.

Compared to a single style silicone case, business people working in the workplace prefer to use a generous decent holster. Unlike young people who advocate for leisure, holding a mobile phone with a single appearance and color is inconceivable. And the same with the silicone sleeve, the mobile phone holster is also divided into two types, one is a popular leather waist for many years, the type of application is more common; the other is a portable leather case can be put into the pocket, mostly for N97, iPhone, etc. High-end smart models. Although the two may look different in appearance, the manufacturing process is similar. The advantages of the portable leather case are unique, elegant, not wearing the mobile phone, and good heat dissipation, but it is not as waterproof as the silicone sleeve. At the same time, if the leather case is too large, it is difficult to put into the trouser pocket, which is somewhat inconvenient to carry. The quality of holster is also uneven.

Although the holster stalls are also everywhere, but the penny goods, a dozen of the natural color of the material will not be used, mostly artificial leather or fake leather, the use of the phenomenon of cracking can be opened soon. The leather durable, longer service life, of course, the price is not cheap, the price generally ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars.

How to choose mobile phone case?

First of all, if your cell phone case quality is poor, then there will be an unpleasant chemical taste, because the phone shell which contains a wealth of benzene, which is very harmful to the human body, can cause cancer. Therefore, it is recommended not to pay attention to the style when buying a mobile phone case, do not buy pungent mobile phone sets with color is particularly conspicuous, and feel too soft or too hard mobile phone sets do not buy, usually better choose a good heat dissipation fabric or metal material.

​Mophie wireless charging phone case perfectly supports iPhone X

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Wireless charging is a big selling point for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but Apple itself has not introduced any wireless charging device, which gives a lot of third-party manufacturers a chance. According to the latest news, Mophie, a maker of handset accessories, plans to launch a phone battery case that supports wireless charging, which is WPC certified.

Mophie, a mobile power manufacturer from the United States, headquartered in California, is known for providing innovative solutions and its presence has given the mobile world more content. Mophie’s product integrates hardware, software and design seamlessly, is loved by the public for its stylish style and performance, has won numerous design awards and is sold in more than 130 countries. Its mobile battery protection products are well received.

Currently, there are many chargers on the market for the iPhone X, but Mophie is the leader in the charger brand. So far, the charging products developed by Mophie are wireless charging bases for Apple's flagship product, but the situation is about to change. According to insiders in Apple, the Wireless Power Consortium's product reports show that Mophie will launch a new portable smart-charging phone case for Apple's iPhone X.

According to the exposure of the information, this phone shell battery capacity of 1720mAh, iPhone X wireless charging module can be used to charge the phone, the phone shell has a charge control switch. And what different from our common rechargeable mobile phone shell, is that Mophie this phone case is built-in wireless charging coil, you can directly charge the phone wirelessly. Although this phone is not too complicated technology, it is still very convenient to liberate the data interface in the absence of 3.5mm headphone jack, at the same time, this phone case perfectly supports iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and other models of Apple phone .

Well-known clip battery manufacturer-Mophie recently introduced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus clip-on battery case - Juice pack air, battery capacity and protection performance is stronger than Apple's official smart battery case, including iPhone 7 Juice pack air built-in 2525mAh battery, extended battery life to 27 hours, while the iPhone 7 Plus juice pack air built-in 2420mAh battery, can extend battery life to 33 hours, both priced at $ 99.95. In addition to increased battery life, but also continued last generation juice pack wireless charging capabilities, can be used with mophie's own desktop magnet holder and car magnet holder.

The phone case makes charging function and cell phone protection integrated, which can bring great convenience for users. This product has passed the Qi standard certification of the Wireless Power Consortium. Although there are many iPhone X battery cases on the market, this Mophie product is the first battery-approved case. Qi certification program encourages manufacturers to submit products for verification, in order to bring user-friendly with peace of mind.

