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​4000mAh high power popular smartphones recommended

By Stephen Lee Yesterday 0 Views

Today's mobile phones in all respects have been greatly improved before, except in the battery with not much change. In order to make the product life more durable, Mobile phone manufacturers only in the design of the case to allow the phone's battery capacity bigger. At present, many mobile phones are equipped with more than 3000mAh battery, and those 4000mAh batteries are large capacity. With a large capacity battery, coupled with the mobile phone manufacturers to optimize the system and lower power consumption of the chip, under normal circumstances life time will not be poor.

Today, we recommend to you several mobile phones with battery capacity of 4000mAh, including the Honor V9, Jin Li M7, Meizu Blue Note6 and Huawei Mate 10, all of which are the current popular models, each product also has its own characteristics. In terms of price, the lowest of these models is only a thousand dollars, so it is suitable for the consumers who pursuit of cost-effective to buy. If recent you intend to buy an excellent mobile phone, may wish to consider these products.

Honor V9

V9 is a high-end model, equipped with unicorn 960 processor, and storage portfolio has 4GB +64 GB version, 6GB +64 GB version and 6GB +128 GB version of the multiple choices. Strong configuration with 4000mAh large capacity of battery is enough to heavy daily use.

Honor V9 uses a metal integrated body design, 5.7 inch 2K eye screen with 2.5D curved glass to form a very rounded body as a whole, with ultra-narrow frame. The back is still a one-piece metal body design, fingerprint identification module is also set in the back. The bottom interface using the flagship machine standard Type-C interface, support 9V / 2A high-speed charging standard. Honor V9 integrated 4000mAh battery but the fuselage thickness is only 6.97mm, relatively slim.

V9 with the front 8 million pixel camera, aperture F / 2.0, the main camera is a double 12 million pixel color + black and white dual camera, support for laser focus and deep focus, equipped with two-color warm flash. Honor V9 pre-installed with the Android 7.0-based EMUI 5.0 system, with excellent appearance and smooth experience.

Jin Li M7

The new Jin Li M7 continued advanced model advantage, based on original data security encryption chip the inside structure is installed with payment security encryption chip. In addition, Jin Li M7 keep up with the trend of the times, adding a full screen design, which with bright AMOLED material, while 4000mAh large-capacity battery with software optimization, so that the phone has a superior battery life.

On fuselage design, Jin Li M7 has a stronger visual impact of the full screen, the fuselage back cover with the sun pattern process, as well as the front screen glass cover of the special coating, looks very special. Jin Li M7 with 18: 9 full screen design, screen up to 85%. M7 equipped with based Android 7.1.1 amigo os 5.0 custom system, 6.01 inch ultra-clear full screen, the processor upgrade to Helio P30, supplemented by 6GB RAM +64 GB ROM. Front 8 million pixels, rear the 16 million +800 million pixel camera, rear dual-camera imitation of the eyes, through the imaging differences in the calculation of different objects depth of field. Body thickness of only 7.2mm, equipped with 4000mAh large capacity battery, support 9V2A fast charge solution, can intelligently adjust the charging current.

MEIZU blue Note6

Note6 not only equipped with flagship level dual camera, but also support full pixel dual-core focusing technology. Even more surprising is that Note6 also equipped with the Qualcomm Xiao Long processor that everyone looking forward to, as inheritance of young people fresh and simple style. Positive sensor symmetrical layout, mTouch key support Alipay, WeChat fingerprint payment. Body material for the 6 series of aluminum alloy, with obsidian black, peacock green, moon silver, champagne gold color. The back of the water-type flash and antenna fusion, two-color temperature 4-LED fill light to provide camera light, flashlight lighting. 4-LED flow lights also bring a special way to interact with the back, five flashing ways gracefully send different notification information.

In addition, the Note6 with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM storage portfolio, using 5.5-inch 1080P resolution screen, built-in 4000mAh capacity battery, support 18W fast charge, pre-installed based on Android 7.1 depth custom Flyme 6 system. In addition to SoC upgrade, front and rear camera is also called reborn. Note6 front 16 million pixel camera, with the support of rainbow soft algorithm brings more natural beauty effect. The rear camera is a 12 megapixel camera with the Sony IMX362 (or Samsung 2L7) sensor, with an aperture of F / 1.9 and a pixel size of up to 1.4 microns, supporting full-pixel dual-core focusing technology.

Huawei Mate 10

Recently, Huawei launched the Mate series of new flagship - Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Porsche design. Compare to previous exposure Huawei Mate 10 is basically the same, in all aspects relative to the previous generation products have a greater upgrade, equipped with a Kirin 970 processor, the third generation Leica dual camera.

In addition to the full screen, the body material change is a major highlight, from the previous metal material to the use of 3D surface glass back cover, and the use of front-fingerprint button design. Mate 10 screen sizes of 5.9 inches, the ratio of 16: 9, the resolution reached the 2K level, the color of Huawei Mate 10 provides bright black, mocha gold, champagne gold and sesame powder four color.

