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Sports Gym Exercise Arm Case Phone Holder Running Armband

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The benefits of sports are widely known so than more and more people love the sport. Whether in rive plank road, or in park trail, you can always see figures of running. But when in running many people may get in trouble of having no place to pocket mobile phone in. Whether it is running or in the gym, you will feel unsafe without phone near you, but holding the phone all the time while doing exercise is not convenient. This time you need to an arm case phone holder to help you.

Why you should choose an arm case phone holder?

The most important function of phone armband is to solve the problems that there no place to store MP3, keys, cash and other small items in morning exercises. On outdoor sports, gym fitness, going outside in hot days when carrying a mobile phone, it will make you feel this phone arm pack convenient and practical. Stylish and convenient design makes you show personal style, become the focus of public attention. Put your phone into the armband, tied to your arm, when you do exercise, you can easily carry it.

Obviously we are not able to leave away from phone at all times, and in the course of doing movement without a cell phone will be much inconvenient as you may miss some important calls. Where to place your phone? Some portable mobile phone pack than can be equipped with your arm will be good choice. With them, you no longer need to miss the phone since it is just on the side. It will not affect your movement. Meanwhile you can hear music by mobile phone while doing exercise. Whether it is running, or doing yoga, etc.

Is running arm pack really practical?

In summer with hand holding a key or mobile phone to run is much uncomfortable. And you may worry about that sweat will flow into your phone. Also want to run with MP3. It is not easy to put it in the pants pocket or hands. From online some friends are running with arm packs. But did not know do not know how to use it. There are comments that summer with arm bag, there is friction that not convenient. There is also comment said arm pack is not as good as pockets. Please let experienced friends introduce.

If you only have a key to carry, it is recommended to only wear a wrist bag, which can also be placed with several cashes and paper towels. If you want to carry a cell phone to run, then a phone arm pack is better choice. It can hold a string of keys, a pack of paper towels, an iPhone 7 plus smartphone. If you like running without wearing shirt, then it does not matter that whether or not to carry an arm phone pack.

Which materials of armband are recommended?

You are suggested to choose those phone running armbands which are breathable waterproof designed, made of soft fabric that no hurt to your skin. Anti-tear and Non-slip strips and three Lycra fabrics are more comfortable and fit. Using high sensitivity touch screen material, touch sensitive, easy for mobile phone operation. Front is with waterproof anti-sweat design, to prevent sweat, rain and so on from soaking into your phone.

Another ideal phone running band is the one made of diving material fabric, with breathable + shock + waterproof effects. When running you can put it on your arm, breathable, anti-sweat and waterproof, and it will not let you feel uncomfortable. Positive side is use of self-cultivation design, the real small body with large capacity. It can almost suit all phones on the market. Double zipper and double layers design are easy to headset line activities and put things such as keys, credit card, coins etc. can be put inside. Exclusive original design comes from the Ergonomics. While exercise it can protect your arm and wrist, to prevent from slipping. With a phone pack, you no longer have to worry about the phone lost.

Designed with double bags phone armband is also very practical. The outer bag for the Velcro buckle, can be placed with mobile phones, MP3, etc. The inner bag for the zipper-style seal design where can be placed with keys, door cards, cash and other small objects, safe custody. Arm band and outer bag used Velcro, repeated paste and lint, is indispensable fashion small bag for your walk, ride a bike, running, outdoors.

Which exercise arm pack brands to choose?

There are some famous sports arm bag domestic brands, such as Wellhouse, YODO, Nike, RiMix and WWAGO. But cost is still quite high for these brands. From online you can find more choices. The Sports Gym Exercise Arm Case Phone Holder Running Armband is offered on sale on Cell Phone Age com.

Cost effective 10.5 inch iPad Pro worth buying

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In 2017 June Apple released a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and now foreign media has brought a preliminary evaluation. The overall attitude of the media is still very positive. Many critics have said: "This may be the biggest upgrade after the iPad debut on market" Of course there are some people think iPad Pro price is too expensive. At the same time, as a work device, if there is no Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, iPad Pro practicality will be greatly reduced. Although many people do not want to see the 9.7-inch iPad Pro farewell, but it is certain that the 10.5-inch model will be the future gold size and the main product in quite a long period of time.

This 10.5-inch iPad is the biggest adjustment on appearance since the iPad Air listed for sale in 2013. Air, Air 2, iPad 5 and 9.7-inch iPad Pro have made minor changes, all are with the same screen size and resolution and the same border. iPad Air's design is the 2012 iPad Mini's enlarged version, just like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is just the same enlarged version of iPad Air.

10.5 inch Pro retains the design language of iPad: front glass panel, back aluminum alloy body, narrower screen border, rounded border chamfer, and the same interface position, but the ratio changed, the screen diagonal increase 0.8 inches, in exchange for 20% upgrade of the screen area. Pro size increased from 9.4 x 6.6 inches to 9.8 x 6.8 inches. The screen is even higher than the other iPad, including the new 12.9-inch models which equipped with the same function as 10.5-inch iPad, but with the original design.

10.5-inch Pro is as thin as 9.7-inch Pro (0.24 inches), slightly heavier than the previous generation (from 0.96 pounds to 1.03 pounds). On operation the feeling is basically the same, especially when it is placed on table or legs. The screen size is just right for watching when on plane, because it can be placed on the smart protective cover or smart keyboard, even if you do not have too much leg space, even if the person in front of you tilted his / her seat, you do not have to worry about. If you want to grab the edge of iPad to watch video, it will be more difficult than the ordinary iPad Air 2 as your hands will hold very tight. Your thumb may feel more difficult to type on the software keyboard, and narrow borders means that you should be more cautious to position where put your thumb. But these changes will be slowly the habit after getting started.