It is learned that the latest juice pack air design did not make major adjustments, there are five colors, black, rose gold, gold, navy and red (PRODUCT RED special models) optional, the front of the lower with similar smart battery case Set cavity sound hole design, but surrounded by the package has a bulge, which makes drop protection performance is better. Chris Ahern, President of Mophie, said: "Mophie has demonstrated its commitment to making charging easier with our wireless charging solution ecosystem, and the Mophie Wireless Docking Station offers the perfect experience for iPhone X users."

Juice pack air supports wireless charging, you can use in office, cafe and other places to support Qi wireless charging charger to charge, eliminating the need to connect the cable trouble. mophie official desktop wireless charger, desktop wireless charging bracket, car wireless charging bracket price is not cheap, respectively, $ 39.95, $ 59.95 and $ 59.95.

Unlike our popular rechargeable mobile phone case, this compact wireless charging dock uses the latest wireless technology to provide wireless charging directly to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Simply charge the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X on the charging pad to start charging. The phone can still be used as usual while charging, so users can continue to use the display and connect to Bluetooth accessories and more.

This clip battery also has a drawback: the bottom of the MicroUSB port cannot transfer audio, even using the adapter does not work, for which solution given by mophie is recommended that users use Bluetooth headset, from this point less than Apple's official smart battery case and some third-party earbud adapter with head clip products.

As early as 2017, the mophie wireless charging base was developed by mophie and apple together and is the officially recommended wireless charging power by Apple. It uses a compact design, equipped with a new wireless charging technology, just gently put on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The wireless charging base is double molded, non-slip rubberized to ensure that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X can be charged in the right place and it can also provide high-speed wireless charging up to 7.5W for other compatible devices.

​What kind of material is the ideal for phone case?

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Mobile phones are more and more important to humans, at the same time the phone shell has become an essential single product. After all, the protection of the phone cannot be less! Otherwise, accidentally dropped a cell phone, ranging from ugly scars left in the shell, to the direct impact on the normal use of phone, and may even have to re-purchase a new one. So, it is very important to choose a phone case carefully.

When it comes to buy mobile phone shell, it cannot go around the phone shell material problems. In fact, a small cell phone case, this is actually a great name! ABS, PMMA. For Many letters of the alphabet there are professional terms, and make people confused.

Speaking of ABS so tall on the terminology, many small partners may not understand. In fact, ABS this material in our lives can be seen everywhere. In addition to being used as a phone case, it is also widely used in a wide range of digital products, housings and daily necessities. Basically, ABS is a plastic resin, a wide range of uses. It has a relatively strong abrasion resistance, which can effectively prevent mobile phone wear. However, its poor toughness can in turn cause the shell to crack when the mobile phone is dropped, so that the mobile phone cannot be effectively protected.

PMMA is also known as polymethyl methacrylate, which is commonly known as our plexiglass. Hear you may want to ask here, that you usually have not seen the glass phone shell. In fact, not nonsense, plexiglass is not a glass, but a kind of plastic. In addition to wear and corrosion resistance, but also has a beautiful appearance, high surface gloss characteristics, can be regarded as high-value phone shell's best choice. However, it is also a fatal flaw, it is - expensive!

TPU is a common soft shell, and what different from the two kinds of plastic above is that TPU is a kind of rubber material, which is generally regenerated from environmental protection material. TPU because of its soft and flexible features, protection is very strong, not only the general small scratches can be prevented, in the face of the devastating impact without fear, can be described as the ideal material for mobile phone shell. The only drawback is not dirty, in the natural environment, TPU easily oxidized yellow, affecting the appearance.

Whether there is a phone case that take into account the characteristics of different materials, not only have a stylish appearance, but also to ensure the protection effect?

As a professional manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, tech21 know the key of right material for the manufacture of mobile phone protective shell. In order to challenge the material world is not possible, tech21 assembled designers and engineers from the United Kingdom to form a good design team, convened the world's top polymer engineers to carry out research and development, using cutting-edge manufacturing technology in China and Germany, break Set lightweight and sturdy paradox, create excellent mobile phone accessories.