Huawei Mate 10 equipped with unicorn 970 processor, of which computing power after a continuous iteration was evolved very tough in the CPU, GPU and other conventional. CPU with 4 × A73 2.36GHz +4 × A53 1.8GHz architecture, energy efficiency increased by 20%; GPU, the first commercial Mali G72 (12 core), 20% performance improvement, energy efficiency increased by 50%. Storage, Mate 10 is 4 +64GB, 6 + 128GB; Mate 10 Pro is 6 +64GB, 6 + 128GB; Mate 10 Porsche designed for 6 + 256GB.

Above four models are all 4000mAh, basically can meet the one-day use, which in the current number of mobile phones already have a good performance. MEIZU Note6 is located in one thousand Yuan level, suitable for cost-effective consumer to buy. Both of Honor V9 and Jin Li M7 are priced at 2,500 Yuan or so, the former has a high value on appearance, while the latter mainly focus on system security. Huawei Mate 10 is a new released model, and the aircraft's hardware configuration has reached a very high level, suitable for pursuing high-performance consumer to purchase.

​Taking advantage of the recent expansion of Apple Google suddenly thrown a dirty meat

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Apple battery expansion constantly, so far there is no exact statement on the battery incident. Is the so-called accident during the transport process, or last year's Samsung Note7 design flaws repeat mistakes? We do not know. However, when Apple keeping in "inflated" Google drums to fully hard.

Earlier this month, on the new conference, Google breathily launched five hardware devices, in addition to the highly anticipated Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, there are high value of MAC Pixelbook, size and shell upgraded Google Home Mini / Max smart speakers, able to read picture of the smart camera Google Clips and understand 40 language Buds headphones. This is for the first time in the history of Google to launch the most complete hardware whole barrels.

Google this time the new season conference is with a ground of very eye-catching silver - "Made By Google", which can be associated with the previous Google requires all Android phone boot screen must show "Powered By Android". This time, Made more powerful than Powered, which means that Google from the original platform to provide software and hardware control in all directions. Google has its tradition that creates its own hardware equipment, such as Nexus series of mobile phones, Google Glass glasses, Chromebook laptop ... but compared to other terminal manufacturers’ tactics Google's hardware equipment can only be a small minority.

However, since last year, Google suddenly chose to focus on the outbreak of the hardware, launched a variety of first-hand terminal equipment by their own, including the first generation of Pixel / Pixel XL, Android VR benchmark DayDream, Google TV stick and hot Google Home. On the eve of this year's conference, Google spent $ 1.1 billion to recruited HTC members involved in creating Pixel mobile phone under the command.

Google pinch a good algorithm, made a good basket of good applications, but always maintained the ambiguous state in the hardware. Not Google is not able to make excellent end products, if you pull out the Nexus series, you will find only in the child machine to fully feel the powerful performance on Google App + Nexus hard and soft combination. Just Google does not intend to compete for the market, and believe that open source + cooperation is the way users really benefit.

The current Android occupies the global mobile phone system by nearly 90% of the market share. In addition to Google pixel, basically there is no terminal manufacturer in the use of native Android system. Google's idea is to achieve Android as a platform to the world's popularity of Google's whole barrel, but manufacturers invariably choose to remove Google content from Android system. Even the best partner Samsung is also trying to use their own application to replace the Google APPs, Samsung Bixby against on Google Assistant is the best proof. In this piece of seeking rebellious chaos under the chaos, the most unified place turned out to be the boot interface that "Powered By Android".

Hardware need to do their own, only Google himself best understand their own. And what can master their own software destiny can only be hardware made by itself. It is not too late to understand this point because the wave of AI is an important comeback after it's falling behind the hardware. Even a lot of opponents, Google in the field of AI has a unique advantage. In addition to not short of money, Google is the richest on algorithms and data, and these two parts are the key to the development of AI technology. So, the AI used in its own hardware, Google emboldened enough.

In the middle of this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google strategy from the original Mobile First to AI First, all the business content will be around the AI to plan layout. At the new press conference in October, Google once again referred to AI First, but also brought the "AI + software + hardware" trinity of the new strategy. So we can see, from Pixel 2 to Google Home, all the hardware products are aim to service for the AI. Google Clips that we think is used to spend the conference time even was inserted with an AI core. AI as the core of the hardware ecological layout is being formed.

Look at other hardware. On smart speakers, Google Home is currently in the United States share of more than 20%, not bad but yet not good. However, with other IT giants have been admitted, Google in the smart speaker will have a war. PC-side market on a piece of decadence, do not know where is the courage to dare to hang high prices to sell users almost a strange Chome OS.

If looking into the world, Google still has room for dealing with. If focusing on the Chinese market, Google basically no trick, at least for now. In addition to Google itself and domestic policy, the domestic intense market environment and AI technology leap-forward development is the big thing Google needs to face.