Apple’s iPad Pro tablet PC is equipped with a 10.5-inch brighter display screen and 64-bit A10x fusion chip, matching removable keyboard bracket and Apple Pencil. With ultra-narrow frame design, visual experience is upgraded. IPad Pro 10.5-inch screen maximum brightness is up to 600nit, while supporting the wide color gamut, the refresh rate is 120Hz. iPad Pro is equipped with A10X processor, and integrated six-core CPU, twelve-core GPU, as well as embedded M10 coprocessor. As for other changes, the Touch ID sensor has been upgraded to the current "iPhone 2S" and 7 "second generation" models, the only difference is that it is faster.

Among the current sales of all Tablet PC brands, there is not yet a screen than can be comparable with the new iPad Pro. DCI-P3 wide gamut supporting, anti-reflective coating and True Tone display technology that can be automatically adjusted according to the environment. Most importantly, the iPad refresh rate has reached 120Hz, is twice the normal 60Hz. The screen in the iPad Pro is the best screen in the Apple family.

10.5 inches Pro is equipped with a 2224 × 1668 resolution screen, compared to 9.7 inches iPad in the 2048 × 1536 resolution it is slightly improved. But the screen density is the same, still 264 ppi. As for the application adaptation you don’t need to worry, since the age of iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iOS 9 Apple requires developers to quickly adapt to the application, so most of the application can be perfectly fit experience on iPad Pro. When using the multitasking mode, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro still can’t support two full-size iPad apps at the same time. Like the 9.7-inch iPad, in the developer's saying, you can see a "regular" application and a "compact "Application, or two "compact" applications. 12.9-inch iPad Pro is still the only tablet PC that can handle both "regular" applications at the same time.

Let's talk a little more about 120Hz refresh rate as it is the most important update for this new display. Apple calls it "ProMotion", it makes all the animation and transition on the screen look very smooth and lifelike. Application developers do not need to make any changes. Word and Tweetbot as well as Chrome and Slack and all the normal productivity applications can benefit from the new screen and do not need to be updated.

In order to ensure 120Hz screen refresh and meanwhile not affect the endurance, Apple continues to improve the variable refresh rate technology introduced by previous generation Pro. The previous generation model still has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, but when displaying static or slow moving content, it may drop to 30Hz. The new Pro screen can reduced from 120Hz to 24Hz. According to the contents that you are current browsing it can automatically adjust to keep the animation smooth at the same time as much as possible to save battery power.

According to Apple, the A10X chip has a region that specifically controls the variable refresh rate, which adjusts the normal relationship between the display and the GPU. Unlike the current standard that display requires the GPU to refresh 60 times per second, the GPU in iPad Pro tells the screen how many times per second is refreshed.

As for the performance of 120Hz display, it can be praised as unparalleled fluency. It makes the animation and transition look great. Meanwhile reading and rolling are also easier, and 60Hz "ghosting" effect is greatly reduced. On screen improvement list by Apple, relevant contents are more and more. After retina display technology released, including DCI-P3 color gamut, True Tone and Pro Motion these all have improved the screen display technology. At the same time we also expect 120Hz variable refresh rate technology will be applied to iPhone and MacBook as soon as possible.

Although the performance of iPad Pro is keeping on improvement, and more and more functions will be added to it, the back shell is still very easy to broken or scratched because of your carelessness. The Transparent Skin Case Soft TPU Shockproof Back Cover For IPad Pro 10.5" by Cell Phone Age will offer all-round protection for your tablet PC.

​Magnetic protection cases experience ultimate skin feeling

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Although Apple's mobile phone has been moving towards the direction of ultimate thin, but most people who bought the Apple iPhone could not help but couple it with a phone case. After all, for such an expensive smartphone, there will always be accidental situation of falling, causing different degrees of damage to the phone. But now on the market of mobile phone accessories many fake brands of mobile phone cases are shoddy-quality. May they prevent the phone from screen cracked or scratched, but when involved in good touching experience, not every phone case can guarantee it. Recently Cell Phone Age com released an Apple 6 Plus mobile phone magnetic protective cover with the ultimate skin feels experience very good, now to share with you.

The packing box is with through-window design so that from the front you can see the phone case. The back is a number of product parameters, business information and promotional language. Box in addition to mobile phone cover has no other things. Cell phone case offers deep black, midnight blue, clove purple and other eight colors optional, this section for recommend is gem green. On appearance this mobile phone case has not too much outstanding accept for simple and pure color. Lined with a part of the fiber that can be very good to protect the back of the phone, in the middle part vaguely visible a square slightly raised that is built-in magnetic iron plate.

After inserting your iPhone into phone case, you can see on the back of phone the raised camera is very flat to protect, and Apple's flagship logo has not been covered. On both sides the power and volume keys are with all-inclusive protection, pressing is still flexible and convenient without impact. Side of the mute button and the bottom of the various interfaces are exposed to normal use. Front to see the four corners and the uses of full protection of the edge of the package, meticulous care of every detail, safety and more peace of mind.

The most commendable highlight for this phone case is its touch feeling. The use of liquid silicone material is full of slight matte texture. Soft material will offer better buffer protection when phone falls from high place. Touch it delicate like baby skin, experience feels good. 7.9mm installed thickness is still light and thin, easy to carry.

