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Apple mobile phone recovery into a recipe

By Stephen Lee Yesterday 76 Views

Recently, the problem of Apple’s old mobile phone slows down makes so many Apple users worried. In fact, shortened cell phone life is an indisputable fact. There are many ways to solve the problem of old mobile phones, and the flashback of Apple mobile phone recycling may be a coup.

Regardless of performance, design or trend, even if the old mobile phone to run smoothly, its value will be with the introduction of new mobile phones significantly decreased. Therefore, many people change the frequency is very high, often in a year or two to replace the new phone. Flashback observed in the industry found that the replacement frequency to make second-hand mobile phones is becoming more and more popular. According to a "national exchange of people survey" statistics show that among the after 90s group, less than one year replacement machines once or twice the proportion of the population was significantly higher than other age groups. As the main crowd nowadays mobile phone spending, after 90s group has become a new force in promoting the consumption of second-hand mobile phones.

In many types of mobile phones, apple mobile phone recycling is undoubtedly the most concern. The reason is self-evident - Apple mobile phone hedging rate is much higher than other mobile phones, the recovery of higher value. According to another big data report, after one year of use, the price of Android phones is only 51% of the original price, while the price of Apple mobile phones is still 65%. High value-added rate to promote Apple's mobile phone recycling hot in the market.

In addition, the emergence of specialized recycling platform and mobile phone recycling system, from the objective for the Apple mobile phone recycling has also created a good condition. Compared with the past messy scattered recycling channels, today's mobile recycling platform is establishing a stable recovery channels and recycling processes. Take flash recycling as an example, the platform strictly pursues the rapid and rigorous recovery process, and obtains the trust of consumers with meticulous recovery services.

At present, Apple's cell phone recycling process has been very mature on the flash recovery platform. Users only need to choose the correct model on the public platform or official website of Flash Recycle for valuation, after the order is submitted, the phone will be sent to the recovery address through SF. Flash recovery received the phone the same day, you can complete professional testing, and then the first professional quality inspection report will be sent to the user, the user can wait for payment confirmation. From ordering to testing and then receiving payment, the whole process is fast, convenient and safe. The user can complete the Apple cell phone recycling process within 24 hours without leaving home.

If the rigorous and rapid recovery process is only "basic operation", then the attractive recovery of the price is flashback to capture the hearts of users, "killer." Historically, higher recycling prices have been a key benefit of Flash Recycling, which has attracted a large number of users. The quoted price given by Flash Recycling is not only far higher than that of Apple, but also stands out in comparison with other recycling platforms.

Old not new to not come. Older phones slowing down is not terrible, I do not know the old conservative thought should be abandoned. Concerned about the recovery of the Apple cell phone flash recycling, to solve the old phone troubles.

Recently, Apple mobile phone products have taken a new trend, the new iPhone SE will be released in 2018. This is undoubtedly an excellent message for loyal Apple screen users. However, the flashback proposal proposed for the redemption of the new version of iPhone SE users, the use of Apple's mobile phone recycling can be more rational, less expensive to spend.

Recycling of Apple's mobile phones can solve a lot of difficulties for mobile phone users who are not economically adequate. Nowadays, second-hand mobile phones have been accepted by more and more people due to the improvement of technology. More and more people use mobile phones to remove old mobile phones. However, Flash Reminder reminded Apple's official launch of the recovery service is not cost-effective, and its recovery prices completely below the expectations of consumers. Thus, choose what kind of Apple mobile phone recycling platform, has become a question that needs thinking.

Comparing the official channels of Apple cell phone recycling, flash recovery such as professional recycling platform is more popular. The reason is that Flash Recycling can provide higher recycling prices and more detailed recycling services. All along, Flash Recycling are "maximizing the interests of users" as a criterion, to give the customer a satisfactory offer. For the price of Apple cell phone recycling concern, Flash received the price are given in the official double over Apple.

In addition to the outstanding price, flashback technical service level is also a big advantage. Flash Recycling As the name implies, lightning-fast recycle rates are the goal of its pursuit, and mature, fast recycle processes greatly enhance the user experience. To Apple mobile phone recycling, for example, the specific recovery process is as follows: Users in the official website of the flash recovery or WeChat public number, select the recycling model, check the corresponding status of the old machine, you can see the phone recycling price, online submission of recycling orders , Waiting SF Express pick up the whole process a few minutes to complete. Flashback received the package will be opened under the video surveillance test and issue a quality inspection report and then give money, from the receipt of the package to complete the payment of no more than 24 hours.

​Which are there high-tech on smart device in 2018?

By Stephen Lee 2 days ago 139 Views No comments

The latest technologies and products on display each year at CES are indicative of the research and development trends in science and technology that year. These trends will determine the direction of the consumer technology industry in the coming years, such as VR and artificial intelligence in recent years. CES exhibition is also involved in many areas, including mobile phones, PCs, home appliances, automobiles, artificial intelligence and so on.

First to say that we are more concerned about this CES, a big surprise is undoubtedly the domestic manufacturers’ vivo to the first screen of the fingerprint phone. Its screen fingerprinting technology is provided by Synaptics, screen fingerprinting is expected to further enhance the proportion of full screen mobile phone screen, and bring superior user experience.

Foreign media said that under this vivo screen fingerprint recognition unlock speed is very fast; the success rate is also high. It is understood that vivo technology used in this scratch-resistant, waterproof, wet hand operation has a good support.