​iPhone 8 with the most backward wireless charging technology

By chris cui 4 days ago 914 Views No comments

Everyone said that Apple's pace of innovation in recent years is too slow, the system learn from Android, the use of new technologies are often lagging behind. Of course, Apple this cautious attitude to new technology and new features, to some extent, is the magic weapon that guarantees the history of iPhone can be top experienced. But this prudent final to make the iPhone 8 to become the most lack of passion product in iPhone history. Under the halo of iPhone X full screen, iPhone 8 is destined to become a supporting role, in addition to adding wireless charging function, with more performance, the iPhone 8 is really lack of interest, no wonder there will be sales bleak situation.

iPhone 8 conscience "wireless slow charge"

Has always been lonely Apple this time for the iPhone 8 / iPhone X added wireless charging technology supporting for Qi standard, that is, as long as wireless charger supports for the Qi standard can it can be used to charge for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. But disappointingly, the iPhone 8 / iPhone X supports wireless charging power of only 7.5W, while the latest Qi 1.2 standard supports higher charging power. What is this concept? 7.5W power is only a little bit higher than Apple's original 5W power adapter.

In contrast, the old rival Samsung in the wireless charging filed takes the step pace that larger, not only support 15W power, compatible with QC 2.0, but also compared to Apple's official wireless charger, Samsung sells much cheaper. Officials say the iPhone 8 supports fast charging, "30 minutes can be charged up to 50% power", but in fact to achieve fast charging must buy A1540 (29W), A1718 (61W), A1719 (87W) any type of power adapter as well as Type-C charging line, as the attached adapter is still 5V / 1A (5W).

However, even if the new iPhone wireless charging efficiency is not satisfactory, we do not have to be discouraged. As a benchmark for smart phones, Apple's every move can be said to affect the other manufacturers of the nerve, such as full screen, Face ID, and the wireless charges mentioned in this article, if no accident will be the hottest technology in recent years in the field of smart phones. The day for popularity of wireless charging is not far away.

Wireless charging status

At present, wireless charging technology business areas are mainly two major league: WPC, AirFuel, and three major standards: Qi (support most equipment), PMA, Rezence (star of tomorrow). Which Qi standard to WPC-led, while PMA, Rezence are AirFuel-led. There are many ways to achieve wireless charging, of which common are magnetic field induction, magnetic resonance, electric field sensing and electromagnetic waves. The magnetic field sensor and magnetic resonance is the current realization of wireless charging commercial mainstream technology, are the use of space magnetic field transfer energy.

Based on the magnetic field sensor the wireless charging technology, is essentially almost the same as hollow transformer, theory is simple, technology is mature, low cost, is a widely popular technology. The Qi and PMA wireless charging standards are based on magnetic field induction (Qi in the latest standard specification is also included in the magnetic field resonance support). However, the magnetic field sensor technology has a significant flaw, that is, low degree of freedom of space, the phone needs to be accurately placed on the charging position, cannot have too many vertical intervals. At current the maximum distance between Qi 1.2 standard equipment and charging base is 45mm, which is still a great gap away from expected.

In order to solve the shortcomings of magnetic field sensing technology, the second generation of wireless charging technology, that is, magnetic resonance technology came into being. The rise of magnetic resonance technology originated in 2008 MIT an experiment, the researchers lit a 60W light bulb, the first time the world realize that wireless charging can play so much. Compared to Qi's magnetic field sensing technology, the Rezence standard has the advantage of being able to achieve efficient energy transfer in a larger range and achieve higher spatial degrees of freedom. Because Rezence uses Bluetooth instead of magnetic field sensing technology, the magnetic field coupling communicates with the device, so it is more reliable and supports multiple devices to charge at the same time.

However, the magnetic resonance technology to achieve is much more difficult than the magnetic field sensor. There is no commercial product and ultimately how high charging efficiency and how far charging distance can be achieved is still unknown. In contrast, as of 2017, the world has more than 200 million equipment supporting Qi standard, Qi wireless charger and built-in Qi wireless charging furniture, peripherals have sprung up in front of consumers. Although Rezence is more powerful, within a short time the status of Qi is still difficult to shake.

​Will the iPhone X drive the smartphone market to resume growth?

By chris cui 5 days ago 179 Views No comments

According to Gartner latest forecast data show that in 2018 global smart phone sales will resume growth, in which iPhone X is the main driving force for United States, China and the European market. From Gartner's report, global smartphone shipments in 2018 will reach 1.9 billion, accounting for 86% of global mobile phone sales, including functional machines, up 6% from 2017.

Despite the high price, the iPhone X will be the main driver of growth in North America, China and Western Europe. "Considering that the iPhone X will begin shipping in late November, we expect the iPhone will enter a large-scale replacement cycle in 2018," said Roberta Cozza, director of research at Gartner. At the same time Gartner also said that the shortage of parts is an important factor that limited iPhone X in sales in this quarter, so that the demand for shipments to be delayed to next year.

According to news from the supply chain, in the iPhone X production process, component capacity is the most obvious problem, of which the 3D camera module is the biggest bottleneck of the current production. But now, iPhone X this technical bottleneck has been gradually resolved, production capacity is expected to gradually recover. Gartner predicts that the total shipments of tablets and smartphones will reach 335 million, an increase of 2%. Of course, due to increased sales of mobile devices, PC shipments will drop by 4.4%.