This mobile phone case comes with magnetic adsorption so that it can directly absorb the car bracket more firmly and more conveniently. Unfortunately, I had the original mobile phone magnetic car bracket was worn by my daughter, and now exchange to the clip-type bracket, this feature is not useful. So you’d better leave your mobile phone away from children when driving.

Overall, this carefully crafted light magnetic protective cover is absolutely worthy of buying. Although not close to the operation of bare metal feeling, but it brings ultimate skin feeling smooth and smooth, touch comfortable just like girlfriend’s hand. Moreover full-edged and corner reinforcement design can bring comprehensive and effective protection for your phone.

In 2017 there are a variety of popular phone protective cases for iPhone series launched at market. With fashionable and high-temperament outlook mobile phone cases have become necessity for most users. Some is with design higher than the camera, effectively prevent the camera wear, 360 ° package edge gives you all-round protection, multi-color optional, universal for male and female. Some are coupled with a little bear pendant that very personalized fashion, upgraded creative metal stent looks not only durable but also very practical. Some are high-strength fit protective shell, precisely positioning hole, the original machine open mode, independent button, creating a more practical operating experience. Either for horizontal screen watching movies or vertical screen to enjoy live show, it’s very wild! Beautiful color, very stylish personality, slim appearance, feels more comfortable. Some mobile phone cases come with reserved hole, so that you can use a lanyard to hang your phone around neck, very convenient and practical, all-inclusive design, giving you more secure protection.

In addition, a matte phone shell is also a very smart choice. It is suitable for iPhone6 / 6s / 6s plus / 7 / 7 plus models, made of imported environmentally friendly materials, four-layer spray coating + nano-coating to ensure that the color is bright and scratch-resistant sweat. This phone case open mode according to the real shape of mobile phone, the corner with a micro-structure, so that seismic ability stronger, back is 0.2mm higher than the camera, effectively prevent mobile phone from daily wear and tear. At the same time the phone shell also comes with a ring bracket, one hand operation is very easy without worrying about dropping from high. It also support any adjustment on angle, it is especially helpful for those who like watching video on phone.

Finally Cell Phone Age for you recommends the new arrived Novel Soft Silicone Cute Kitty Cat Back Case Cover. It suits most iPhone models, includes Apple IPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus. It’s 100% brand-new high-quality phone case. TPU back case designed with 3D soft silicone cartoon animal, cute and novel. Poke it, squish it, rub it and get that amazing feeling! Captivating the lazy and sleepy side to our feline friends, this phone case is sure to put a smile on your face and help to relieve stress by touching squishy kitty belly. There’s an adorable and squishy cat lying on this essential accessory piece, this case will always be guarded by your loyal and lovely kitty. Soft TPU protects your phone from collision and the surface against scratch marks, dust, fingerprints.

Amazon Back to School Sales Rose by 35%

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According to One Click Retail, Amazon's school supplies sales grew 35% year-on-year in the first two weeks of the US Back to School shopping season this year. Among the goods catalogs, consumer electrics such as mobile phones achieved the biggest growth on back to school sales. Amazon's notebooks and mobile phone & computer accessories sold more than $ 25 million, and the tablet Sales have almost doubled (up 98%). In addition, youth clothing sales increased by 61% than in 2016 the same period (same two weeks).

In the third quarter of 2016, Amazon led the 82% of US online shopping business growth. This was partly due to the fact that Amazon's Prime promotion was held at the beginning of the third quarter. But most of the quarter was occupied by the back to school shopping season from mid-July to mid-September. In 2016, sales in the back to school season increased by 9% in the first two weeks and set a 20% growth record in this quarter. In the first two weeks of this year, Amazon's sales have increased by 35%, which means that in 2017 return to school season, the total growth potential will be more than 80%.

Office electronic products

According to One Click Retail's report on office products, Amazon's office supplies sales grew 25% to more than $ 2 billion in 2016, while sales in US offline stores grew by only 1%. Amazon's office electronic products sales accounted for more than 20% of total US sales, while Amazon's double-digit growth rate will continue until 2017 return to school season: Tablet PC sales increased by 98%, notebook computer accessories increased by 45 %, Notebook computers increased by 8%, calculators increased by 6%.

Clothing and footwear

According to the One Click Retail report, Amazon's apparel sales also rose 25 percent to $ 3.4 billion in 2016, while Amazon's footwear grew more rapidly, growing 35 percent in 2016 to $ 1.6 billion. Whether it is clothing or footwear products, people’s shopping habits experienced a foreseeable annual change in the back to school season. Parents will turn to Amazon for school age children to buy shoes and clothes. In the last two weeks of July 2017, this trend was driven by sales of teen apparel (up 61%) and backpacking (up 24%), both of which were nearly double the growth rate over the same period in 2016.

Potential products

But there are two other items in the Amazon also appeared trends on the growth: home cleaning products and health personal care products. Many parents received the task of purchasing clean items for their children's classrooms, while college students were equipped with some dormitory cleaning items and beauty / health products for the new school year. If you happen to sell household cleaning products or beauty products, you should spend the marketing budget mainly in this period. Some foreign analysts also said that they saw the biggest improvement in health and beauty products (HPC) and other supplemental CPGS during the shopping season.

"In the early stages of the back to school season Amazon's shopping grew 35 percent in 2017, compared with only 9 percent in 2016.”Spencer Millerberg, CEO of One Click Retail, explains:" While this early sign does not necessarily indicate back to school sales will increase significantly, but it does show the early sales speed. This shows us such a picture, during nights of the back to school season, more American parents will buy these necessities on the Amazon, and Not just to buy in stores nearby the way home.