In addition, Huawei will launch the Mate10 in the United States through CES to enter the US market. Last year Huawei released the Mate 9 series again at CES and announced that it will launch the Alexa voice assistant on Amazon into the U.S. market. Hurry up CES 2018 opening occasion, Huawei has been in the streets of New York, the United States arranged a large number of Mate 10 series ads, so the Mate 10 series will still be Huawei's key products at CES.

In addition, LG will launch K series of new products, Sony introduced the new L series of low-end models and XA series of new machines, Samsung will show 2018 models A8 and A8 +. Google will also be debuting CES 2017 with the Pixel 2 / XL smartphone released in early October, the first time that Google has taken CES as a vendor.

Every year, CES is the home of home appliances. Among them, the more emphasis is placed on TVs, and the technologies such as OLED, QLED, 4K and HDR are dazzling. This year's CES, 8K will be the main competition point last year's LG OLED arcade is very cool this year, LG introduced 88-inch OLED TV with a resolution of 8K level, is currently the world's largest 8K OLED TV. In addition, LG will continue to introduce wall series can be integrated into the wallpaper series of ultra-thin TV; the size will be even greater.

The concept of smart home has also been proposed for many years. Last year CES introduced a built-in Alexa home robot named LG Hub Robert. This year, in addition to Samsung, LG will release strategic products, the domestic Haier, Ali, Tencent and other manufacturers have also joined in.

With the development of driverless and electric vehicles, the intersection of automotive field and consumer electronics is also more and more, more and more car-related manufacturers also like to go to Las Vegas to attend CES conference to showcase their latest products and technology, especially for autonomous driving. The CES 2018 will welcome nearly 300 automotive technology companies to participate in the exhibition - occupying 280,000 square feet of booth space.

Driverless technology remains the focal point of this CES. The upcoming OEMs at CES 2018 include Ford, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and other traditional carmakers. Mercedes-Benz will bring ultra-luxurious central entertainment system, Mitsubishi has always been thinking hard started automatic driving, modern intelligent voice recognition system.

The new mobile broadband standard, known as 5G, is also an important theme for CES, including operators in China, the United States and Japan, all making 2020 a 5G business time. On the surface understanding 5G no doubt provide faster mobile connections, but it also means more.

With high-speed Internet performance, 5G network may replace the home's wired broadband. In addition to the traditional cable companies and fixed-line operators, 5G will bring another broadband option. This year, Verizon and AT & T are expected to enable the first 5G networks in parts of the United States.

At the show, wearable smart devices such as the HeartGuide smartwatch that measures heartbeat, the PowerWatch X that relies on body temperature, the modular smartwatches Blocks and much more. One of the most interesting, no more than: L'Oreal UV wear jewelry.

L'Oreal exhibited a total of two UV wearing jewelry, one is My UV Patch (La Roche-Posay UV sensor stickers), the thickness of only 50 microns, can be attached to the back of the hand, by ultraviolet sensing technology, so that it accumulated with the sun Different colors to remind users of skin UV radiation received according to the amount of change.

Another is only the size of the UV Sense drop. Can be attached to the body any exposed to the sun, can be reused. Both devices synchronize the monitored UV values on the phone's APP, letting the user know at any time about the UV intensity in the environment.

For now, the direction of development of wearable devices is still at their own fight stage. But looking at the development of the industry as a whole, when the battery technology and semiconductor technology have made breakthroughs, wearable devices or smartphones become one of the major users of smart phones. The large-screen display function shifts toward the flexible folding screen device and the more basic function or flow to smart wearable devices. In other words, the distant future is the era of no mobile phone.

​CES 2018 New Technology Trends: AR + MR

By Stephen Lee 5 days ago 331 Views No comments

Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018), which was held on January 9 this year in Las Vegas, USA, is a preview of this year's trend of technology and products, what will be worth noting in 2018?

Trend One: AR / VR / MR continues to heat up

With the development of science and technology in recent years, AR / VR / MR technology, no matter in which show is the most focus of audience, this year is with no exception. In particular, Heads Up Displays (HUDs), which started selling at a more attractive price last year, have reduced the barriers to playing such devices. With more and more fun games and commercial applications, AR / VR / MR technology is still one of the focuses at this year's CES show. As the technology becomes more mature, there is a lot of VR this year Opportunities are slowly being phased out, there will be more and more AR or MR devices to support adding realism. It is reported that AR / VR / MR "pioneer" one of the HTC, this year in order to counter the offensive of other manufacturers, will launch higher resolution HUDs, AR / VR / MR, is worth the continued look forward to.

Trend 2: Home Appliances with more AI Elements

In recent years, smart home can be said to be another focus of each science and technology show last year, a lot of smart home products coming out in CES, not just appliances, and even cabinets also have smart elements that can show most people most often want to know Information, such as: weather, traffic and other information. Expected this year, more and more such equipment, especially in major platforms in recent years have related development tools show, so that the brand will join these smart elements into the product, coupled with AI elements in recent years is very popular, you can make these smart device learns the using habits of the users so as to provide more suitable services and information. It is expected that there will be a large number of such devices integrating intelligence and AI elements this year. It is no longer a dream to build "future home".