Research director said that this does not mean that PC users are declining, but the product update cycle becomes longer. According to previous surveys, 40% of respondents said they still use PC and tablet PCs, such as reading e-mail or watching videos, while 34% of respondents prefer to use smartphones. For the personal computer market, PC users use a long time, update speed is slow, which are still the most important issue. In contrast, users are willing to change their smartphones more frequently.

However there is a bad news may influence the sales growth of iPhone in future. Since the release of Apple iPhone X the US Senate Sen. Al Franken question face recognition technology Face ID on Safety performance, Apple responded to this question once again made a response. Apple's vice president of public policy, Cynthia Hogan, said that when Face ID's sensor detects that the user wants to unlock the iPhone, Face ID will read the user's face image and send the information to the secure processor for processing, and the user's face information will be encrypted and will only be stored locally.

Apple released a white paper in September, answering many of the same questions, such as the actual number and duration of the company's retention of user images, and which applications can use Face ID. In response to a US Senate, Apple reiterated the point it made in the white paper, noting that the third party of the mobile phone would not store or send facial information.

Obviously, Franken expressed satisfaction with the answer and appreciated the company's efforts to answer his questions about how to solve this concern. Franken said he intends to follow suit and learn more about how Apple is planning to protect consumer data. Allegedly, this is not Franken for the first time questioned the use of biometric technology by Apple. In 2013, when Apple announced the Touch ID Fingerprint Identification, he wrote the letter to Apple CEO Cook to question on it.

Although the general view of analysts and media thinks that due to DepthCamera components and special-shaped OLED screen production problems, iPhone X distribution will be postponed until the beginning of next year. However, according to DigiTimes reported that from the supply chain the latest resources show that the yield rate has been properly resolved, so iPhone X is unlikely to be delayed.

Familiar with Apple's supply chain insiders said, iPhone X is expected to start delivery in November and December, but the supply will still be more intense, and this situation will continue until the first quarter of next year. That is to say, although the iPhone X will be on November 3 on sale, in the first two months it’s still difficult to buy.

Up to now, iPhone X has been extended to 35 production lines, the daily output is about 25 million units, 3D sensing module supply is normal, still in full swing in the expansion line, is expected to expand to 50-60 lines at the end of October, and to 100 production lines by the end of November. As expansion progress exceeded market expectations, the current Apple industry chain is still in the industry growing cycle.

One good news for iPhone X is from Wall Street, of which a company said the new iPhone X will drive Apple's smartphone sales to new highs. Wall Street Company GBH Insights rating on Apple's stock "very attractive” expects iPhone sales next year will be more than expected. Analyst Daniel Ives mentioned in a report the possibility that the iPhone X and its range of technologies may bring super cycle. However, he also believes that Apple is in a critical period, iPhone X's success will have a significant impact on the future.

​iPhone 8 – The First Choice for Black Friday Shopping

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Since black Friday bring us so much joy on shopping, we all hope we can get the goods we want for discount on price. Digital products take up an important part in the market because of the rapid update generation and new develop function. IPhone series is famous on cellphone market. With the development of technology, iPhone is become more and more complete and creative both on function and out style. Here we introduce some aspects of iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 smartphone was launched in September 2017. The phone comes with a 4.70-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 750 pixels by 1334 pixels at a PPI of 326 pixels per inch. Apple iPhone 8 price in India starts from Rs. 59,999.

The Apple iPhone 8 is powered by hexa-core Apple A11 Bionic processor and it comes with 2GB of RAM. The phone packs 64GB of internal storage that cannot be expanded. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Apple iPhone 8 packs a 12-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 7-megapixel front shooter for sallies.

The Apple iPhone 8 is a single SIM (GSM) smartphone that accepts a Nano-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope and Barometer.

  • 1.Double crystal glass surface cover

As the 11th cellphone generation of Apple, this is a new most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. You have a choice of three colors: Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. At first glance, the Space Gray appears black, but look closer and you’ll see that the glass is tinted dark gray. The Silver is much as you’d expect and the Gold has a peachy tint to it. The ugly antenna bands have been reduced to small strips at the top and bottom of each side. You’ll find the power button and SIM card tray on the right spine, and the volume controls and switch on the left. The Lightning port on the bottom edge is flanked by a speaker and microphone, and there’s nothing up top. There’s no triumphant return for the 3.5mm audio port, but Apple includes a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter in the box. This new fashion outside look attracts customers and meets their favor in the global market.

  • 2.Powerful Function of A11 Bionic CPU

The A11 features an Apple-designed 64-bit ARMv8-A six-core CPU, with two high-performance cores, called Monsoon, and four energy-efficient cores, called Mistral. The A11 uses a new second-generation performance controller, which permits the A11 to use all six cores simultaneously, unlike its predecessor the A10. The A11 also integrates an Apple-designed three-core graphics processing unit (GPU) with 30% faster graphics performance than the A10. Embedded in the A11 is the M11 motion coprocessor. The A11 includes a new image processor which supports computational photography functions such as lighting estimation, wide color capture, and advanced pixel processing. The A11 also includes dedicated neural network hardware that Apple calls a "Neural Engine", which can perform up to 600 billion operations per second, used for Face ID, Animoji and other machine learning tasks. New generation of CPU make the phone operated smoothly, and make the phone better and better.