"We expect this year back to school electrics consume products will bring good results to the retail industry," said Tony Zito, CEO of Rakuten Marketing. "Marketers continue to reinforce their digital marketing campaigns before the key marketing season opens. Mobile devices and SNS media are important to improve the back to school sale profit, and advertisers may need to invest in these platforms to optimize their own strategies. Advertisers need to invest in advertising technology that allows consumers to participate in product purchases online. 8% of visited consumers say they want ads to showcase products of interest, and if advertisers can do it efficiently, they will be able to increase their return on advertising by creating a good shopping experience and additional value. "

According to the 2016 back to school shopping season data by Rakuten Marketing it shows that mobile device conversion rate increased by 79% year on year, while the PC and tablet PC conversion rate remains unchanged. In terms of revenue, mobile devices grew 71% year over year, PC-side grew 17% year-on-year, while tablet PC growth of 5%. At present, 2017 return to school season sales to see from mobile devices revenue increased by 40%. The average order spending on mobile devices by consumers also rose by 69% compared to last year. At the same time Rakuten Marketing also predicted that within next 2-4 years, mobile devices will become the most important shopping platform.

Back to school shopping season began in mid-June and will reach peak in mid-August. Survey data show that during return to school season different types of products sales peaks are also different. In third week of July, electronic products will be the first peak period of the category in the back to school sales. After a week it comes with sporting goods and clothing. Shoes and department store sales will rise significantly in the first week of August, while school supplies will be peak in the first week of August and the third week of sales. Backpack and other school essential products, is expected in the second week of August to reach sales peak. While the third week of September will see the rise in office supplies sales.

Evaluation proves IPhone 7/7 Plus are the best experienced smartphones

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In recent years, after the release of new Apple's iPhone, there are always a lot of bad words that think new iPhone has no surprise. IPhone 7 and 7 plus is no exception. Such as "innovation is weak", the raised camera is "too ugly", the change of canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack is difficult to understand and so on. But this is the fact that people always cursed Apple side, while in the September 8 pre-sale of iPhone 7 the official website was squeezed as "paralyzed."

After the end of conference we get this product the first time. After a few days of depth experience, we can responsibly say that the iPhone 7/7 Plus back to the top of the most recommended for purchase mobile phones by Cell Phone Age com. We believe that although the iPhone 7 series did not make overturned changes, but in the details of upgrade to the combination of iOS 10 has a better user experience. In additional Apple has a good understand of the entire mobile phone ecosystem, which also makes iPhone series ahead of Android product.


If do not look at new color, just look at the front, it should be difficult to guess you are using Apple's latest release of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. From the fuselage measurements to the key layout, iPhone 7/7 Plus compared to the previous generation of products change not large, positive is familiar look, front 7 million pixel camera, on the back of the camera is still raised, but the antenna reduced to Up and down two parts, and the location moved from the back to the upper and lower borders, it seems no obvious as the iPhone 6s. Especially for bright black color, if you do not look carefully, it is almost difficult to detect the existence of the antenna.


One feeling of holding, the iPhone 7 series is slightly lighter than the iPhone 6s series, even if the back is still a little flatter and has no special palm design to fit hand. Rounded body, moderate weight, whether it is 4.7 inches iPhone 7 or 5.5 Inches iPhone7 plus, it’s always has a good grip feeling.


Last generation of iPhone 6s added a rose gold color, this generation of iPhone 7/7 Plus is a new addition of two black, 7 Plus added rose gold, gold and silver, color a total of five options. The Cell Phone Age com offers the iPhone 7 that is bright black and iPhone 7 Plus is matte black.

In these days what caused the most discussion one iPhone 7 color is bright black. You must admire that on appearance this generation of iPhone did not change much compared the generation, but this bright black let us see the unique highlight of Apple in the industrial design.

Although bright black iPhone 7 fuselage adopts the same 7000 series aluminum alloy, but the entire production process is much more complex than the use of sandblasting processed other color versions.

First through the CNC processing, and then polished, anodized color, and finally in the surface do coating protection. After the whole process is done, the visual gives a similar glass mirror beauty, while it also gives a similar feeling, and the use of sandblasting process iPhone 7 feel completely different, there is no metal "cold" and no longer hand slippery. Of course, the shortcomings are also obvious, one is easier to scratch, and the second is particularly easy to stay fingerprints and other dirty marks.

From the viewing of Ornamental and feel, bright black is undoubtedly the best choice. But from the point of practical, we recommend the choice of ordinary matte black with slightly a little matte feel or other color.

Home button

Apple iPhone has two classic designs, one is the bitten Apple Logo, and the other one is the front Home button. Remember that the original generation of iPhone released when the beginning of the time, many users were not accustomed to the Home button operation. But after the skilled, since then fell in love with this Apple's simple interactive design.

This time on iPhone 7/7 Plus round Home button looks still the same, but in fact, the internal has undergone tremendous changes. New button supports the pressure sensor, at the same time is equipped with the new vibration motor Taptic Engine. Without pressing it down, you can still have a physical button operation feel, but also increased the Home button life.

Whether or not you have set the fingerprint to unlock, while using you only need to maintain the habits of previous generations, with thumb touch on button to unlock and enter the desktop. This feeling is good and very different. When we touch “Home”, it brings the illusion that you are pressing. Apple is "cheating" us, and the trick is very clever.

In the latest iOS 10 system, the user can also customize the pressing pressure of Home button, while pressure is greater, corresponding vibration feedback intensity is also greater. Apple Company also said the opening of the button Api, the future developers can customize it more features.