Trend three: smart + high-quality audio and video equipment can be seen everywhere

CES has long been the major “battlefield" for audio and video brand launch of new products in new year, this year should be no exception. At present, major manufacturers have introduced a lot of audio-visual equipment, from smart speakers to portable devices. Smart speakers that support Amazon's Amazon Echo / Google Assistant are also expected to appear Microsoft Cortana's smart speakers. As for the brand, LG has been the first to foreshadow will launch Google Audio-enabled equipment, and on other international brands of related products, it is estimated will come out one after another.

As for video products, last year's CES has 8K pixel products coming out, this year's situation should not change much, but the focus should still be on the 4K television. But more important is not the resolution, but the HDR format. In addition to Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, LG expects to launch Advanced HDR products that support Technicolor development and enjoy the HDR visual experience when watching live TV programs (of course, the program itself can support this format ); In addition HDR10 + TV will be appeared in the Samsung and Panasonic's booth. According to sources, more manufacturers will launch LCD monitors that support the HDR format this year. In the future, the visual effects should be like watching TV in the future.

Trend 4: wearable devices more specialized

Wear equipment, such as smart bracelets, smart watches, smart glasses, in recent years in major electronics show to see its presence. However, for many years, wearable devices should be more specialized this year. For example, Vuzix will launch smart glasses that support the AR experience and Alexa voice control. The smart bracelet will also be more professional and ready to support the application in the field of professional medical care. Simple measurement of heartbeat, calculated how many kilometers run these basic functions. It is reported that "smart underwear" will likely show up. The future of wearing equipment will go in two directions: living or professional.

Trend Five: There are but a few new phones

CES Consumer Electronics Show has always been not the "main battlefield" for handset manufacturers to launch new phone, I believe many companies are waiting for the end of February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) in Barcelona to launch the real flagship product. However, some brands will still launch mid- and low-end handsets at CES. For example, Sony Mobile has announced that will release Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra at CES 2018. In particular, the latter will feature dual Selfie lenses, on the 6-inch large screen, in terms of mid-level products is also looking forward to bed expected. In addition, Huawei will launch a new MediaPad M5 tablet. As for the public looking forward to the Samsung latest flagship Galaxy S9 / S9 +, although the outflow of renderings, there are also rumors released in CES, should still stay to appear in the vicinity of the MWC. But Qualcomm is estimated at this year's CES will launch a new Snapdragon 845 processor.

​Will iPhone anti-addictive feature help children get rid of phone addiction?

By Stephen Lee 6 days ago 166 Views No comments

Modern people rely more and more on smartphones. Teenagers’ mobile phones and games addictions cause social concern, not only in and around us, but also abroad. In the United States, adolescent cell phone addiction has also become a topic of widespread concern in the community. According to Common Sense Media's survey of adolescents and their parents, about half of American teenagers feel they are addicted to cell phones and respond to the information they receive daily pressure doubled.

In the case of pediatric experts, electronic devices have had a negative impact on emotional well-being, concentration, and sleep problems, a psychologist and professor at the University of San Diego, found that adolescents in the United States who spend more than three hours on electronic devices each day are more at risk than their peers who use them for less than an hour each day.

Whether tangled parents or social media should take the ultimate responsibility for this is not the point. The emphasis is on parents needing the support of technology companies to solve the problem. Many iPhone and iPad application developers have publicly acknowledged that websites and applications are designed to be as addictive as possible. The public concern about mobile addiction in children has raised public concern that Apple's share price and reputation will suffer if the problem cannot be solved in time.

After a group of investors began to worry about children increasingly dependent on technology, Apple promised to introduce new parental supervision tools to help them limit their children's use of smartphones.

Apple did not provide any relevant details for the moment and did not say when this feature will be released, but it said it would provide parents with a "stronger" option on the current tools to protect them.

According to foreign media was informed that an Apple spokesman said: "We have repeatedly thought about the company's products are used, and it will affect the user and the surrounding people what kind of impact we will take seriously. And will work hard to meet the needs of customers, especially with regard to the child's physical and mental health. "

The company also said they first introduced parental monitoring software in 2008, with intermediate expansion in the middle. Currently every iPhone using an iOS system can use parental supervision, which you can activate at any time.

At present, Apple allows parents to control applications on their children's devices, as well as in-app payments, and can restrict access to certain websites. Apps in the App Store are also marked with age restrictions that let parents know which apps are right for their kids.

But Jana Partners and the California teacher pension system, the two investors that the tools are far from enough, hold the two billion-dollar shares of Apple (though it's just a dime compared to Apple's $ 900bn market cap.

They wrote a letter to Apple that the company did not pay attention to over-reliance on technology products on the physical and mental health of children and asked Apple to launch the appropriate tools to help limit the use of mobile phones. There are already many third-party applications provide similar functionality, but the two investors require that Apple should directly integrate these functions into the iOS system.

Interestingly, former chief executive Steve Jobs expressed his concern over the child's addiction to the phone when it introduced the iPhone and iPad for the first time. He told foreign media: "We decided what technology products children can use at home."

For adolescents, children, playing cell phone addiction will lead to their personality disorder, indifference, lack of love, so that cause their social behavior problems, not good at communicating with others, dealing with extreme irritability and so on. Playing mobile phones for a long time will indirectly lead to the formation of teenagers smoking, alcohol abuse, fighting, truancy and other behaviors.

Mobile addiction and Internet addiction in essence no difference, is a behavior addiction. Using mobile phones and computer Internet access generated by the behavior is basically the same, such as reading novels, browsing information, play games, watch videos and so on.