  • 3.Wireless charger and face recognition screen unlock

Wireless charge is a new feature of iPhone 8 and 8 plus. This makes the convenience to our life when use a cellphone. Battery life is an area where Apple really needed to play catch up, so it’s disappointing to find that the iPhone 8 has an even smaller battery than its predecessor at 1,821 mAh. Thankfully, that disappointment is mitigated by the fact that Apple has added fast-charging support, so you can charge up 50 percent of the battery in 30 minutes. There’s also wireless charging support through the Qi standard, made possible by the new glass back.

Choose the iPhone 8 to purchase is a smart choice on black Friday shopping. Cellphoneage offers iPhone of all models, you can also land on our website for a view.

​Teach you how to seize Halloween business opportunities

By chris cui 6 days ago 306 Views

For mobile phone accessories and related products sellers, Halloween can almost hold up the entire October sales. In order to help sellers to better enhance the holiday sales, the major business platforms not only carried out a variety of promotional preheating, but also with the use of internal data statistics count out of selling goods and sales guide to share to sellers.

According to Google's latest survey, more than 165 million people will celebrate this year's Halloween; an average of $ 75 will be spent on purchases of accessories, sweets, clothing and peripheral products; the total cost of the entire holiday season Will be as high as 7.5 billion US dollars; the cost only in mobile phone cases will be more than 3 million US dollars, while 23 million people intend to dress up for their pets carefully. See here, many sellers may fell both excited and blood boiling, feeling a wave of orders have been flying.

What is most popular during Halloween?

All kinds of strange home decorations have been a hot category during the Halloween sale. eBay category manager suggested that Chinese sellers give priority to the development on: Halloween theme of the phone cases, mobile phone ornaments, corolla, lighting, candles, lanterns and other goods (please remember to add the keyword in the name "Halloween"); for People who like their own hands on DIY to provide some handicrafts or raw materials; outdoor jewelry, zombies, tombstones and other themes that can be decorated with porch and courtyard scary and interesting goods; simple purple with orange can also be a Halloween theme design.

The arrangement and theme of the American Halloween are more popular with horrific and bloody design, while the layout and theme of the European region is more popular with interesting and horrifying atmosphere. "Give sugar or make bad" is the fine tradition of Halloween, so the demand for children's theme goods should not be ignored: parents want to prepare some flash, light sticks, light shoes, so that children in the dark scurry can also keep safe Items; candy and other small ornaments can also bring decorations for people's Halloween parties.

In addition, some e-commerce platform category managers suggested that everyone when listing on goods should fully take into account for different countries the holiday cultural preferences. For example, American consumers prefer to compare bloody horror types when purchasing Halloween merchandise, while British consumers prefer lively and funny types.

How to develop marketing strategy?

In addition to the category, if you want to impact the sales during the Halloween, may wish to try to provide some promotions, such as the use of "promotional management tools" to carry out portfolio management, such as "for specify goods to buy one with free one" or "Over 50 minus 15" or "related products or related goods associated promotions"; you can also use your shop home page for Halloween items to show, or use the "characteristic goods" to show Halloween theme; the same time, the shop bulletin board is also a good tool for your promotion to shake the flag; besides, increase and optimize the window picture, so that mobile consumer to buy more easily.

Promotion through SNS works

In addition to diligent to take care of your own shops, the role of social networks should not be overlooked. Consumers will be online search for a variety of mobile phone and the latest hot spots and strange thinking, so may wish to take full advantage of your social network channels for them to open more creative ideas, do not forget to promote your shop’s goods. When you have enough data support, coupled with the support of promotional cheats, Halloween can definitely be a great opportunity to promote sales, hoping seller can be the same excited as us for Halloween sales reach a new high record.

Pay attention to e-mail marketing

For market staff e-mail is one of the TOP three major marketing channels to deal with holiday shopping, as e-mail marketing is the most cost-effective among various promoting methods, response rate is comparably high, easy to implement and have a direct impact in promoting the purchase. "Free shipping" is the most commonly used e-mail marketing promotion strategy, accounting for much higher than the use of other mail headlines, able to enhance by 54% of the mail marketing turnover rate.

In addition to free shipping, e-mail marketing on title with the offer price is better, 92% of the festive promotional mail will use "percent off" "% off" "$ off" "discount" words, greatly improve the rate. The heading closer to the theme of festival, the more the title will help increase the opening rate. Such as Halloween, the title with "ghost" mail is 60% higher of open rate than ordinary mail, according statistics of individual special keywords mail open rate and the general comparison chart, "DIY" is the most popular.

Although the holiday marketing needs to be prepared in advance, the purchase peak is more hidden in the festival itself or even after the holiday. Near the Halloween clothing accessories related search rate keeps fast growth, while mobile phone accessories search and sales continue to after the holiday. So sellers should be based on different stages of customer search and taste to set up different versions of e-mail, to identify the marketing opportunity.