Although this one-piece Home button has many advantages, there are still imperfect, two main points: 1. Home button strength is not good to control, a little stronger or longer time press will skip the unlock interface to call Siri. 2. The current Home key interaction is still relatively simple, and has no similar Android "touch back" function, a little regret.

Cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, switch to Lightning interface

Cancel the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, many people will think, what it can bring? Is the sound quality improved or let the fuselage design more thin?

From the parameters point of view, iPhone 7/7 Plus fuselage thickness of 7.1mm and 7.3mm, respectively; compared to the previous generation iPhone 6s, the body weight decreased slightly. Each one is 138 grams and 188 grams, but the body weight changes may have no matter with 3.5 Mm headphone digital-analog conversion components.

As for the improvement of sound quality, as a fungus the use of Lightning mouth EarPod did not listen what different from before, which is related to EarPod positioning. Another point, as 3.5mm headphone hole removed, on the bottom phone symmetrical speaker holes return, which makes the bottom of iPhone 7 looks more beautiful.

Just like Micro USB transits to type-C interface, the future you need to face the embarrassment that 3.5mm headphones can’t be directly inserted in the iPhone 7. Fortunately, Apple for this bold innovation to do enough prepare work, in addition to for each iPhone 7/7 Plus offers a standard Lightning interface EarPod headphone, also comes standard with a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, the other is AirPods wireless headset.

Above these improvements and changes on iPhone are only parts of whole. New time Cell Phone Age come will introduce more features of iPhone 7/7 Plus parts since iPhone is still leader of the most powerful smartphone in Apple Age.

Back to school season hot mobile phones for students

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With the coming of August, it means that the summer holiday is also about to end. Ushered in the opening season of back to school, we will inevitably feel some little sadness. After all, the days in school are far from comfort at home. But near the time of back to school, many students are planning to change their mobile phone into new, and all are hoping to get a not only attractive but also perfectly worked brand new phone when re-enter school. But on relatively speaking, as students spend their parents’ money, limited to the budget.

Mobile phone is too cheap, and then the configuration certainly will not be satisfied. If mobile phone is too expensive, good performance, high value, but the price cannot be afford, after all, students do not have any economic sources. So at a reasonable price to choose a beautiful and easy to use mobile phone is a good choice. Then today for you recommend three pieces of with strong configuration and appearance absolute praised mobile phones.

HUAWEI Honor 8 Youth Edition (Under 200 USD)

Honor 8 youth version is released on February 21, 2017, as the "speed and value" new conference launched the first youth version of the Honor series model. In the appearance Honor 8 youth version is still a continuation of amazing beauty Value and comfortable grip. Especially the back shell is full of charm cool mirror effect, not only make its appearance more luxurious and exquisite, but also opened the main lens self-timer era of smartphone.

Honor 8 youth version smartphone continues the high-value appearance of Honor 8 of Huawei. It adopts a double-sided 2.5D glass + metal frame design, providing a variety of fashion color - magic night black, charm sea blue, stream gold, with 5.2-inch 1080P display screen. Honor 8 youth edition is equipped with unicorn processor 655, 3GB / 4GB storage and 32GB / 64GB storage portfolio. Rear camera is with 12 million pixels, front self-timer is with pixels 800 million, built-in 3000Mah battery. The main advantages are high-value shape and cost-effective, which are very consistent with the standards of college student’s election.

Le Pro 3

Pro 3 in the border layout is relatively compact logic, such as the top is with the arrangement of only two signal transmission interfaces. One left and right sides not do more openings and buttons. Bottom symmetrical design and Type-C interface is highlights of this mobile phone. There is a prerequisite that there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack for Pro 3. At the bottom of the fuselage equipped with three touch buttons. To highlight the brand image Pro 3 deliberately use LOGO as a traditional Home button. In accordance with the "positive view screen aesthetics, visual integration" of such rules to consider, this approach is not smart way.

As the super flagship of Le mobile phone series, Le Pro 3 on appearance adopts metal integrated design, front with no border ID display screen, the back is the classic three-stage metal back shell that fine texture. Equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long processor 821 + 6GB, performance has a greater increase. Built-in 4070Mah battery is with fast charging technology. Front 8 million pixels, rear 16 million pixels, providing PDAF phase focus. Surely Le Pro 3 is also a rare excellent flagship mobile phone for students.

VIVO Xplay 6

VivoXplay6 phone is the use of hyperboloid screen design, which is rare unique in the production of mobile phone brands from China manufactures. The front camera is with 16 million pixel soft self-timer. Back is the 12 million pixels +500 million pixels dual camera, rear two camera phase which can take photographed blur background photos. Carrying Xiao Long 820 processor, built a 4080Mah battery, do not worry about playing the game with power off. Main self-timer beauty and excellent gaming experience are very suitable for those students who like self-timer and playing mobile games.

In additional Vivo Xplay6 supports the list of split screen applications that can be fully expanded, adds the QQ browser, Tencent news, today's headlines, WPS, QQ mailbox, notes those communications software. As well as before the transmission of video applications, chat applications, reading application support. A substantial increase in the scene of split screen, not only can watch video while reply, but also on shopping while chatting, writing documents, check the mail, browse the news.

The occasion of back to school is also the climax when students prepare daily supplies for campus life and learning. With the depth of economic and social development, the spending ability of college student is also fast increasing. This time HK mobile phone parts online shop Cell Phone Age com releases the promotion of back to school sale. For all student friends we lists on various new arrivals of mobile phone accessories, such as protect phone cases, wireless Bluetooth speakers and screen film protector. Also we special offer several mobile phones with quality guaranteed and reasonable price.