If your child is younger, it is advisable to take an alternative, buy more interesting books or toys for your child, divert their attention, or take the incentive to reward something he likes, if you do not. After a period of time, children develop good habits, the problem is solved naturally.

For older children, you can start to develop hobbies and encourage them to make more friends. Don’t scold children, as instead you can seek help from the professional community or professional teachers. Parents should start from the usual bit by bit, pay more attention to observe the child's behavior, once found to be timely and correct anomalies, do not wait until the serious problem happened.

In addition, parents should have some knowledge of psychotherapy. Many parents face their children's cell phone addiction, often persuasion, crying, and eventually helpless. The correct approach should be the right face, and use the appropriate method to change the child, transfer the child's interest, let the child bear the domestic labor independently, and long-term adherence; often with the child to complete its work within its capacity; Adopt reasonable suggestions; concern children's physical and mental health, timely help children adjust negative psychological state, help them out of the mobile addiction.

​Which processor will be equipped with next generation of smartphone?

By Stephen Lee 7 days ago 134 Views No comments

Recently, the news that the mass production of the Apple A12 processor is about to come spread like wildfire, without exception, this processor will be used in this year's newest mobile phone of the apple. It is also disclosed that this processor will be the sole OEM by TSMC 7nm FinFET process.

Last December 6, Qualcomm released a new generation of Snapdragon 845 processor chip, in addition to performance, security, AI and architecture upgrades, but also the use of 10nm process technology. Shortly after the release of Snapdragon 845 processor, Samsung also introduced the latest flagship Exynos processor, also using the 10nm process technology.

According to the past release time of mobile phone manufacturers to speculate that before and after February-May 2018, Meizu, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi and other handset manufacturers will release new smartphones, and currently on the market, the most talked about, the best evaluation of the processor For the Snapdragon 845, no surprise, Meizu, Xiaomi and Samsung and other manufacturers will be equipped with this latest high-end handset processor.

At the same time, it is predicted that Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Apple and Samsung will launch high-end mobile phones in the second half of 2018, which will also be the hottest moment in the handset market. Among them, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung all have their own processor, but Xiaomi and Samsung still choose some cell phones equipped with Snapdragon processors, while the Snapdragon series of high-end processors is almost a year newer generation, So Snapdragon 845 processor or will be the best choice for Xiaomi and Samsung in 2018. On the other hand, due to the strength of Huawei's unicorn 970, it is expected that Huawei's Mate series handsets will continue to be equipped with self-developed Unicom processors (it is still unknown whether Huawei will introduce the latest Unicom products in 2018). As for the Apple phone, it is certain that all A-series processors will be fully equipped with self-developed, if the 2018 Apple A Series processors use TSMC 7nm process technology, then for Android handset manufacturers, this will be a rolling type War.

As we all know, in the process of CPU production, the higher the precision of integrated circuits, the more advanced the production process. At the same time this also means that in the same material we can place more electronic components, the device performance is improved, the CPU power consumption will also be smaller.

Unlike the processor of a mobile phone, the location of a processor in a mobile phone is quite limited. The same size of the processor, if you place more computing unit of the device, the phone performance will be stronger. This is why handset manufacturers attach great importance to the processor process technology reasons.

In the current semiconductor manufacturers, only Samsung and TSMC developed 7nm process technology, of course, the same process in the structure and performance are also different. It is understood that, although Samsung developed a 7nm process as early as TSMC, in performance evaluation lost in TSMC. Two years ago, Apple chose the processor foundry vendors Samsung and TSMC will focus on comparing the two, seriously consider it. However, since Samsung has underperformed TSMC in terms of process design for the A10 processor, Apple is beginning to favor TSMC in terms of choice. On the other hand, Apple and Samsung compete with each other, which is one of the important reasons Apple gradually reduce the Samsung OEM.

Smartphones are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and cost-effective for the average user; power consumption, cooling, performance, and security are even more important to business users, mobile gamers, and high-end users alike, Process technology related. It can be said that differences in process technology limit the performance of the processor, which determines the overall performance of the phone.

Recalling the course of development in 2017, Intel, for example, September 19, at the Intel Compact Manufacturing Conference, Intel introduced the world's highest density transistor 10nm process technology, but in the PC market set off by the wave is not large, you know, this time TSMC and Samsung's 7nm process technology have been introduced. Is the so-called "wait and see", even if Intel's 10nm process technology surpassed TSMC and Samsung a lot, but due to the late introduction of technology, Intel can only face the embarrass situation that "powerful but nowhere to release".

In the smart phone market, Samsung and Apple have always been the benchmark in the industry. Although the current mobile phone industry is showing a flourishing and competitive environment, judging from the fingerprinting, full screen and face recognition technologies that have emerged in recent years, Samsung and Apple is still the guide of these technologies. In 2018, if Apple's next-generation product is confirmed using 7nm process technology, it may be a reign for its competitors, or it may be a turning point for the entire industry.

​From the iPhone Slow down to see the global mobile phone industry changes in the future

By Stephen Lee 8 days ago 188 Views No comments

In smartphone industry, the most powerful company is absolutely Apple. While Apple is not the No.1 player in terms of worldwide sales, Apple earns almost 70% of industry profits on profit margins, accounting for 12% of global sales quantity, it’s even up from 90% in the past few years.

The reason why Apple can get such a large proportion of the industry profits, inseparable from its strong brand appeal, which fundamental comes from the quality of the phone itself, including its distinctive iOS system. From this perspective, the world's mobile phones can basically be divided into two categories, one is equipped with iOS iPhone, and another is non-iOS mobile phone.