For the sake of brand intellectual property protection, Chinese sellers have ever been very careful during Halloween sales, but the rise of DIY trend has brought new business opportunities for them. More important, as one of daily essentials, mobile phone will always be one of the most focus products in long future time. So mobile phone accessories and repair parts will also be hot products in Halloween holiday sales, which is a new opportunity for online sellers.

2017 latest black Friday shopping raiders

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Black Friday is one of the biggest United States annual discount holidays, and it also indicates the beginning of the year the largest promotional season in USA. The American people do not eat or drink to catch the day to go shopping, before 0:00 the entering door of major supermarkets is early full of people. Faced with this crazy shopping season, all business dealers will launch a variety of promotional activities that make people dizzying to buy, while online shops will also be the same to offer discount good. And this day is one of the important revenue opportunities for sellers, with the red corresponding to the deficit, in the traditional accounting method, the black means profit, so this day has also been called black Friday.

According to third-party data, this year's cross-border online shopping transactions are expected to close to 1 trillion. Over the past four years the average annual growth rate remained at 30%, and this year is breaking 40%. Cross-border online shopping group will also account for 15% of the overall online shopping crowd, a full speed of 2 years faster than the industry originally expected, is expected to in 2017 will reach a historic 30%. Among them, the rapid growth of the second and third levels of market has become the main pulling force. According to professional organizations predict, both from the breadth and depth of "overseas online shopping market, high - speed growth, will reach the peak in the next two or three years.

US black Friday shopping rebate websites

Ebate and Extrabux the two main rebate sites, which will often launch some joint activities with domestic transport companies. Also note that a lot of sites recommended by Ebate and Extrabux are relatively poor shopping sites in USA, do not recommend everyone to go to the entire rebate website for shopping. Among these eBay, drugstore, GNC, Levis, macys, Ashford, and the above recommended sites are much praised, for other sites that not common it’s suggested not to buy.

Transport Company

TransRush is a subsidiary of the company Delivery Quartet Group which is started from doing cross-border logistics, and later covered the online business and software. TransRush has the United States, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Australia, Britain and other six lines, while other transshipment companies are not so huge. What focus recommended is United States ISS Singapore postal line, TransRush exclusive. The line is the postal customs clearance, the goods over the customs is a sampling, do not need to upload identity cards. This line is particularly suitable for high-priced items such as laptops, mobile phones and so on. TransRush also offers many promotions, as coupons simply casually sent. What most powerful is the cooperation with the Bank of China and the Agricultural Bank of China credit card, the current payment via Bank OF China is 60% off! China Merchants Bank recently also has an event, offering 100 RMB coupons, you can check out TransRush website for details.

Black Friday Customs clearance and tax payment

Tax is a gray area, no company can guarantee you tax included, and speed, do not expect. At present, the customs clearance of the ordinary express clearance of the company is mainly in Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, where Tianjin and Shenzhen are more stringent. During the black Friday, the customs inspection may be stricter than usual, electronic products such as laptop audio and other is 20% of tax rate, shoes is 10% of tax rate, underwear is 20% of tax rate.

Notes during United States black Friday shopping

1. For black Friday valuables please buy insurance, TransRush is according to 1.5% of declare price, transit China has compulsory insurance, stupid bird transport is according to the declared price of 3%. Note that the higher the declaration price, the greater the amount of tax paid by the customs.

2. During Black Friday the transport company's warehouse may be burst, operating time will be delayed, the most important thing is the flight schedule will be very tense, small transport company may delay the flight very serious. It is recommended to maintain the usual mentality, choose the appropriate transshipment company.

3. During period of Black Friday is not suitable for the purchase of urgent or shorter shelf life of goods, such as winter clothes, shoes, and cereals, chocolate and so on. Black Friday delivery time may be more than 30 days, compared to domestic delivery international transit time will be obviously slower.

4. In black Friday single product shock price will be more, individual products repeatedly burst the price of surprising low, especially in the digital small household electrical appliances. Another shopper is often easily led by sellers’ low prices. Do not buy only because of low price, lose hands and minds, and forget your real needs.

When travel to the United States, and then if you can catch up with the black Friday, shopping is essential. November is the best time to travel to USA. It for Americans has become a kind of atmosphere to do shopping in black Friday day, more precisely, is a shopping culture. Friday is also generally a statutory rest day, and as not far from the Christmas, this excellent business opportunity must not be missed.

​Nubia Z17S evaluation: four cameras with borderless full-screen

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Stars, the sea, the desert why always give us a feeling of wide shock? Because they are boundless, there is no limit, because "seen the vastness of the universe, only to know the human is so tiny." When the full screen meets borderless will crash what kind of spark? Probably like two stars colliding, exploding, crushing, blending, reshaping, the new world was born.

Nubia Z17S is a flagship mobile phone which can refresh your cognitive, not only for Nubia itself, but also for the entire mobile phone market. Has been developing on no border for many years Nubia finally achieved it with the support of full screen, and meanwhile Nubia also completed full cover screen itself. In addition to the amazing value, Nubia Z17S inside configuration is also surprising, Xiao Long 835, 8 GB large memory, front and rear double camera.