​Differences between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

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In the fall of several years ago new released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C became the focus of a lot of friends concerned about. Within just three days total sales of iPhone 5c and IPhone 5s have exceeded 9 million, much beyond the Apple market research institutions estimation of 7 million units. Although Apple has not announced the respective sales of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but from the market information feedback, 5S sales is far more as much as twice than 5C.

Many of them want to know what are the differences on these two models in the end, which model is more worthy of buying? The following on hardware configuration, appearance, capacity, price and operating system, Cell Phone Age respectively introduces the differences and distinguishes the features for unique model.

Configuration differences

IPhone 5S is equipped with a new generation of their own quad-core A7 processor, and the A7 is also equipped with a coprocessor M7. What is coprocessor? It is a "motion co-processor", specifically used to deal with sensor data, such as movement direction and trajectory, I believe in the later there will be more and better applications that can take advantage of this new feature. This is the world's first 64-bit processor used on smartphone for the ARM architecture. As the new A7 processor performance is more powerful and faster, I believe the new generation of processors will make 3D games and video experience upgraded to a new level. According to the official press conference introduced in the speed of new generation’s processor is 2 times faster than the previous generation A6.

In the iPhone 5C device is equipped with the same generation A6 processor of iPhone 5. Of course, A6 processor performance and speed can meet the daily needs of most users.

In additional iPhone 5S configuration on a security identification function, that is fingerprint recognition. This is exclusive feature of iPhone 5S. Apple did not add a chip to deal with, but by installing the integrated sensor in the Home button, and then the A7 will deal with data. This only 170 micron sensor can record 500ppi images. Through the fingerprint identification, as long as put your finger on the main screen button to unlock. Another example it can also be identified by fingerprints in the App Store to buy applications, no need to enter the complicated password. I believe that in the future there will be more applications will support this feature, making the iPhone through the iPhone shopping will become a very easy thing.

Appearance differences

As the iPhone 5S belongs to the upgraded model of previous generation iPhone 5, the phone's shell still use metal material. Metal shell gives a steady noble sense. IPhone 5S has three colors, namely dark gray, gold and silver. Especially the golden iPhone 5s caused the consumer's buying frenzy. Even in the case of all the way soaring prices, the stock is still in short supply. IPhone 5C shell use plastic material, there are five colors, namely white, pink, yellow, blue and green. So the difference in appearance, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C biggest difference lies in the shell of the material and color on available.

The differences between cameras

IPhone 5S is equipped with a sapphire crystal lens surface lens, pixels for 8 million, ƒ / 2.2 aperture, and have dual LED flash. The new iSight camera's sensor components increased by 15%, a single pixel size can be improved to 1.5 microns, and the aperture is increased to f / 2.2. These changes allow the camera to earn more light. Although the camera pixel is still 800 million, but because the aperture is upgraded and the camera's material is different, I believe photos shot by iPhone 5S camera will be better.

While recording a video, iPhone 5S can choose on which part to add the slow motion, which depends entirely on the high-performance processor algorithm. For example, a lot of camera lens support 10 times per second shot, but iPhone 5S can provide you the best of 10 pictures, this is also based on A7 capacity of large number operations.

The biggest difference of IPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in the camera lies in the lens material, aperture and the back of the flash. Of course, iPhone 5S camera on the photograph shooting is certainly better than the iPhone 5C better. IPhone 5C is also equipped with an 800-megapixel camera, but the aperture is ƒ / 2.4, and did not have dual LED flash.

Memory capacity difference

IPhone 5S on the insert memory capacity has 16GB, 32G B and 64GB for choosing. IPhone 5C in capacity only offers 16GB and 32G two versions. On Cell Phone Age com, unlocked refurbished iPhone 5s 16GB is only 196.35 USD; 32GB is only 221.14 USD. Both are much cheaper than official price.

Although there are obvious differences in all sides, both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models are equipped with Apple's new generation of iOS7 operating system. The new system perfectly supports for third-party Apple Assistant software and Apple assistant, you can download the latest games and applications free of charge. I believe a new generation of operating systems will completely release the potential of two models.

What is Apple official certificated iPhone case?

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Apple has launched the "Apple Tested Cases" campaign page at its official website, to refer the MFi-certified phone case to the users. Apple has written on the page on how to test these protective iPhone 7/7 plus back covers, test items including design, camera, sound quality, sensors, and so on. Apple Company hopes that through this page to show these protective cases for devices can not only protect the hardware appearance of iPhone, but also will not affect the equipment functions, such as blocking the sensor or the microphone or something.

Last time we have reported that Apple will be on the retail store third-party accessories to standardize the design, the protective cover page like an online version of this action.

In addition, in fact, we want to focus on popularity of what is the Apple MFi certification. This is an appearance license by Apple's authorized parts manufacturers which produce an external parts for iPhone, MFi is the English abbreviation of "Made for iOS". MFi certification allows manufacturers to build Apple certified peripherals, and can use Apple's exclusive technology, such as Lightning connector. Apple will also help in the product development process.

Specific to the protective phone case or protective cover, Apple requires that MFi certified protective shells need to meet the new standards, such as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus protective shell must be able to live by 1 meter drop test. And this test surface must be hard, such as street pavement. So you see, in the Apple store or the official website of the online store from the sale of protective cover products, there is no extremely thin item, because no matter how good too thin protective case won’t pass this certification.

In addition to this, there are others, such as Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod protection shell products can protect the screen when the device on the desktop, between the two there is at least 1 mm buffer. In other words, this requires a protective shell a little distance above the screen, so that equipment does not come into contact with the desktop, which led to those ultra-thin protective shell can continue to be produced, but cannot pass MFi certification.