In recent months, the topic of the obvious difference in the performance of the old-style Apple mobile phones after system upgrade has aroused people's attention. On December 18, John Poole, founder of Geekbench, a well-known foreign technology website, passed the test to conclude that there is a great relationship between the drop in battery performance and the aging of the iPhone. This conclusion has detonated public opinion. In fact, starting from iOS10.2.1, Apple added a battery testing program for the iPhone. The specific measure is to reduce the frequency of the CPU with relatively large battery loss so as to ensure normal battery life.

Although similar topics have appeared before, most people are only based on their own use of speculation, and no relevant data as a support. So when the test data is in front of us, it will inevitably lead people to the kind of sigh "my feeling is right". Coupled with the company's subsequent response to this topic, only deny the "in order to force users to change their cell phones, deliberately let their older cell phones run more slowly," this view, but for the fact that the battery aging and cell phone performance degradation, Equivalent to disguise acquiescence, which gives everyone a more sufficient reason to doubt the motive of Apple's move.

The incident intensified, although Apple later tried to explain through public relations, start the battery replacement program, etc., in order to restore consumer trust, it seems that has not received the desired results. Apple's remedy has not been recognized by all, after all, the battery replacement program is only to solve the current slowdown of iPhone, as long as the mechanism through the detection of battery loss to reduce the frequency does not change, then in the future such problems will still appear. This time, Apple's mobile phone initiative to reduce processor performance through battery testing, though it seems that many people have been questioned, but for forgetful consumers, it will not take too long time to make this matter left behind.

Although Apple's mobile phone still occupies 70% of the industry's profits, considering the previous 90% profit, Apple's mobile phone industry actually accounts for a declining industry profit. This is closely related to the development of the smartphone industry in the world, as well as Apple itself innovation ability. Take the latest iPhone X as an example, as a commemorative phone for the tenth anniversary of Apple Inc., it had high hopes before it was released. Because from iPhone6 to iPhone7 series, apart from the size changes, for three consecutive years, almost no achievements in the innovation of the Apple mobile phone, which also allows Apple mobile phone users continue to experience expectations and disappointment.

When the iPhone X comes with technologies that have already been implemented on other Android phones, such as full screen and wireless charging, the iPhone also confirms the point that Apple's mobile phones have changed from the original industry standard to the current trend of following the industry. There is news that Apple iPhone X sales less than expected, so Apple cut its sales forecast for the first quarter of next year, from the original order season 50 million greatly reduced by 40% to 30 million. All this shows that the current Apple phone is no longer the industry's absolute leader.

Apple's cell phone data decline in some sides, not only for their own reasons, but also from the impact of fluctuations in the global smart phone market. From the end of 2016, the analysis of the global handset market has been mainly based on pessimism. In the opinion, the view that global handset sales will fall by 2% to 3% in 2017 will dominate the industry. Although the mobile phone market in the country finally relied on its strong growth momentum and the popularity of full-screen design, the global handset market maintained its growth momentum. However, the industry crisis was not lifted.

Not only the second and third tier mobile phone manufacturers to wake up, accounting for the largest share of the domestic market Huawei is not particularly good in the year. In the fourth quarter of 2017, sales of smartphones slowed sharply. Many companies, including Huawei, OPPO and vivo, reduced the number of orders. One of very important reasons is that the era of domestic smart phone 4G replacement has been over, and the current lack of innovation in the industry, did not touch the consumer demand for mobile phone replacement.

​Will AI break the ice period of smartphone market?

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In the quietly 2018 is coming, mobile phone manufacturers have not forgotten so old. In the past year, the smartphone market has encountered unprecedented challenges. According to the China Information and Communication Research Institute data show that in November 2017, the domestic handset market shipments 43.2511 million units, down by 20.7%. Those who had the grand occasion of prosperity, after the golden age of passion burning, the mobile phone market has entered a new stage of development.

After experiencing rapid growth for several years in a row, the market demand has been declining year by year, and the consumption bonus has been burnt out inadvertently. According to the Ministry of Industry released smart phone shipments of information, the first quarter of smart phone shipments of 112 million, an increase of 6.2%; second quarter smartphone shipments of 226 million, down 3.9%; the third quarter of intelligence Handset shipments of 345 million units, down 7.0% year-on-year, the smart phone market in 2017, apparently without the linear growth trend of previous years.

TOP5 mobile phone brand, the increasing concentration of models, Matthew effect is exhaustive. 2017 TOP5 brand market share of more than 70%, cell phone manufacturers in all aspects have entered the stage of oligopoly competition. This also created the product of homogenization, when the popular full screen, four shots have become standard, hard to innovate mobile phone hardware. Consumer attention has also shifted from hardware to endorsement of the brand, and star traffic has brought a crucial impact on product sales.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) pointed out that "promoting the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy" will foster new growth points and create new momentum; and accelerating technological innovation and building a network power, digital China and smart society. In this context, artificial intelligence as a new generic technology, although it is still in its infancy, but its display huge application scenarios and development potential cannot be ignored.

"At present, the development of artificial intelligence has entered a new phase, and intellectualization has become an important direction for the development of technology and industry. At the same time, artificial intelligence is gradually being developed into a new general-purpose technology, accelerating the integration with all fields of economy and society, driving technological progress, Promote industrial upgrading, facilitate economic restructuring and promote social progress. "Turning to the development direction of artificial intelligence, Chen Zhaoxiong, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech.