Nubia Z17S equipped with high-pass Xiao Long 835 processor, memory combination of 6 / 8GB +64 / 128GB, the screen is 5.73 inches 2040x1080P resolution, the camera front for the double 500 million pixels, rear for the 23 million +12 million pixels. The system is Nubia UI 5.1 based on Android 7.1, battery capacity of 3100mAh, support 26W fast charge, color has aurora blue, black gold two colors. The overall configuration is luxurious.

Nubia is known as no border, when the original Nubia Z9 just came out, really make many people shocking. Later, with the introduction of full cover screen phone, we also think that this is the future of the phone look like this. Nubia Z17S is very good combination of the two concepts, the upper and lower forehead is very narrow, almost no side of the border, 90.35% of the screen accounted rate, holding in hand suddenly gave a sense of holding a screen only. I believe you across the screen, can feel the shock.

Although the Nubia Z17S screen size reached 5.73 inches, but the width is maintained at about 72mm, equivalent to an ordinary 5.2-inch size of the width of the phone, one hand holding has no pressure. Some users may ask where the Nubia classic dots have gone. Let me tell you, Nubia changed into a virtual dot in the screen, while the function keeps the same as before.

Fingerprint recognition is not canceled, but move to the back of the phone. The back of the material for the surface 3D glare glass, is Corning provided gorilla glass, wear resistant wrestling. Four-surface design brings a very rounded excellent feel, and in the sun's exposure the effect is charming, it is truly beautiful. The middle frame is used in the 7 series aviation grade aluminum alloy, a certain degree of curvature, and very good and the fuselage front and rear the glass together, not only feel good but also particularly beautiful.

Photography is Nubia gene, which has long been flowing in the flesh and blood of the Nubian phone. "Readily shoot a good photo," the slogan, it is easy to say, do it difficult. Nubia Z17S uses a new dual-camera program, with 23 million pixels +2400 million light and focus unit (2 × 12 million pixels) dual color camera, using an exclusive custom depth of field chip to support 17 background blur adjustment, full pixel dual- Supports twice the dual-camera zoom, you can achieve SLR camera-level multi-point focus (25 focus). Good hardware is the basis of excellent experience, and the new NeoVision 7.0 video engine let the Nubia Z17S even more powerful.

Due to limited time, failed to make a deep experience, we readily took a few proofs to see if the Nubia Z17S can honor their commitments. Although north China has been snow, but Shenzhen is still very hot in October, and the sun is very strong. Nubia Z17S exposure control is very good, although the light feels violent, and the screen did not appear obvious overexposure.

Enlarge picture to 100% for view, the edge of distant building looks clear and sharp, very little coating, the resolution is also doing well. Color reduction can refer to the following two pictures, you can see Nubia Z17S tuning style is biased in the real, the tone will not be particularly beautiful to please the eye, but it is very natural and comfortable.

Benefits from the F / 1.8 large aperture and 1.4μm unit pixel, Nubia Z17S shoot out of the photo brightness is sufficient, and what rare is that the noise control is very good, and resolution, white balance, etc. are also in excellent standards. Nubia’s many years of effort on mobile phone photography is well reflected on the Z17S, and the foundation is very solid, really readily able to shoot a satisfactory good picture.

Why so many people are always so keen on borderless, no border things? Probably it’s because of the human nature of love freedom and do not want to be bound. Borderless full-screen mobile phone is the release of human vision and hands, not only expand the eyesight vision, but also have an excellent one hand grip feel.

Equipped with Xiao Long 835, 6GB starting big memory, four-surface glare 3D glass, front and rear flagship dual camera and explosive cost-effective, Nubian Z17S like a blockbuster to the entire mobile phone market.

How to Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

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If you have recently purchased an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus and notice that you don’t see a numeric percentage number or “battery life percentage” for battery life you can change the feature. Being able to change this feature to show percentage battery is a great way to exactly know how much battery you have left on your iPhone 8.

We use our Apple iPhone all day and likely want to know how to show percentage of battery. Instead of having to guess the battery percentage life, you can see exactly how much you have left, rather than staring at a green bar. And the best way to do this is by switching on “battery life percentage”.

Follow these steps to learn how to show battery percentage of battery on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

1. Turn on iPhone

2. Select on Settings

3. Tap on Battery

4. Switch on Battery Percentage

​9.7 inch iPad Pro evaluation: no way to iPad Air2

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Whenever you see the reports that tablet PC sales amount dropped will recall the glory of the market past. What behind brilliant is the decline, as it is the inevitable law of the development of all things, which has been proved by countless facts. Tablet PC sales after reaching the highest point followed by a sharp drop. In the downward trend, iPad did not escape the fate of the decline.

Faced with the disappointed market potentials, Tablet PC manufacturers have to take measures to countercurrent, but for most manufacturers the fact was as ideal as imagine. Apple in 2015 mid-September new conference launched a new Tablet PC product iPad Pro, and maybe we call it two-in-one tablet more appropriate. It broke the definition of iPad products by Apple over the years, as whether it is Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard both are the first time to appear in the iPad product.