A significant mark on the market for certified products is the Apple MFi license logo on the front of the packaging, which allows authorized manufacturers to print on the product packaging with an authorized label. The logo designed by Apple is very Strict regulations, requirements and more harsh. Of course, MFi is to charge, in addition to certification fees, there are divided into. For example, for each sold authorized protective case for iPhone 7, Apple will charge about 20% into. This is also a source of Apple's profits.

At present, Apple almost can do anything they want in the market because of the big advantages of products such as iPhone series and iPad series. At the same time you’ll find there are many manufacturers and vendors which produce and sell accessories and parts of Apple products. Now, in the Apple market, we can be involved in mobile phone case of iPhone series, iPAD series of protective cover and related wireless silicone leather keyboard.

Apple series of protective case are mainly divided into hard shell and soft shell. On soft shell we mainly remind the series of silicone. Hardness of PTU series of silicone is higher and main production of multi-color. The market of iPhone mobile phone cases can be divided into three grades based on price: for 20 USD and above can be classified as high-end, 10 to 20 USD can be classified as mid-range, below 10 can be classified as low. The differences of three grades are mainly in the design and processing of the mold. In the selection, color matching, durability and other aspects, high grade goods have more advantages.

The major supermarkets are in succession to launch their own brand of iPhone case in their own business within the super-sales, the benefits of such a market is because it is own brand, there will not appear admission fees and other cost. At the same time for suppliers generally there is on the corresponding inventory pressure and risk. Some foreign small and medium-sized dealers and buyers are easy to actively intervene in local markets. This advantage is that there are multiple dealers, compared with single large business supermarket, long-term sales is more stable and can avoid the big impact caused by the large dealer's suspension of cooperation.

Meanwhile, iPhone cases can also be divided into gifts and practical category. To this end, we consider the future according to the above situation: First, high-end boutique and gifts can go as Apple certified boutiques, focus on high-end market or supporting sales. Second, middle and low practical products can focus on non-certified ordinary public supermarket or other chain stores. Third, for online dealers such as online wholesale supermarket and online B2B shops, it is necessary to keep certain amount of inventory, mainly for the supply of a single online store. For example: Amazon is partly self-employed, there are others considerable online platforms and B2C online shops of protective phone case for iPhone 7 such as Cell Phone Age com that play the role of both online wholesale and retail.

​4G ultra-thin external battery case for iPhone 7

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Almost everyone on earth knows iPhone is the world's most popular smartphone. But a little shortcomings is that the battery of iPhone is not replaceable, which for groups of businessman and playing mobile game addicts it’s really painful. Apple fans have been cherished after the iPhone 4G appears, but in daily use of countless times, it will inevitably bump to hurt the body. Coupled with Apple products and the back cover has always been Siamese design, "exchanging shell and battery "is almost impossible.

Since it can’t be exchanged, then we can only protect it. Put on a battery case that can not only play a protective role for iPhone, but also supply power for 4G function. This product is designed for the Apple’s newest model iPhone 7 known as portable backpack battery case, with real-time charging status display, power detection. And it has a perfect protection circuit, which can effectively prevent the battery pack from over-charge and discharge, and provide short circuit protection, making use of more secure.

Despite every time of Apple iPhone launces new iPhone will make thousands of attention focused, people are obviously more concerned about whether this new phone is as outstanding as Steve Jobs has done. However, the question soon has the answer. Just like the iPhone 7 slogan "This is seven", iPhone 7 has the power to change anything. But it is like the Greek mythology giant Antaeus. Although owning great divine power, he still has some flaws. Recently, many users of iPhone 7 has begun to complain about their mobile phone appeared fragile and hand fuselage will affect the signal that the two major shortcomings, and caused widespread media attention.

Apple later confirmed that the design of the iPhone 7 is indeed flawed, and Cook suggested that users "change the way of holding iPhone 7, try to avoid touching the bottom left side of the metal border gap" and Bumper rubber protective shell that Apple's official put on the iPhone 7 when launching, these obviously cannot let the user satisfaction.

Currently on the market, in addition to Apple's official launch of the Bumper frame protection shell, there is a product that can effectively make up the two major flaws for the iPhone 7. It is Apple authorized certification - IFANS brand iPhone 7 backpack battery case Baseus.

IFans Baseus is the world's thinnest mobile phone plug-in battery, it is for the iPhone 7 unique square fuselage equipped with use of Baseus independent patented technology and unique design, iFans Baseus phone case is built with a bracketed all-inclusive battery shell. IFans Baseus phone case has been certified by the United States Apple Company MFi, which is “Made for iPhone certification”. Built-in original LG lithium polymer batteries can reduce the power cost when charging. Each charge can reach more than 78% of the electricity. Built-in Apple original connector makes you no longer worry about damage iPhone interface. Clever appearance design do not have to remove the shell while use all the features of iPhone. Using a durable ABS engineering material comprehensive protect our iPhone 7 from damage, combine charging and shell protection into one. Ordinary metal integrated circuit design can effectively avoid short circuit or overtime charging even under extreme conditions of operation errors. Baseus battery case comes with smart switches and precise power display to extend the life of the built-in battery cells.

Baseus Apple backpack battery case is designed as mini and fashion, inherited Appl’s wisdom and simple style, tailored specifically for the iPhone, body width is seamless with iPhone. At any time you need only to plug your iPhone into it, then for you to solve the trouble of iPhone battery is used up. It can be used for different occasions, wherever and whenever it can be your lovable necessity.