Artificial intelligence is right around us. Millions of people use artificial intelligence in some form every day, most of them unwittingly. People around the world are using it on their cell phones or on other platforms.

AI in the smart phone today is particularly fierce competition in the outbreak of artificial intelligence. As a technological innovation leading the development of the mobile phone industry, Apple and Samsung, in recent years, pay close attention to the field of artificial intelligence layout. As early as 2011, Apple integrated the Siri voice assistant into the iPhone. Also launched this year, equipped with artificial intelligence chips - dual-core A11 bionic electronic chips iPhone X; Samsung also recently launched a Chinese version of voice assistant Bixby, and Apple Siri and other voice assistant, Samsung Bixby more powerful, including Voice, visual, home page, reminder four functions. In addition, Samsung also announced the establishment of an artificial intelligence research center to speed up AI research and development layout.

As we all know, as a well-deserved "big brother" domestic mobile phone, Huawei's new Mate 10 series equipped with the old unicorn 970 processor artificial intelligence, the first to join the NPU, is the world's first mobile phone equipped with artificial intelligence chips. At the same time, in the domestic sale version, Huawei Mate 10 series also on-line voice assistant small E. It is reported that the small E can wake up by voice in the state of the screen out, do not need to press an extra button to tune it out. Also to avoid false awakening whenever possible, its awakening words use the four words "hello, little e" (or you can customize it, but you also need four syllables).

In addition, the ivvi mobile phone, another mobile phone brand in China, is also one of the key participants in AI Corner. It is understood that as early as April of this year, ivvi mobile phone launched its first smart 3D mobile phone ivvi K5, achieved in the 3D display, independent GPU and face recognition eye tracking three areas of the layout, not only greatly enhance the smart phone 3D display, but also innovative man-machine interaction. At the same time, ivvi mobile phone and the parent company recently ultra-dimensional group also set up a special 3D interactive department, designed to accelerate 3D computing visual field of technical research results landing, from the perspective of user experience design, improve product features, to provide users with new, more convenient and interesting 3D interactive way. In the future, ivvi mobile phones will rely on the parent company's super multi-dimensional technology in the field of 3D and computational vision. With image recognition, intelligent 3D and computational vision as the breakthrough point, ivvi will focus on the layout and development of 3D computing vision, AI and AR fields.

The insiders said that it is estimated that by 2020 China's big data industry output will exceed 1 trillion yuan. Big data will enter the AI phase as new technologies update and iterate. Artificial intelligence applications are accelerating landing, artificial intelligence will set off a new round of technological revolution. This storm is expected to be led by the smart phone market.

iPhone will meet the pen: this possibility really exist?

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iPhone with touch pen? This combination has rarely been thought of in the past. But as time goes by and ideas change, the odds begin to get higher and higher. Stylus has long been with the "Pro" came to the iPad product line, then the next will it come to the iPhone? We can talk about this topic today.

Whether iPhone need stylus? In fact, this discussion is already a long time ago, and everyone has been saying something like this in recent years. After the introduction of the iPad Pro and the introduction of the stylus, the debate was even more heated. Recently, a new explosion broke out suddenly.

Recently broke the news that Apple will launch stylus in 2019 to support iPhone. The author wrote: "Sources said Apple's engineers are currently developing a new iPhone that supports digital stylus ... It is still negotiating with several stylus manufacturers for cooperation." In addition, the report also claims that Apple plans to "dramatically improve" the A-series chip to make it better able to support handwriting recognition. However, these improvements will not appear on the iPhone X so early, 2018 is unlikely.

Stylus pen performance in the iPad Pro has been recognized by people, it can be said that it has now become an integral part of Apple's professional-grade Tablet PC. Whether it is graphic design or more ordinary writing, Apple Pencil's performance is satisfactory. The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro uses ProMotion technology, 120Hz refresh rate to stroke more smoothly. Overall, it can be seen that Apple's emphasis on the stylus experience, the problem is that this experience it is there any plan really brought iPhone.

As early as last year when the iPhone 7 was going on sale, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview that there was a famous leak: "If you've seen an iPad or an iPhone made with a stylus, will you definitely feel incredible." Of course, you can think of Cook as a mere blunder, and John Gruber, the blogger at Daring Fireball, a well-known Apple blog, thought it would not be until Apple iPhone X was released. However, this still leads to the possibility that Cook plans to have a clear idea of the company's future.

If you want to see clearer evidence, in fact, there is that Apple has applied for a patent. Apple has applied for more than one patent on the iPhone and stylus, such as April and August this year, when there is one such patent disclosure. The technology described by the patent itself is nothing special, but the stylus and the device mentioned above are significantly smaller, not the iPad Pro and its Apple Pencil.

Although the patent in the final analysis is only a concept, but after all, Apple officials will not say it personally, we can only use these clues to determine the clues. But then again, though one of Apple's best-known features is its secretive culture, the rumors involved are mostly true if not too outrageous. The technology of cellphone stylus has been very mature, the market demand, Apple has the idea, if the future iPhone really will support the stylus experience, in a sense this is also an expected thing.

When it comes to iPhone support stylus, opponents always think Steve Jobs abhorrence of this technology. Steve Jobs introduced the concept of multi-touch through the iPhone, bringing human-computer interaction to the next era. "We have ten touch stylus that is born, that is our finger," Jobs said.