As a manufacturer with Apple MFI certification, tech21 through its patented FlexShockTM and BulletShieldTM to create products that meet Apple's demanding testing requirements. As a patented material, FlexShockTM absorbs external impacts efficiently while maintaining lightweight and uses a reasonable design to disperse impact and prevent penetration. BulletShield ™, a clear polymer, helps your phone eliminate impact and prevent the case or screen from breaking.

It can be said tech21 patent material to get all the public, the perfect solution to a variety of phone shell defects and pain points. But this is not all of its quality! Quality of outstanding tech21 mobile phone shell in the appearance is no less. Whether it is color or line design, simple atmosphere, stylish and elegant, it can meet your various life scenes.

Even more reassuring is that tech21 not only the appearance and repair is also very carefully intimate, for different types of mobile phones make timely adjustments to fit perfectly; for wireless charging features the latest technology, also adopted the appropriate technology to facilitate users without have to remove the phone case be able to direct wireless charging.

Tech21 is a technology company from the United Kingdom growing fast and constant innovation, has been committed to the research and development of materials science. Tech21 not only from the United Kingdom outstanding designers, there are professional polymer engineers from around the world, using Germany and China's cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, to create quality assurance, trusted phone shell products.

FlexShockTM lightweight material developed by the UK-based German team exclusively patented technology absorbs and disperses impact efficiently, with excellent cushioning performance, blocks external forces from directly impacting the device without affecting its function, and improves survivability rate when the mobile phone falls. In addition to its superb material, all cellphone cases will pass a series of 3-meter drop-through scientific limit tests before all of their products are available, ensuring the device is user-friendly and provides full protection.

​Smart lighting helps the city intelligent development

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The streetlight not only enables simple lighting, but also controls the turn-on time and brightness according to the weather and people's flow. The lamppost no longer just supports streetlights, but also helps people make choices that avoid congestion and even become connected to WiFi and transmit data Entrance ... This is the wisdom of lighting in the field of lighting for the people to bring help and convenience. In fact, with the construction of a smart city, from indoor to outdoor, smart lighting is gradually illuminating every corner of urban life and will bring about a revolutionary transformation of the city from management to service, from governance to operation, from fragmentation to synergy.

In recent years, the state attaches great importance to energy saving and environmental protection work. Along with the rapid development of LED semiconductor and a new generation of digital communication technologies, the smart lighting market in smart city construction has been gradually developed with various bright spots frequently.

According to experts, many cities across the country have introduced smart lighting projects, of which smart street lights become the smart city data acquisition nodes and applications to achieve carrier. Zhejiang Province has built its first smart lighting project based on the standardized NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology. Hangzhou Smart Lighting Project is to install NB-IoT Narrowband IOT communication module on the city's light pole and use China Telecom's NB-IoT network to integrate each street light in the city into a unified urban streetlight management center platform. Smart street lamp technology can control each street lamp individually and adjust the brightness of each street lamp at any time so as to achieve the goal of intelligent control and energy conservation and emission reduction of urban street lamps. Currently, there are only 170,000 light poles in the main urban area of Hangzhou, covering all corners of the city as capillaries in the city. They are excellent nodes for collecting and transmitting urban information data.

Beijing rare earth light lighting technology companies in Xinjiang combined with the needs of local anti-terrorism stability, the wisdom of poles as a means of lighting in the traditional lighting on the basis of road monitoring, weather forecasting, security control a number of functions, the use of Beidou satellite multi-system to achieve full Real-time data acquisition, transmission, analysis and other systems, in Hami city set a successful application of typical. At the same time, through the multi-functional advantages of the wisdom pole to promote urban public security, public transportation, environment, roads and other multi-sector Internet interaction to form a large database of wisdom and sharing.