The brand new 9.7-inch iPad Pro uses the same size as the iPad Air 2 display. And on the size both are exactly the same, the height is 240mm, width is 169.5mm, the same thickness of 6.1mm, the same weight of 437 grams. If put two machines together, at first glance the two are exactly the same. Of course, they are still in the subtle differences. One of the most obvious features for 9.7 inch iPad Pro is to increase the rose gold color, with up to four kinds of color so that consumers have more choices.

9.7 inch iPad Pro equipped with a four-speaker system, on the four corners of fuselage there is each a high-fidelity speaker, which can create a very rich, wide, delicate sound field. In addition, the four-speaker system can be automatically adjusted, according to the user to use the state to adjust the volume of four speakers, bringing a unique hearing joy.

Smart Keyboard is a unique part of the iPad Pro family, through the Smart Connector two-way data and power transmission can be achieved between the tablet and keyboard. As long as the two can be connected immediately you can input text, and then after disconnected the screen keyboard will appear in the first time before your eyes. The two convergences are fast and natural, so that maximum guarantee that users get the best use experience.

Vaguely remember Jobs once said "people do not need touch pen", but in 2015 September, Apple finally launched iPad Pro with a pencil, and this also means that the end of Jobs era and after Jobs Time comes. In fact, for consumers, with or without Apple Pencil only involves in Product function. For Apple it is not just a functional breakthrough, but the breakthrough of product concept, which broke the Steve Jobs’ constraints on Apple Product.

As an extension of iPad Pro product line, the launched mini iPad Pro naturally also supports Apple Pencil. In Apple's understanding Apple Pencil is a pen rather than the traditional stylus, because Apple Pencil itself does not support multi-touch, and when using it anti-wrong touch function will open, which means only users unable to use the multi-touch function, zoom or narrow picture will become very troublesome, significantly reduce the finger touch experience.

The existence of Apple Pencil is really just for painting, whether on exterior design or application optimization apple are considering for painting. The purpose of Apple is to make it a real brush even in the function beyond the ordinary brush. Compared to the iPad Pro, mini iPad Pro's display looks smaller, but this won’t bring any trouble for normal use. Picture unlimited zoom or narrow function guarantees small size screen can also bring good painting experience, while the traditional painting tools cannot match. On the 9.7-inch iPad Pro display we can draw the actual size of ten times, one hundred times or even thousands of times in the 9.7-inch paintings, while a pen can be used to complete a variety of effects achieved by brush. This is the charm of iPad painting.

Although the virtual keyboard to a certain extent can meet the input needs, if use Tablet PC as a productivity tool, then the virtual keyboard is absolutely incompetent. Smart Keyboard is a portable keyboard that Apple has tailored to improve productivity when using iPad Pro. With the ingenious design of the keyboard mode and protective cover mode switch is very elegant, "typing", "watch", "cover" three modes also let Smart Keyboard function no longer monotonous.

Smart Connector is a unique feature of the iPad Pro series, and is the basic guarantee for Smart Keyboard function can be implemented. Taking into account of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro body size cannot be applied to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro designed Smart Keyboard, Apple alone designed a small-size Keyboard, the same custom fabric laser burning technology so that each button in the Spring-like tension at the same time do not need the traditional mechanical formation, the most important thing is its surface also has the ability of anti-pollution and waterproof.

Although i9.7 inch iPad Pro using the same display size and resolution as iPad Air 2, both are 2048 × 1536, Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro added more new technology, bringing more excellent screen Brightness and ultra-low reflectivity. Its brightness can reach 500nit while reflectivity even 40% lower than iPad Air 2. 9.7-inch iPad Pro equipped with this display performance is also very good, color saturation is 25% higher than the iPad Air 2 display, to the Hollywood color standard, and has the same color space as digital film, the screen display more vivid and realistic.

It is worth mentioning that, True Tone display technology to join makes the 9.7-inch iPad Pro display becomes more intelligent, it uses four-channel ambient light sensor, according to the user to tell the environment of the light automatically adjust the color and intensity of the screen To the appropriate state, so that the iPad's reading experience becomes more comfortable, but also eliminates the need of frequently adjust the screen brightness.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people 9.7 inch iPad Pro is the shrink version of 12.9 inch iPad Pro, but the size reduction does not mean to compromise on function and performance. 9.7-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch version are the same equipped with Apple's latest 64-bit A9X processor, the overall performance is 1.8 times stronger than the iPad Air 2 equipped with A8X processor, reaching the desktop level, even stronger than 80% PC performance. Its graphics processor performance is equivalent to twice the iPad Air 2, compared with the previous generation iPad is to enhance by 360 times.

Apple's own definition of iPad Pro has been out of the traditional Tablet PC out. In addition to the traditional audio and video game features Tablet PC is a productivity tool, as its main purpose is to office. With the 12.9-inch iPad Pro we can see that Apple has turned its attention from the game entertainment function to the more important office. This time, the launch of 9.7-inch iPad Pro both has richened iPad Pro product line but also as a masterpiece to layout office tablet computer market.