Perhaps Steve Jobs is right until now, because he refers to those past stylus, those are not precise, but also very dull old stylus. The stylus that era is basically dry is that we now use your fingers to do the work - a little bit of planning, even if it can be used to handwriting, then the experience is not good. As for drawing and graphic design, it is even more fantasy.

However, stylus such as Apple Pencil is not the same, and it is in fact not the past, those predecessors. Apple never said that Apple Pencil can replace your fingers to complete those basic operations, the basic operation still need to be done with your fingers, while the stylus is based on this continue to expand, to help users to achieve those more specialized operations.

Often we can see many of the paintings done on the Internet with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and you will find they are as good as the ones on the real canvas. Apple Pencil relative to the past stylus, technology and feel of the upgrade is very important. To some extent, it has begun to approach a real pen. The advances made with the new iPad Pro bring the Apple Pencil closer to this goal.

To many of us do not need to tangle the iPhone, stylus, Steve Jobs these keywords, because Jobs used to say that the stylus is one thing, and now the Apple Pencil is another matter. However, another issue is that, after all, iPad Pro is for professional users, more popular, smaller screen iPhone need to support this thing?

Earlier there was news that Apple is likely to use the new full screen design, the introduction of a larger screen size in the future design. Rumors suggest that the 2018 iPhone in addition to the current iPhone X's 5.8 inches, there will be a new machine its screen size up to 6.4 inches, or even larger. If the phone screen to this point, then it is entirely possible to support the stylus.

A similar example we can look at the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Galaxy Note with a large screen design, the stylus S Pen popularity has been good. If the phone screen is too large, the traditional virtual keyboard experience will not become as good as the small screen version, this time the stylus can come in handy, whether handwriting or simple painting, these are possible.

Apple Pencil has proven itself on the iPad Pro, which sets a good foundation for its challenge to mobile platforms, and there's nothing to worry about at this point. Now far from the year after, we may wish to continue to wait.

What features make Xiaomi Note3 worthwhile?

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Xiaomi Note3 phone positioning big screen camera flagship, Lei Jun on conference announced that Note3 is a large version of Xiaomi 6, as Xiaomi Note3 screen size enlarged to 5.5 inches. On appearance Xiaomi Note3 basically consistent with the Xiaomi 6, and as a new Flagship of Note series, what is the highlight for Note3 selling?

Although Xiaomi 6 is favored by users with a good appearance, performance and cost-effective, for large-screen users, Xiaomi 6 is not a suitable choice. The emergence of Note 3 just solved this embarrassment. Note3 is similar in design to Xiaomi 6, and even called "large version xiaomi 6", the Note3 5.5-inch screen is just as good as the 5.5-inch screen used by xiaomi 6. Users do not have to tangle too much, while sacrificing some performance you can get xiaomi Note 3 at the same price.

One of the biggest downsides to Xiaomi 6 is its overly heavy body. Fortunately, xiaomi recognized this problem, in the larger xiaomi Note 3, by changing the way the body material to make the phone more lightweight. In order to avoid the body too heavy, xiaomi Note 3 to give up xiaomi 6 stainless steel craft, with the same 7 Series aluminum as iPhone 7 Plus. Not only that, the use of 7 series aluminum alloy also greatly reduces the difficulty of Note 3 production, easier to do a lot of shipping.

Note 3's front camera is also one of its highlights. Xiaomi Note 3 uses a 16 megapixel front camera, when the light is sufficient, with better resolution; in dark light environment, the front camera will automatically merge the four pixels into a 2μm large Pixel, enhance the brightness of the photo. In addition, xiaomi Note 3 also supports face recognition feature, take a look at the phone can complete the unlocking, do not have to worry about it happened that wet hands cannot unlock phone.

Xiaomi Note 3 also uses the same dual rear dual camera as the xiaomi 6 - 12 megapixels on both cameras for 2X optical zoom. On Xiaomi Note 3 the main camera uses the Sony IMX386 sensor, with F / 2.0 aperture and 1.25μm large pixels, and supports four-axis anti-shake technology. Not only, Xiaomi Note 3 still upgrade based on xiaomi 6 algorithm, it can be called as one of the best camera phones by now.

Xiaomi Note3 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip, which is second only to the flagship Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm mobile chip. The Snapdragon 660 Kryo 260 architecture eight-core CPU, Adreno 512GPU, X12LTE baseband, taking pictures Integrated Spectra 160 ISP, also supports Qualcomm QC4 fast charge technology, and in terms of process, the former Snapdragon 653 uses a 28nm process technology, while Snapdragon 660 uses a 14nm process technology, the more advanced process technology processor, the more power saved.

Although Xiaomi Note3 is a large version of xiaomi 6, the stocking is more adequate than xiaomi 6. Note3 at 20:00 on the September 11 can be fully pre-sale, on September 12 for spot sales. Compared to xiaomi, Note3 is much easier to buy. Note3 Snapdragon 660 chip supply more adequate, aluminum alloy frame compared to xiaomi 6 stainless steel frame yield higher, in stocking Note3 to be more, the situation of out of stock will be eased.