In recent years, Chongqing is also the highlight of smart lighting frequently, some sections of Chongqing installed the latest Internet multi-color temperature anti-haze LED smart lights and management system, the system can automatically capture the weather visibility, temperature, fog and other data around the clock, And according to the different seasons and temperature changes, automatically adjust the color temperature and brightness of light, greatly improving the saving rate and traffic safety. According to Dr. Huang Xiaowei, director of R & D Center of Chongqing Institute of Optoelectronic Information, at present, the Institute of Photoelectricity is taking "Wisdom Lighting" and "Light Pole as Carrier's Internet of Things" as the breakthrough to build Yubei's own smart city and only one intelligent lighting , Each year can save 20% of the power consumption.

In the meantime, Philips announced the operation of the smart interconnection lighting system in China's first near-zero energy demonstration building. In the first building in China that employs the Philips PoE (Power over Ethernet) intelligent interconnection office lighting system, employees can use smart The application on the phone, personalize the level of light and darkness. Lighting energy consumption in the demonstration building energy consumption accounted for only 16%, building energy consumption per unit area of only one-fourth of similar buildings. Philips hopes to smart interconnection lighting system to smart home advancing, you can with the doorbell, TV and music player and all other devices to connect the future to provide more daily convenience and help.

Experts pointed out that although there has been some development of smart lighting in recent years, the overall look is still in its infancy. Many unfavorable factors still restrict the rapid development of the industry and are in urgent need of breaking the questions.

Fan Huicheng, vice president of China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute pointed out that the main problem of smart lighting system is not cost-effective, high prices, large investment, and the degree of wisdom is not enough, energy-saving effect is limited, the function is relatively simple. He suggested that the future development should be popularized and popularized from high-end communities, upscale hotels and tourist attractions, industrial parks and new urban areas, gradually increasing the scope of applications and industries, and forming a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion of technology, applications and industries.

Zhang Liming, secretary-general of China Smarter City Development Committee of the Chinese Regional Economic Association, believes that at present, most smart lighting enterprises have failed to identify the pain points of urban demand, and the solutions are expensive, the cost performance and practicability are not strong, and many pseudo-intelligence concepts have emerged that make the project difficult Landing, it is difficult to form a revolutionary industry in the short term.

According to insiders, in the implementation of smart lighting, subject to the traditional institutional management of various departments in the municipal fees, facilities and other aspects of hard to achieve uniform management, only to invest their own business model to promote, difficult Market-oriented. To this end, the person suggested that through the PPP (public-private partnership) and EMC (contract energy management) and other capital operations, breaking the administrative monopoly management, the introduction of financial monitoring means to achieve a high degree of government and business integration for the benefit of urban development.

Fan Huifen believes that there are two basic trends in the future development of smart lighting systems. One is more intelligent and the other is to strengthen the functions of smart sensing, remote meter reading, dimming and ultra-low power consumption, etc. , Can control a wide range of flexible lighting, so that a simple lighting evolved into a city landscape; Second, multi-functional, in addition to lighting capabilities, but also to provide wireless access, environmental monitoring, data collection, commercials, traffic signs, festivals and other Many functions, can add more business models, so that a single lighting development into an information network operating platform.

As an important part of a smart city, Wisdom Lighting uses the city sensor network and power line carrier technology to link the city street lights to form an "Internet of Things". The information processing technology is used to process and analyze the massive perception information, People's livelihood, the environment, public safety and other needs, including intelligent response and intelligent decision-making support, making urban living lighting to achieve "smart" state. Therefore, in the implementation of smart lighting, although there is still a short board, its market prospect is extremely broad and it is worth the industry's expectation.

​The problem with the smart home market is fragmentation

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In recent years, it comes an endless stream of smart home products, in the just past Spring Festival, smart home into a "hot" new favorite. Alibaba's "2018 Chinese New Year's customs report" shows that during the Spring Festival, the amount of smart home consumption ranks No.1. Among them, the sweeping robot, smart TV, smart speakers, smart refrigerators, etc. for the best-selling home category.