Baseus mobile phone battery case is fashion design and petite size that really portable. Large backpack battery capacity of 2500mah makes iPhone storage more durable. Careful circuit design take 100% care for your iPhone. Power storage, power supply and data transmission triple are through a line and a socket, while achieving charging, discharge and synchronous transmission. Reserved camera mirror hole, do not have to remove case you can also take pictures. Intelligent protection function is useful. In the case of overcharge, when the voltage is as low as 2.6V, the power is automatically disconnected from the power supply.

Baseus is one of leading Apple accessories fashion brands with safe mobile power supply and excellent protection, for the Apple’s users to provide cost-effective and more secure high-quality mobile phone case. The Smart Battery Case is engineered specifically for iPhone 7 to extend the working time of your device and give protection to your phone.

PS: common sense of mobile phone safe charging

1, before taking mobile phone for charging, you need to turn it off first. This method can ensure that the users will not be electric-shocked. But for most people, while charging using mobile phone has been formed a bad habit, and shut down charging, but also easy to miss the phone, causing inconvenience.

2, use the backup battery case to charge. Battery and body separation, this method is still feasible. Especially for Apple users, this method is extremely helpful.

3, use quality ensured mobile power bank. The safety voltage for human is 35V, and safe mobile power supply is 5V. Directly cut off the possibility of phone and 220V DC directly contacts. And safe mobile power is convenient to carry, you can always charge anywhere and anytime. It fundamentally guaranteed personal safety.

​Purchase tutorial of durable iPhone 7 protective case

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Why iPhone must match mobile phone shell? IPhone is relatively slippery and accidentally easy to fall off, so with a mobile phone shell protection will not scratch. IPhone is full-featured and able to use for a long time, if matching the protection of phone case, you can always make the phone as new. Besides phone shell has a variety of color for selecting so that you can decorate your phone as you will.

Apple’s products in the market are more and more welcomed by the vast number of consumers. In such a pleased condition iPhone shell came into being. For the majority of iPhone consumers, it provides a full range of mobile phone protection. IPhone case aims to a series of Apple products including MAC Book, IPOD Touch, iPhone, iPad and so on. Usually the value of Apple product is much higher than normal electric goods, and while in daily using it’s easy to be scratched because of collision and other reasons. So around it wrapping in a layer of plastic or leather protective shell shows the owner of its meticulous care.

Diamonded phone case

Using rhinestones, butter, cakes, pearls and other decorations to paste on the mobile phone shell, so that mobile is full of personality, unique style and shining under the sun! Especially for young people who believe diamond is forever everlasting! Bright crystal diamonds is an indispensable choice for decorating mobile phones! Now the high specification crystal gives a true diamond effect. Your phone case can be full-page decoration, but also free to embellish, so that mobile phone case looks crystal flashing, attracting the envy of many eyes. If with painting pen to draw a few pattern, or flowers, or lines and other beautiful elements, it will look even more crystal clear, lifelike, what a wonderful match!

IMD/IML processed phone case

IMD technology is the international popular surface decoration technology. The hard surface layer is a transparent polyester film, the middle layer is a printed design, and the back layer is an injection molding. These protect the surface from scratching, high frictional resistance to keep the bright colors without fading the protective cover on the surface of the anti-wear and scratches perfectly designed. You can easily control all the buttons and connectors to protect your iPhone from dusty and fingerprints. IMD/IML is widely adopted for producing mobile phone cases with 3D stereo scratch-resistant surface. It can be free to change the patterns, enhancing the appearance of beauty, reflecting the advantages of perfect shaped structure.

Relief phone case

Relief can make appearance of the phone shell appears three-dimensional effect. You can add a variety of three-dimensional pattern on the phone shell, combined with a variety of consumer demand, the new three-dimensional effect and ordinary 3D effects are very different, it is A statue similar to but different from an artistic statue. This type of phone case appears in Disney, LOI, Koma and other brands on the phone shell.

Painted phone case

Painting is a special use of paint or ink, through a large inkjet machine, processed from the basic characteristics of the surface of phone case. If it is only a layer of inkjet, then the pattern may eventually lead to fall off. But after the surface of phone case in processing, can eventually avoid that the pattern of phone case cannot be saved with good condition.

The determination of this processing is a certain degree of precise machine requirements. But the traditional printing and there is a big difference. The color of the cellphone case pattern is necessarily not as beautiful as imagined high-definition patterns. But because of its low production costs, moreover painted phone case also have a unique market. So it is for some consumers a good choice.

IPhone case styles

When viewing the sales date of mobile phone case from online shops, iPhone mobile phone shell style is mainly focusing on the structural innovation, the pattern of beautiful and general models consistent with the public taste of both young and old. Structural innovation often makes some subversive changes that will make the mobile phone case market has become unusually hot. Different styles of pattern let the whole market has become more interesting. Different consumers like different styles of phone case pattern. Indeed choices become increased. And a classic thing is often enduring.

Among so many phone case brands with different features, we have to learn comparing. The best choice is to choose high professional brand which is concentrated in the field of mobile phone shell or further concentrated in the female / male mobile phone shell field. These brands are often more able to explore the psychological needs of consumers to produce specific products for specific consumers with high satisfaction and reputation. For example, most mobile phone manufacturers are now mixed that suit both men and women. Positioning is very important, so as strong profession, different patterns bring wide selectivity.

On talking of the price of iPhone shell, it is always a very important element for vast number of consumers when on purchasing. Now External Battery Phone Case Rechargeable Charger Cover for iPhone 7 is offered on sale at Cell Phone Age com. You may saw such advertising words “Love her, best for her!”