Xiaomi 6 supports multi-function NFC, Xiaomi wallet APP can achieve mobile payment and Metro mobile phone brush. Xiaomi official claimed support for 60 cities to travel, covering all the major domestic banks, consumers in more than 10 countries in the world. Compared to the NFC features on the iPhone 7, Xiaomi Note3 can achieve more functions. Xiaomi Note 3 comes preloaded with MIUI 9, which is the latest version of MIUI based on Android 7.0 released by the end of July. Compared with MIUI 8, MIUI 9 is smoother and more energy-efficient. At the same time, it adds many practical functions.

The whole series of Xiaomi Note3 come with standard 6GB large RAM, in the context of the domestic software market environment associated with the prevalence of rogue software, 6GB large memory is still very necessary, as for the current 4GB memory if not cleaned up the background daily use the remaining free memory is not much. And on 6GB of memory even open more APP do not have to worry about, Xiaomi Note3 equipped with 6GB large memory ensures the smooth operation of the phone.

From the product strategy it is not difficult to see, that xiaomi has made some changes to the Note series positioning. The future, Note series will complement each other with xiaomi 6, a main big screen, offline market, another main focus on small screen, performance, cost-effective. So, if you are more inclined to performance and price, xiaomi 6 will be your excellent choice. If you are more inclined to big screen and take pictures, then buy Note 3 absolutely not wrong!

​2018 Apple's development trend forecast

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IPhone X was born, which means the official end of Steve Jobs era. Weird bangs forehead, prominent vertical webcam, cluttered and buggy iOS 11, and even the iPhone 8 series that can only differentiate between color and previous generation. All seem to be telling a truth: Apple that once changed the audio industry, defeat Sony audio and laptop hidden in Kraft paper bags, urgently needs to launch product more shocking than the iPhone X in 2018.

1. iPod will be replaced by AirPods

If you look closely at Apple's official website, it is easy to see that once the "high-spirited" iPod area instead to "music" named. If you happen to be looking for an iPod, it's a bit strenuous, and you have to tap into the music interface and pull it down to find the iPod. This seems to be valued for the user experience of Apple, the seemingly complex, in fact, Apple is trying to achieve audio integration.

iPod products plunged 54% after 2014, desperately needed a product to "rescue" the audio hardware. If you look at the current audio market you can find that the demand for wireless audio hardware show an exponential growth, Apple will not give up this market. So launched AirPods, from an MP4 to a wireless headset, the formation of the entire Apple audio hardware market "evolution." Where did the iPod go? If you know the history of the iPod, you will also know it's already "combined" into the iPhone.

2. New iPad with bangs design

On design for three years is not only reflected in the phone, iPad is also let everyone deeply experience a "familiar" product, according to Apple's publishing practices, next year, iPad may will have a design change, and is said to be very large. Rumors (which is indeed reasonable) the new iPad will be equipped with the original deep camera, to achieve Face ID recognition, so in many imagination, the new iPad will add a conspicuous "bangs like and iPhone X.

However, because the new iPad uses an LCD panel, which means it unable to achieve full screen as OLED-equipped devices, and a certain amount of border will always exist. It was said that the new iPad will be withdrawn due to the face ID home button, so that the upper and lower sides of the screen to expand. But obviously, this still will not be a full screen. So we are not likely to see iPhone X-style "bangs", no matter how small a reserved border, placing the original deep camera is always enough.

3. AR glasses cross-device support to become the protagonist

There have been many aspects of intelligence show that Apple will launch their reality augmented headsets from 2019 to 2020. Analysts believe that the fastest launch of Apple's AR glasses may be launched early next year, but 2019 year is still the maximum possible launch time. Another foundry from Apple also mentioned Apple's AR glasses and has started producing parts.

Apple's AR glasses are about to expand their new product line, while the release of the news in Taiwan's supply chain, Apple's augmented reality device will be available in 2019. Broke the news that Apple's headset AR device code-named T288, will carry a new system rOS (iOS modified), the volume will be larger than the iPhone X, and in order to facilitate control, this product may also be configured with a touch panel, Head motion sensing and Siri voice control and other functions.

4. Unified operating system

Over the years, Apple has used the same touch-and-interactive operating method on the iPhone and iPad platforms to download software directly from highly-focused, visual app stores with easy-to-use applications. But the same approach has not worked on Apple's notebooks and desktop platforms. Although Apple introduced the Mac App Store application store, there are a lot of restrictions, and the application is few. Now Apple plans to change the status quo, allowing users to use a single type of application that works on iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms.

According to people familiar with the situation, from next year, software developers can design an application that can be applied to touch screen, mouse and touchpad operations at the same time. Different methods of operation depend on different operating environments, whether it is an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac. At present, developers must develop two different applications for both iOS and macOS systems, which will consume a lot of development resources.

5. Siri major upgrade to unmanned basis

Two computer scientists who are researching autonomous driving technology recently shared an online research paper describing how self-driving uses fewer sensors to find cyclists and pedestrians. Apple's research team said they have got the result with high degree of credibility when using LiDAR data to discover cyclists and pedestrian, and found that the way in detecting 3D objects based solely on LiDAR technology is much better than other platforms. However, the test is now limited to computer simulation, and no road test.

Rumors about Apple's self-driving have been around for many years. The latest rumor is that Apple has shelved the "Titan" program of developing a complete vehicle, instead the more promising self-driving platform technology. Apple is said to be the first to study the shuttle bus for pick-up and drop-off. Recently, many users have seen Apple's Lexus Road car near Apple's headquarters. Believe that in less than a few years, we will see the results of Apple's self-driving appeared.