At present, the smart home usher in rapid expansion, the target customers have shifted from high-end users, luxury home users to the middle class, ordinary white-collar workers. According to related data show that currently in the home appliances industry, smart products market share of washing machines reached 22.5%, air-conditioning up 18.54%, the refrigerator up 10.30%. By 2020, the penetration rate of smart home appliances will further increase. The share of smart appliances such as lighting, kitchen appliances and living appliances will reach 45%, 25% and 28% respectively.

Nowadays, the concept of smart home is more and more popular. With the further development of the Internet society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the wave of automation and intellectualization has also accelerated the popularization of intelligent terminals. The emergence and development of the Internet of Things and sensor technology have provided many conditions for the commercialization of smart home. However, the problem of the industry is gradually revealed. In fact, the smart home floor is still in its infancy, its ecology does not form a complete closed-loop. Performance in market penetration is not ideal either.

First of all, there are still some "pseudo-smart" products on the market such as smart speakers and smart air conditioners. The simple operation has become cumbersome because of the "smart", which is tantamount to superfluous. Second, the poor linkage between the products, seriously affecting the consumer experience. Finally, some smart home products have potential safety issues. After the Internet or become a criminal "spy", there are many who are free to steal through the smart home and monitor personal information and privacy.

The more serious problem is that smart home lacks the real interconnection of all things. In the absence of uniform industry standards, smart home products varied, different areas, different enterprises fight each other, each system; it is difficult to achieve information sharing, system compatibility and interoperability, single product incompatible, fragmented status is obvious.

At present, the fragmentation of smart home market is still very serious. Various industrial associations, communication protocols, and vendor alliances cannot provide users with a free choice of products and services under the circumstances of all parties involved. Taking into account that at present the fragmentation of smart home service is unable to can offer attractive user context, the consumer side has taken a wait-and-see attitude.

From the perspective of manufacturer, it is precisely because of the fragmentation of the market that it cannot effectively integrate the smart home related product services and provide valuable cross-vendor user scenarios, resulting in high integration costs and failure to concentrate on optimizing products and services.

Another problem is that the product fragmentation, the past platforms are based on a single product as a unit, the product certification through the platform to provide services, but this resulted in several problems:

1. Manufacturers must provide several sets of molds and soft firmware for different platforms, plus a small number of different industry characteristics, high development costs and inventory management difficulties.

2. The basic unit of IoT service has been upgraded from <single product> to <product portfolio + cloud service>, but most of the platforms are based on product-based development mechanism, products and services are abruptly dismantled, or need to be re- Porting services, manufacturers exhausted in the system integration rather than refining its services.

Therefore, in order to solve the current dilemma of smart home fragmentation, the service-oriented open platform based on <Product Portfolio + Cloud Services> need to change into horizontal cross-vendor cross-industry services.

Coupled with the smart home is not yet fully DIY self-installation services, products in noisy stores and online stores is difficult to sell, with 3C image and mobile phone / network environment / Introduction to the environment of the telecommunications store is the most appropriate access path for the product selling intelligent life category, coupled with the often encountered difficulties in installing and using the product after the consumer purchases, and then as more and more services and devices enter the home, both the installation and use of the consulting services will follow, which most of these vendors are unable to afford.

Therefore, the telecom operators who have been playing the role of industry neutrality and access have the basic service system such as large user base and store, customer service center, installation and collection of telecommunication bills, which is the most suitable service provider for the platform.

Telecom operators are also reducing the service revenue of voice calls. As a result, telecom operators are beginning to focus on various value-added service competitions such as electronic money packages, OTT, online shopping, commercial IoT platforms, and smart home services. Therefore, <vendors focus on the development of products and solutions> + <Services for the integration and value-added services of telecom operators> can effectively solve the current market fragmentation and the dilemma that services do not have a commercial outlet.

​What the new generation of smart watch products will be like?

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Small battery-powered smart watch, which smart features can be brought to users?

Time efficiency management, fun running, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, heart rate detection and other functions used in everyday scenes, allowing users to more intuitive understanding of their own lives, testing their own physical condition. Remote control camera, smart school, WeChat reminder, call reminder, alarm reminder, and reject calls, find the phone, battery reminders, wireless alerts and other functions that offer user a lot of great convenience. Smart watch has become a little housekeeper in life.

According to foreign media theVerge reported that the benefits of smart watches is that they just can put information on the wrist, so that you can easily view some of the information. But how about the information becomes more visible? For example, they show on your hand back? This seems exactly what Haier Asu watch want to achieve. This is a built-in projector smart watch.

It is conceivable that due to the built-in projector, so its head in many smart watches is not small, while the wearer's hand at this time is like a second screen.

Haier intends to use this projector to provide additional information in some usage scenarios. For example, you are running, the projector is projected on the back of the hand distance, time and progress and other fitness data, while the watch screen will be responsible for controlling the suspension and end of the user's exercise activities. In fact, the projector in your watch will support gestures: double-click in the hand to change what is displayed on the screen. Haier said the watch is still in the research and development stage.

It is reported that this device is expected to be listed in the Chinese market next quarter. In addition, Asu's projector has two other uses: a drawing application and a man and an octopus tentacle in which the man performs some simple dances, and after a few seconds he also projects onto the surface of hand, the man dancing on the back of hand.

Most of the current smart watches have the function of health monitoring, mainly for you to show blood pressure, pulse of these important health data. AURA recently introduced a smart watch that monitors mental health using biometric sensors to detect stress, anger, sadness, and happiness. The watch's display uses a similar ink-screen design, you can get the current perspective of the state of mind, these exactly like rings is your day's psychological changes, or psychological pressure changes. You can then review your overall data history to track when you experience different sentiments in order to make informed behavioral or situational changes.

When it comes to smartwatches, what can you think of? Is it the same appearance as a Xiaomi bracelet or similar to the Apple Watch phone set two in one? No matter whatever, it has been shown that smart wristband device has been deep into people's daily life. More and more people are concerned about the use of smart wristband products, impressed by the convenience brought by technology to life. However, on issue of smart wristband product life, it has been criticized for long time.

Many companies in the industry tirelessly seek solutions to endurance problems, but often without success. Recently appeared on the market a smart watch called D1, whether it is beautiful and minimalist appearance or its long life, have caused a lot of people's attention. In particular, the butcher-like price as low as 22 USD, a major hot topic in science and technology. Why a smart watch can stir such a big wave? I believe you can find the answer in its appearance and performance.

This smart watch is from Shenzhen Creative Story, there are two styles of black and white. And different from the common smart watch on market, D1 smart watch retains the style of the traditional watch, to inherit the traditional watch pursuit of technology. On appearance it’s use of simple design style, so that more than a redundancy, less weak points, giving the beauty for enjoy.

Smart watches not only bring the feast of beauty, meanwhile the user experience is also thoughtful. Use of breathable silicone strap makes wear more comfortable. Zinc alloy case, after a special treatment process, shining in the subtleties of its light. 316L medical stainless steel bottom shell, reduce the material damage to allergic skin.

On details of design, D1 smart watch can be said unique. Eye-catching hour pointer is with hollow design. When it reaches 3, 6, 9, 12, it is just a matter of including the literal cross-hatch. For the overall balance of watch, the pointer played a big role. The whole watch work fine, while taking the needs of people's daily lives into account, and even achieved a waterproof on 30 meters.

Eight months of battery life, 2 years of standby time, while eliminating the worry of charging smart devices, for so high-quality performance, how many companies can do? Apple watch? No, Apple watches, which occupy half of the market, can do just that for a day. Life can be used for 8 months, "no one without before" to describe it. So tough endurance and hardware and software configuration are related, the selection of the world's top power components, and the software algorithm has done a deep optimization, even if the watch away from the phone for 30 days, the data will still be stored on the watch, with comfortable.